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SHATTERED (Happy Birthday, Tran - Trying-to-Draw!) by FenikkusuSapphire SHATTERED (Happy Birthday, Tran - Trying-to-Draw!) :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 17 5 Ren (Splatoon) by FenikkusuSapphire Ren (Splatoon) :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 10 18
Drowning in Regrets
Drowning in Regrets

The kingdom of Dorai was surrounded by one mineral substance. The sand dunes laid against the horizon like towering peaks, all spread across the miles and miles of land that the scorching sunlight touched. Wherever this light touched were the borders of Dorai. What laid beyond there no one knew of. The land that they lived in, the land that they knew, was the only land that mattered. It caused trouble for the inhabitants, however, as this land that mattered was land that could not even sustain life itself.
Everyone knew the liquid substance that was incredibly scarce. In the past five centuries, as it was recorded, there had been not a single drop of rain to touch the crumbling, overabundance of sand. Water was more rare and vital than even their food stocks, or what was left of them. The kingdom of Dorai was crumbling, and its king was more than desperate to keep himself in power and to keep the land under control.
King Xander, known secretly throughout the
:iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 2 2
Pronto for blueEcat (plus a Ruby) by FenikkusuSapphire Pronto for blueEcat (plus a Ruby) :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 8 12 Sapphire Kaskadnyy Lake (Splatoon) by FenikkusuSapphire Sapphire Kaskadnyy Lake (Splatoon) :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 14 3 Mother and Daughter (Splatoon) by FenikkusuSapphire Mother and Daughter (Splatoon) :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 9 26 For My Precious, Edgey, Adorable One-sama by FenikkusuSapphire For My Precious, Edgey, Adorable One-sama :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 17 2
Color Pulse [Off the Hook] - Misheard Lyrics
Color Pulse [Off the Hook] - Splatoon 2 - Misheard Lyrics

Marina: Rockstar, moving on me. Gonna be another win.
Pearl: We know how to rock. Leave all of that pulsing color to me.
Marina: Last time they would say, everybody rock your star.
Pearl: Rocking, now you’re mine.
What’s your problem. I’m sorry.
Show ain’t even over.
Pushin’ on the drama ‘spite game over.
That’s right, bitch. Show ain’t over.
Few moments ago, when you come over on the floor.
Maybe, maybe, maybe have an encore.
Well, cha cha cha!
What sense, show ain’t even over. Pushin’ drama ‘spite game over.
Pushin’ it off, finish it off. Well, not, not with all this color.
What sense, show ain’t even over. Pushin’ drama ‘spite game over.
We’re rocking this chain. You’re rocking that, bye.
Marina: Whoa, wake up little star. Made up my mind.
Pick on that body. You know how we all saw.
You saw the color blow up.
Whoa, wa
:iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 4 2
Birthday Gift Pic of Bolt! (Happy Birthday, Ame!) by FenikkusuSapphire Birthday Gift Pic of Bolt! (Happy Birthday, Ame!) :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 10 15
Switched ("Halloween-themed" Story)

Were you expecting something related to Halloween? Perhaps a typically creepy tale about a group of rebellious teenagers exploring an abandoned house on Halloween night? Well, it would be my job to tell you to think again, or maybe not.
People believe just because a day is dedicated to a certain theme means that that day should reflect the theme of said day. I argue, however, that a day as quote-unquote “creepy” as Halloween shouldn’t be made special, as such. Why should any holiday, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, be made special? Why should they be the exceptions for giving each other gifts or expressing one’s love? Would you like to give gifts and express your love for someone only once a year? I doubt you do. So, with that in mind, let’s change this story up a bit, shall we. Actually, these are three different stories, all happening for the same reason in the same town. I, the author of these stories
:iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 3 8
Splatoon Sketches #1 by FenikkusuSapphire Splatoon Sketches #1 :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 13 13
1 - Hidden Allies - Splatoon
1 - Hidden Allies - Splatoon (Sapphire's Story)

The Great Turf War caused undeniable sorrow amongst those who lost something of value to them during its longevity. Although Turf Wars were now seen by Inkling society as a sport, all “fun and games,” its predecessor, the Great Turf War, was anything but. Recent history textbooks say that it was started due to the rising sea levels caused by Earth’s previous global warming issue. While what is written there is true, they only speak part of that truth. The Great Turf War was a friendship torn apart. It was a symbol of what once was, what the world turned out to be. Thus, there was created the “good guys” and the “bad guys,” two separate societies, what a minority considered evil and what a majority considered all the same.
Many men, women, and children alike were drafted like pigs being sent out to slaughter. They were told it was for the good of many. Their very lives depended on the land
:iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 5 6
Kichona Akoya, the Precious Pearl by FenikkusuSapphire Kichona Akoya, the Precious Pearl :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 15 23 Octavia (Olivia) by FenikkusuSapphire Octavia (Olivia) :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 8 12 Octoling sketch/outline - Splatoon by FenikkusuSapphire Octoling sketch/outline - Splatoon :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 3 7 Miiverse - Emerald of the ISF by FenikkusuSapphire Miiverse - Emerald of the ISF :iconfenikkususapphire:FenikkusuSapphire 5 3
Mainly Splatoon trash.

