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Flash Text with GIMP GAP 2



I was reluctant to do another flash text tutorial, but I've gotten so many questions as a result of people having difficulty with accomplishing my first flash text tutorial with GAP, I decided to present it in another way in hopes that the questions will be reduced. For those of you who already know how to do the first tutorial, you might want to try this one out as it's another method altogether and maybe you can pick up some new tools.

As always, this is in html format. This tutorial is written in my usual html format. Download the zip file to your desktop. Double-click to open it and copy/paste the entire contents of the zip file (1 html files & 2 folders) to your desktop or other convenient location (you must store all of the contents in the SAME location or the links won't work properly. To view the tutorial in order, click on the html file.

C&C are always welcome.


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Amazing! I'll download GAP and experiment with it a little and then try out this tutorial! Thanks so much! :]