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Fair Fight by Feniiku Fair Fight by Feniiku
Looks like Pewter found a new toy and has nothing left to lose...

No, it won't last. It's the same as in the game; the thing will shatter after it's worn out lol.

WHO WANTS MINIFIC? :P Haven't done one of these for a bit.


"Well... it's good to see... you finally came out to play and... stopped hiding behind those ridiculous illusions of yours."

Pewter was short of breath, badly injured, and the large fog serpent drifted behind her glaring at her attacker menacingly. She clutched her right arm as the masked person floated before her, and scowled at him. She'd been kicked around more than enough already. Her familiar was furious, but it couldn't do much while she was injured except look threatening. Though with their rival's strange powers, who knew how long that would keep him at bay. He scoffed.

"Tch. As useless as everyone else. I had hoped your little pet would put up more of a fight." He pushed his mask up his face, glaring through the red visor back; she could just make out the glow of his eye behind the strange red aura he had. "You can fight off my illusions but you don't stand a chance against me. I have defeated all this world's heroes and proven it." He chuckled as she turned her face away, cringing. "Ahh the sadness of the weak. I guess you do have some mild amusement left."
Infinite stared at the hedgehog, who was chuckling to herself,all while her familiar stared directly at him; or at least he assumed it was, it had too many eyes to focus on "... What now, have you gone mad already?"
"Heh heh... You mean 'didn't stand a chance'. I have one more trick... up my sleeve." She brought the glowing gemstone out from her pockets.

The menacing jackal's confident stance dropped for a moment, but she noticed it as she winced and looked back up him, with a serious expression on her face. He regained his composure swiftly, but she had already seen it. Furious, he yelled at her, focusing his attention on the crystal that matched the one he posessed.

"Where did you get that?!"
"Doesn't matter... What's important to you... is I picked up a few tricks from a friend a long time ago. So now..." The fog serpent billowed and reared up behind her as she held the ruby out before her, even as the stone distorted reality in her grasp. Her left hand gripped her right arm, steadying it against the power flow. The monstrous snake distorted into the unstable form of a gigantic purple dragon, even as Infinite summoned his illusions back into existence around him. Pewter snarled, and her familiar roared.

"... This fight is much fairer!"
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October 7, 2018
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