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GIMP Animated Fire Script



January 10, 2014: Made further revisions and fixed an error with the gradients.

December 25, 2013: I revised the script to accommodate smaller screen sizes by merging some of the menu items and removing an option that was discovered to be redundant.  After testing by several individuals on many different monitor sizes, it appears to work well and runs great in GIMP 2.8.

If you had the previous Animated Fire script installed, please delete it.
I've also added some settings for the GIMPressionist Filter and included the necessary Presets/Brush in the zip file.  In order for those options to work, you'll need to add the GIMPressionist Presets to this folder: C:/Program Files/GIMP 2/share/gimp2.0/gimpressionist/Presets and the Brush to this folder: C:/Program Files/GIMP 2/share/gimp2.0/gimpressionist/Presets/Brushes

Copy script (.scm file) to your GIMP scripts folder (ie.. C:/Documents and Settings/username/.gimp-2.8/scripts)

Refresh your scripts (Filters > Script-Fu > Refresh Scripts)

Run the script (Filters > Animation > Animated Fire...)

There are some other options I'll provide instructions and previews for later.

Take care.

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Is there ANY support for this right now?

I have downloaded it, and when attempting to use it on a single image, I get this error

Error while executing script-fu-fire-anim:

Error: Procedure execution of plug-in-solid-noise failed on invalid input arguments: Procedure 'plug-in-solid-noise' has been called with value '303086664' for argument 'detail' (#7, type GimpInt32). This value is out of range.