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New Text Highlight - No GAP



This is just a resubmittal of a tutorial that I recently posted. What's with DA not allowing you to edit a deviation and add a downloadable file that was previously non-existant? Am I missing something?

I was asked to do an animation highlight for GIMP without using GAP. The requester really wanted one for highlighting the edge of an axe blade, but since text highlights appear to be a little more popular, I wrote one for text instead. However, this can be applied to anything. You'll just need to create your selection in another way (like with paths or quick masking).

*Click on the image to see the animation*

If you want to do this same thing in GIMP, but you would like to do it utilizing the GAP plugin, see my tutorial here:…

At any rate, this is done entirely in standard GIMP without the use of the GAP (GIMP Animation Plugin). The way I've written it makes it look like there's a lot of steps involved or that's it's very difficult. Quite the contrary. My experiences with tutorial writing show that the more information you can provide, the better! Once you run through this once or twice, you'll be a pro.

The only difference is, that you no longer have to view this tutorial on another site. I've prepared the tutorial in an html version so you can download it to your computer and work on it at your leisure. Just click on the Download to Desktop Button, double-click the zip file and save the file folder and html file to a convenient location. Double-click the html file and you're in business.

Hope you have fun with it and learn something in the process.

Comments, criticisms, and questions are always welcomed.

Happy GIMPing!

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Thanks so much for this, as The GIMP has discontinued support/compatibility between its latest version and GAP!