Also I write. XD


[COM] Squid Sisters Swap! by Palkachu [COM] Squid Sisters Swap! :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 92 20 Splatoon Custom - Sanitized Salmon (1/2 for MQ) by Palkachu Splatoon Custom - Sanitized Salmon (1/2 for MQ) :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 46 9 Happy Valentines Day! - Garnet!? by Trying-to-Draw Happy Valentines Day! - Garnet!? :icontrying-to-draw:Trying-to-Draw 47 48 The Anime Show's Generic Teaser(LINK IN THE DESC.) by AxelDK64 The Anime Show's Generic Teaser(LINK IN THE DESC.) :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 12 13 Silver Valentine by xXArtistic14Xx Silver Valentine :iconxxartistic14xx:xXArtistic14Xx 185 27 Strike of ink by Roomaru Strike of ink :iconroomaru:Roomaru 89 4 Happy (Late) Birthday to Tran!! by THORMIPERRO Happy (Late) Birthday to Tran!! :iconthormiperro:THORMIPERRO 27 9 Thank You Everyone for B-Day Messages and Gifts! by Trying-to-Draw Thank You Everyone for B-Day Messages and Gifts! :icontrying-to-draw:Trying-to-Draw 59 55 Random Chars. 4: Game Night! by Scarlet-Ajani Random Chars. 4: Game Night! :iconscarlet-ajani:Scarlet-Ajani 409 26 Happy Birthday Tran! ^^ by InyDewottFan16 Happy Birthday Tran! ^^ :iconinydewottfan16:InyDewottFan16 10 2 Happy birthday Tran! by blueEcat Happy birthday Tran! :iconblueecat:blueEcat 8 2 Birthday Gift for Tran by DoubleStar1000 Birthday Gift for Tran :icondoublestar1000:DoubleStar1000 17 11 Drawing Gift Collage to Spark Dash! by Trying-to-Draw Drawing Gift Collage to Spark Dash! :icontrying-to-draw:Trying-to-Draw 34 6 For: Tran by THORMIPERRO For: Tran :iconthormiperro:THORMIPERRO 33 5 Ashlynn by supersailorwind Ashlynn :iconsupersailorwind:supersailorwind 15 6
These are all awesome. That's why they're even faved at all. ^^


:iconbanetterliesnyan: :iconinydewottfan16: :iconoctowhirl: :icontwilightmoon1996: :icondraketheangel101: :icontrying-to-draw: :iconsilverwolfchild: :iconoscarprime84: :iconarachnid4life: :iconnyx360: :iconnessnic: :iconamestilskin: :iconbiospectrumnox: :iconizzy-chan13: :iconaxeldk64: :iconcamspooks:

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Current Thought: Woomy~


"We can try to change the past."


People to watch and friend and LOVE (on the Internet):

The Goddess of Hilarity and the Goddess of Ships; my one-sama forever and always: :icontrying-to-draw: (Tran)

The God of Delight and the God of Healing; my little brother forever and always: :iconinydewottfan16: (Spark)

Amazing online friend/artist/writer: :iconamestilskin: (Ame)

Silly online [cookie-and-taco-loving] big sis: :iconbiospectrumnox: (Spec)

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Please watch these underappreciated artists (their deviations are so good; they deserve support):

:iconpalkachu: (Palkachu)

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Profile Picture "Sapphire" by :icontrying-to-draw: (I love her and you'd better treat her with ALL THE LOVE AND RESPECT SHE DESERVES! X3)


Language stamp: Sarcasm lvl expert by Alpanu American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy :thumb425937105: Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy French 3 by Faeth-design

Real Name: N/A
Nickname(s): Angi, Phoenix
Age: 17
Personality Type: ISTJ [Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging]
Zodiac Symbol: Capricorn
Sex (not gender): Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (or asexual...I don't know.)
Race: Mexican-American


*I love: All of my friends and family, Those I consider family, Everyone who has ever gave a crap about me in my lifetime, Those who worry about me/care for me/love me, Everyone who has ever talked me out of doing anything extremely stupid

I like: Reading fictional novels, Writing fictional stories, Drawing for myself and others, Video games, Anime, Manga, Ice cream, Select fandoms

I dislike: Myself, Repetition, Murder, Suicide, Profanity, Excessive noise, Speaking without reasoning, Hypocrites, Leftists, Most liberals, Rap music, Bullies/Bullying, Cyberbullying, Politics/Politicians, Current society, Being forced (to do something that I do not want to do, to act a certain way, to be someone I know I'm not), Being ignored, Off-topic comments, Receiving favorites on a deviation and not getting any feedback whatsoever, Parks/Going to parks

