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China Dam

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The waterfall and snow make this simply magical. Nice layout and design of the fortress.
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this looks great as a painting, but there's something i don't understand. I don't think in modernity people would build a dam decorating it with national motives like typical chineese roof tops and ornaments.... unless it traveled back in time to get itself decorated and go back to modernity... that looks like some sort of concrete material used for it's base.
and why did the warrior guard draw the sword     i see no obvious threat there...except the birds lol because they may attack him, you know.
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I love the way you paint snow on rocky cliffs.  
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guau un trabajo dificil de mejorar , consigues las texturas a la perfección de cada objeto, das sensación de movimiento y atmósfera felicidades es muy bonito.
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Great work :-) , Thanks for sharing it with :icondigital-concept:
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Amazing work ! :D
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Amazing and beautiful.
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Given China's looooong history of civil engineering, this looks totally appropriate.
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Beautiful, holy sh!t. I'm a sucker for oriental architecture, and you did it very well!
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Haha, well said! 

<-- Also a sucker for oriental architecture (and even moreso in a snow/winter setting)

This one's going straight to my desktop... thank you for your work, FenghuaArt!
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wow. just wow. I'm loving the mix of gestural and detailed.
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Excellent stuff, I literally don't think I've ever seen that idea visualised before. :p
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Gow do you go about your painting process?
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Do no dam china.
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