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Adding Video to GIMP Projects



This is a detailed tutorial geared towards people with a basic working knowledge of GIMP's features. Although we will be using the GAP plugin (separate download from GIMP), the only thing GAP will be used for is converting the video footage. I've provided a QuickTime movie (mov) and an avi of me on the lawnmower (Yeah, I know it's lame, but it's free and I'm making it available for you to use! Can't get any better than that!) :D The sig we are making is only for example purposes!! Use this as a springboard for your own creations. The remaining steps will be done in GIMP alone.

The reason I'm interested in this type of stuff is my digital camera provides output in QuickTime (mov) format. I want to be able to use that footage in GIMP. Well, now I can. I've elected to do the tutorial based on sig creation because a lot of people are interested in it and it's a lot easier for me to package for download on the web. But, I encourage you to not limit yourself to signatures and avatars only. Learn to make your own movies with GIMP and GAP!

The tutorial is in html format. Download the zip file to your desktop or other convenient location and extract the html file and the two folders to the same location. Double-click on the html file to view.

As always, I look forward to your questions and comments.


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its doesn't work for me :( can you help me out?