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Satin Texture in GIMP



I came across this tutorial at (… and loved it so much, I got permission from them to convert it to GIMP. (EDIT: 3/10/08: You may also be interested in the script version, which will create the satin with the click of a button:…

It's a very straightforward tutorial with excellent results. Maybe try combining it with my Denim tutorial (… and/or my displacement tutorial (… - I used that to achieve the text in the preview above and on the blue satin texture with the Tampa Bay Lightning logo (image is packaged with the tutorial).

The tutorial is in html format. So, just download the zip file to a convenient location, like your desktop. Double-click the zip file and move the html file and the "files" folder to your desktop (the files folder and html file must be in the same location for the images to show up.) Double-click the html file and the tutorial will open.

Although nothing is required for you to download and use this tutorial, giving me a fave would be a simple way to show your thanks. Just click the :+fav: Add to Favorites link on the left side of the page, near the top. You don't even have to give me comments. How 'bout showing some love for someone who takes the time and effort to do the hard work of preparing these tutorials for your enjoyment and learning.


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Thank you so much!