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Creating a Box Sig in GIMP



Box style sigs are a pretty cool signature style that you don't see around too much anymore. But, the style still has a neat look to it. Every tutorial I've read on creating them approaches it from pretty much the same way: Cut/paste your background onto individual layers and then work with each layer. While that is a good method, it's not necessarily the most efficient. I've not seen one using the method I've provided here. So, check it out and tell me what you think. If you've seen this method before, my apolgies....I haven't.

It's prepared in htm format. Just click the Download to Desktop button, double-click the zip file, extract the folder and htm file to a convenient location, and double-click the htm file to view in your favorite browser (which should at least be Firefox!)

Your feedback is always welcome. Let me know if you need anything clairifed or if I need to correct any mistakes.


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sweet :D this will come in handy thanks!