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Fit Text to Uneven Surfaces

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This tutorial utilizes one of my favorite tools in GIMP: the Displace Map filter. Using this tool can add so much depth and realism to your work; however, it's probably one of the most underutilized tools. It's not just for text, however. It can be used to map textures to landscapes, make tattoos look more realistic, photomanipulations, etc. etc. The list is really endless.

So, try out this tutorial, learn a new trick to add to your arsenal, and make your graphics stand out above the rest! Sounds like an infomercial, doesn't it?! LOL! If you download this tutorial within the next 5 minutes, I'll throw in a free rebate coupon for your next download of GIMP! WOW!

Sorry for the quality of images I used in this thing. I really threw the tutorial together awhile ago and never changed them. Just not enough time in the day.

It's a pdf. So download and view at your leisure.

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Looks really useful - if only there was a tutorial to download ....
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Thank you!!! So awesome!  I was wondering how you did this in Gimp! :D
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ty ty i make clothes for a virtual world so yeah this is just what i was looking for ty so much for taking the time to put this out there and so glad i ran across it lol 
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woo! sold!
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Beautiful! Works like a charm! This is wonderful!

Thank you!
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thank you! I have been looking for a tutorial like this
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good items
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Calibre-Not-OutputHobbyist Photographer
Sweet tutorial: Simple, clear and straight to the point.
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u have no idea how much i luv u!!! i just read (and tried) the satin tutorial, and i tried it a bit differently, but i wouldn't have known w/ out you!! i have also read this tutorial, and i haven't tried it yet but i'm sure it will be great!! thanx so much!!
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It's so nice to be loved! :D Glad you found the tutorials beneficial. Let me know if you have any questions. :hug:

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I couldn't download this one fast enough!
Desperate to give it a go, thanks Art :)
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Hope you found it useful. Thanks.

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VitoraHobbyist Filmographer
Awesome tutorial! Thank you so much. :)
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No problem! Glad you found it helpful!

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I dont know if you read my mind or what, but i have been looking for a tut like this for a long time! I am really getting into photomanip (as if you didnt know) and i notice that some of my pictures have a 2D or False feel to them because the alterations or additions i make look too flat and not in keeping with the image. I was hoping that through trial and error i would find the method i have needed, but Mate, you have just made my life 200% easier! I cant thank you enough!

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You've never seen this one before? I guess it got buried in the stack. Hmmmm, so I read you mind, eh? *Pokes around to see what else is in here* LOL!

Glad you it!

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Yes, i think it did get buried in the stack, and i wouldnt have known where to start on a search. i think i queried "mapping a layer" or "overlaying an image" but obviously the returns were not what i was looking for. Probably if i had typed "displacement" i would have found it, but then i am not always the sharpest tool in the box :slow:


Anyway i tried it, and it works a treat! Looks natural too. :boogie:
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Glad you found it and got it to work for you.

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