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Prototype Blaze



Thought about a conversation I had with :iconblazecake: on her submission

We ended up discussing the possibility of Blaze being a flaming lion or something XD; Since I was practicing with an erasable pen, I'd already drawn the Blaze we know, but I decided to try come up with a tangible, not shadowed out version of Blaze-before-Blaze :P

So here you are, a purple blue-fire lion XD; She reminds me of a thundercat with those face markings lol.

More info here: [link]

Might draw a neater version of her later ^_^ Full body version:

Blaze © SEGA
prototype Blaze's design interpretation is mine :)
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Blaze would be sexier in that outfit, she even seems to have Ash Crimson's powers in this drawing :giggle: