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Animated Etch-A-Sketch II



The tutorial for this technique is now available here: [link]

This image was created as a test for an animation technique I developed in GIMP GAP that gives the impression of an animated drawing. The technique uses paths and a brush to 'stroke' the path a little bit at a time for each frame.

Click on download to see a full-size version....Stupid deviantart always screws this up! *mad*

You may think that it was accomplished using the steps I provided here: [link] which is a way of doing it manually. However, this particular animation has almost 1350 layers! There's no way it would be feasible to do it manually.

Therefore, I figured out how to do it in GAP and it only took a couple of hours to set the whole thing up. Now that I've got the technique down, this could be done in about a half hour.


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