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January 1, 2017
fenifire's Universe bookmarks provide a wonderful example of vibrant traditional space art nebulae!
Featured by cosmicbound
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Universe bookmarks

Mystery tales
Fantastic stories
Rhymes of destiny
Bound by gravity
Freed by imagination

About 9 times 4x13 cm watercolour paintings, white ink
Inspiration "Jaskółka Uwięziona" cover by Atanas Valkov&Georgine Teresiuk

My dears, my dears! If you're interested in the "Inspiration" part (and it's psychedelic climate) it's actually like a prequel to a short film featuring Polish Legends that could be found [HERE] and it's awesome and has English subtitles :excited: I'm sure you'll enjoy it :woohoo:

Yep! I'm alive! Thank you for asking :giggle:
Actually I've been working on these bookmarks to have them ready for Christmas and ... well... I had a really hard time at work ... so I finished them yesterday ^^;
Playing around with watercolour Universes is so much fun! :la:

Thank you so much for your visit :hug:

... wait a moment... my good heavens... this is really happening?... :faint:
Thank you so much cosmicbound for including my little universes among so many stunning artworks :hug: this is something I would never dare to dream about - and you made it come true :heart:
I could never ask for a better start of a new year :aww:

Thank you so much my dears for such a wonderful support! :heart:
You're like twinkling stars smiling from the skies :hug: thank you for being here :glomp:
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tinypandas2208's avatar
I LOVE The watercolors on these! They are really mesmerizing to look at  with all the distant stars and colors!  You did a really great job on each of them, I really love the space dust dept in the forth one and overall the colors are very spacey and beautifully mixed 
fenifire's avatar
wow.. thank you so much for such a sweet comment my dear :hug: it's so awesome that you like these little universes Llama shy
I have a feeling that it was mostly thanks to the paper that the watercolour moved so interestingly :)
and that means... experimenting is fun :lol:
:hug: :damphyr:
BigDaddyDandy's avatar
dude all of your drawings make me wanna go get my tablet and start drawing
fenifire's avatar
yes! now that's the spirit! go get 'em big boy! :shakefist:
don't let anyone stop you :la:
Fox-The-Wandering's avatar
All of these bookmarks are absolutely spectacular! I love the colors and stars and imagination thrown into them. :)
fenifire's avatar
aww.. thank you for such a sweet comment my dear :hug:
making these bookmarks was such an adventure with colours and shapes :w00t: I've learned so much while painting them :aww:
it's so awesome that you like them :glomp:
Fox-The-Wandering's avatar
Aw, you're welcome! :) :hug: I'm glad you've had a grand time making the bookmarks. They look like they were tons of fun to work on! :D
fenifire's avatar
they sure were :XD: every watercolour skyscape is a fun adventure :la:
..even if it sometime doesn't turn out fine :giggle:
:glomp: :damphyr:
Fox-The-Wandering's avatar
:hug: 'Tis true; art can be an adventure in itself. :D
LilidraArt's avatar
THESE are great galaxies :heart: !!! Wow!!!
fenifire's avatar
wow! thank you for such a nice comment! :dummy: :hug:
foxphire13's avatar
absolutely stunning! Love it! *0*
fenifire's avatar
that's so sweet of your to say so :blushes:
thank you so much! :heart: :hug:
fenifire's avatar
weee! :happybounce: thank you :hug:
SkyfireDragon's avatar
Hug Your very welcome, Fen!
Multicolored-Man's avatar
I love these bookmarks! They're all so beautiful, it's so hard to chose
fenifire's avatar
aww.. thank you so much for such a kind comment my dear :hug:
that's so cool that you like them :happybounce: thankfully I didn't have to choose one anyway :XD:
Ndzoodzoo's avatar
fenifire's avatar
thank you so much :glomp:
Ndzoodzoo's avatar
^^ You're welcome! 
Kirschpraline's avatar
These are soo beautiful and well done! (: :heart:
fenifire's avatar
thank you so much for such a nice comment my dear :hug:
that's so awesome that I can still get away with my experiments :XD:
AlexDeathRose's avatar
So beautiful!!!!
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