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Prices and info are all here:

If you didn't see my twitter post, we have to get our floor replaced due to water and mold. The cost for the floor alone is around $2000, and I'd like to get around half of that myself to help pay for it (fortunately, I don't have to pay for this alone)

Commissions are not first come first serve, and I'll most likely prioritize paypal due to the 2 week wait that DA points have to convert

If you would like a quote first, feel free to comment or dm me and I'd be happy to give you one!

Going deep into the journals for the commission pinglist I always forget about:
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I tried filling out the form but it won't load properly to allow me to ;v;" was wondering if may commission for an icon please!

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That's weird, can I ask what it was doing? You're the first to have this problem (or at least say anything about it)

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I filled out the form! lmk when I should send the points! :D

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Hey! I'm messaging people about round 2 of the comms right now, and if you're still interested I'd be up for taking your icon!

I'll be gone from sunday to tuesday, so if you'd rather wait and send payment once I'm back, just lemme know so I can make a note of that. Otherwise, I'll be working on comms all day tomorrow so I'll be able to start then

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Okay, awesome! I'd rather send payment now, if that's okay!

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Yeah that's fine! Please send payment here:

Once I have a sketch I'll dm it to you!

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imma share this since i don't got the funds yet (might later)^^

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I sadly do not have the funds so...

Good luck with selling!! ❤️

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I know it says you prefer USD over points but I can't pay with USD

if I can still pay with points whats your converting rate like {for example 80 points = 1 USD}

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Conversion rate is on my site, 100pts = $1

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Gimme something experimental… I will gladly throw my last 15$ at you…

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Please fill out the form for it!

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