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GIMP Matrix - No PS Filters



Like the Matrix, but don't want to use (or can't use) Photoshop Filters in GIMP? No worries. I've figured out how to create it in GIMP without anything special. I used GIMP 2.4, but it should work just fine with previous GIMP versions; however, the menu locations might be a little different.

This is my last tutorial. It's been a pleasure to serve you fellow GIMPers out there. Thanks for allowing me to be of assistance.

At any rate, click on the download link and save the zip file to your hard drive. Double-click on the zip file to open and copy and paste the html file and the "GIMP Matrix" folder of images to the same location (such as your desktop). Double-click the html file and the tutorial will open in your browser window.

You can even animate it like so:…

To do that, check out this tutorial:…

I will be scripting this out in the very near future, which will also allow you to animate it and do some other neat things.


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Ideally it would be applicable to any photo, so we could do something like this:… :D