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Handwritten Text in GIMP



I've always wanted to make my text appear like it was being written by hand. However, the tutorials I've seen are quite lengthy. I've come up with a way that's really not too bad to accomplish. In fact, the above animation only took about 15 minutes! This isn't limited to text, however. A friend of mine made me a signature using a vectored picture and it looks like it's being painted by hand. So, take this tutorial as a basis for your other works. Think outside the box!

Hope you enjoy this. Comments and Criticisms are always welcome. If you download, please take the time to let me know. It's good to hear feeback from people and I put a lot of time into my work and want to know that it's time well spent.

Click the Download to Desktop button and save to your (where else) your desktop. Double-click the zip file and save all the files to a convenient location on your hard drive. Open the html file and you'll be able to view it in your browser.


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This is really helpful. Especially since my handwriting is awful.
It should come in handy. Thank you!