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Hello Fenmyth! I'm planning on doing a thing where I draw my OCs in Different styles and I would like to ask you if I can try drawing my OCs in your style? If it's a no that's fine!

Oh heck, yeah go for it! Feel free to tag me when you do, I'd love to see it :0

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So I was wondering if u had any Traditional/ Digital recommendations for me cause I don't know where to start cause i've been only using paper and pencil for a few years and want to try smth new.

Oh boy, well it's a pretty broad topic. I can't really recommend anything traditionally, besides experimenting with a bunch of mediums and seeing if it sticks. Watercolor, gouache, marker, colored pencils, etc. And because each will act differently and work best on different papers, I'd definitely recommend doing some google searches, just know that costs can add up fast. Personally if I do anything traditionally, it's with markers (copic and prismacolor), mixed with colored pencils, and typically stick to mixed media paper because it doesn't bleed as badly. The same paper can be used to paint on as well, so you won't need to buy a bunch of different types of papers

Digitally, it partly depends on a few different things. Like, if you already happen to have an ipad, I'd definitely recommend procreate. It's $10 and a one time purchase, not anything subscription based

If you'd rather draw on a laptop/pc, there are a lot of free options. Most people I know of use medibang, krita, or firealpaca in terms of free software, unless you want to download a cracked sai. Otherwise, I'd recommend clip studio. There's a little bit of a learning curve at first, but also tons of videos on youtube for the basics and how you can customize the layout based on your individual needs

If you're going the ipad option, I'd definitely consider saving for an apple pen assuming the ipad is compatible with it. If you're going with computer, then a cheap drawing tablet is a must. Drawing with a mouse is doable, but definitely not recommended unless you genuinely have no other options. You can get tablets for like $50-70 from xp pen or huion, I'd avoid wacom for the sole reason of cost

hey um so i was on instagram and i saw this picture of one of the adopts you had just posted? and i... dont think its you.