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Animating a Flag in GIMP



Want to animate a flag in GIMP? It's pretty easy and looks very nice! No GAP (GIMP Animation Package) required. Enjoy!

This is just a resubmittal of a tutorial that I previously posted. The other version was a link to another site for review. This posting is prepared in an htm version so you can download it to your computer and work on it at your leisure. Just click on the Download to Desktop Button, double-click the zip file and save the file folder and htm file to a convenient location. Double-click the html file and you're in business. The compressed file size is just below 1Mb so dial-up users will take a minute or two to download. Hopefully, the extra wait will be worth it!

*Click on the image to see the animation if it's not moving already*

Hope you have fun with it and learn something in the process. Comments, criticisms, and questions are always welcomed.

Happy GIMPing!

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