I fear: Heights (stairs, escalators, elevators, cliffs, skyscrapers, etc.), Any and all insects (mainly arachnids), Clowns, Things in the dark (not the dark itself), Feeling useless, Crowds (too many people in one place), Tight/cramped spaces, Rollercoasters, Waterslides, Being (physically) violated in any way, Being rejected in any way, Hurting the people I care about, Being watched/stalked/followed, Isolation (being alone for long periods of time), Parks/Going to parks, Blood, The "unknown"

I write: Fictional chapter stories, Fictional short stories, Fan-fictions, Random fan lyrics

I draw: Anything I want or can (Splatoon, TLoZ, Pokémon, etc.)


Things you should know about me:
*-If you hurt any of my friends in any way, I will not use physical or verbal violence against you. I simply ask, civilly, that you do not hurt them again. It's only if you continue with your rudeness that we have a problem.
-I'm Catholic. If you have a problem with that, there are plenty of other deviants out there who are not. If you are not one of those people who automatically hate a person simply by knowing their religion, thank you for understanding.
-I honestly can't really decide what sexual orientation I am. I say either heterosexual or asexual because I am not homosexual in the slightest. (That doesn't mean I'm homophobic.) Romantic relationships, no matter the extremity, are of little to no value to me. I do not care for them nor would I even think about being involved in one, hence why I say I may be asexual.
-I think very little of myself and I tend to downgrade and belittle myself often. So if I start to say some very dark, sometimes cynical things, you know why.
-My sense of humor can be dark, sarcastic, and blunt. So if you are incredibly sensitive to any of these things, vacate from me immediately. You have been warned.
-I am not a fan of vulgar, inappropriate humor, sexual humor, profanity, or anything of the sort. Unless you have an incredibly valid "reason" (excuse) to use or say such things, do NOT use or say such things to me.
-In spite of what I said previously, I tend to use profanity in my written stories. I never curse out loud/verbally, but I do sometimes curse when writing/typing responses. (Only if the response is of great importance, that warrants swearing to get the point across.)
-I believe that honesty does NOT equal rudeness. I am honest to a fault, and I say things like they are. I do not say what you wish to hear.
-My comments and responses can be long (paragraphs long). I don't like to give generic replies. If I feel that the conversation is getting nowhere, I will cut it off, be warned. That does not mean I am ignoring you. Know that I read every single comment that I get, I just cannot reply so quickly, or on occasions, I cannot even reply at all. If the conversations are long, they will take longer to reply to, so be patient and bear with me.
-All of this being said, I am an easily approachable person. I don't bite (unless provoked). I am open-minded, but not too open-minded to the point of being accepting of every single little or big thing that you want me to accept. I have high standards for friends, online and off. If you interest me at all, or if you are just an awesome, kind, amazing individual, I will gladly have your presence.


Favorite quotes:
"Facts do not care about your feelings."
"Talk is cheap, because supply exceeds demand."
"I'm not anti-social, I'm anti-idiot."
"You can't live a life you don't have and you can't lose a soul that you lack."
“My mind is like water. No matter how pure it is, it can always be tainted. And once it’s tainted, it’s difficult to make it pure again.”
"Just because I'm strong enough to handle pain doesn't mean I deserve it."
"I just want to feel that I'm important to someone."
"Whatever happens happens."
"Just because there is a high reward for the high risks that we take does not mean that we should risk everything we have to gain that high reward.
Because you'll get what you wanted, but you'll end up losing what you had."
"Be who you are even if you don't know who you are."
"We can try to change the past."


My Splatoon characters (and some nicknames): *Sapphire (Saph), Nicholas (Nightmare), Octavia (Olivia), Ren, Acrylic, Emerald (Em), Rubio (Ruby), Amethyst (Ame), Omar, Persimmon, Sycamore, Jaden, Tangelo, Celadon, Coral, Marian, Navy, Orchard (Opal), Chartreuse (Tru), Erde, Turquoise, Iris, Byzantium, Wisteria, Lilac, Heather, Laven, Tyrian

My Splatoon 2 characters: *Scarlet, Amber, Vermilion, Citrine, Myrtle


Splatoon 1 Status:

Level: 50 (twice)
Rank: S+ (twice)
Most Used Weapon(s): N-Zap '85; Splatterscope

Splatoon 2 Status:

Level: 31
S+ (Tower Control)
X (Splat Zones)
S+ (Rainmaker)
S (Clam Blitz)
Most Used Weapon(s): Splattershot Jr.; Splatterscope; N-Zap '85; Splattershot Pro


Those multiple moments when you want to fav someone's deviation but that advertisement on "no smoking" to the right side of your screen literally covers the favorite button entirely so you can't fav the deviation at all.



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