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Free Bases

Decided to make bases for future adoptables? I've been in the mood to design things recently and I"m not sure how many of them I'm actually going to keep.
Feel free to use them yourself for personal or commercial uses, if you'd like. As long as you credit me for the base!

I'm also up for trades, if you want me to draw your character on one of these. :>

Done in MS Paint, made transparent in SAI
Under the law of Creative Commons, you are free to use this image as long as you credit me as the original creator.
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© 2016 - 2021 Fenaceide
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i made shoto todoroki from MHA and his gender-bend or a pic i did credit you and i did this for the heck of it

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Hey! I wanna say that shota is typically a male name, and is also used as a word for little boys (in particular, shotacon, or the attraction to little boys) So be careful!

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Another name idea that would work would be Kasai, as it means fire or flame like Shouto means burn

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Man I don’t even need to watch this anime to tell that this is some GOOD STUFF
Thanks for using my base, mate! :dummy:

Excuse me, "credit", does it mean that you need to write an author and a website? Or is it enough just the author (you)?

I'm from Russia, I don't know English at all, I use Google translator!

Thanks for the answer!

Sorry for mistakes!

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Here's My base edit! I love your base style!

Da27izh-641161fa-84b0-41be-87a2-5daaf7143e7e (1)

Hi, I heard that there was no way to download the transparent lined version, so I made one! Here you all are, happy using and make sure to credit the original artist, don’t credit me

line only Free Bases by Fernaceide

I don’t know if this is exactly how they’re supposed to look because I didn’t really bother with the shading

oh, and, I think that the program i used to make them transparent ruined the mspaint friendly-ness of these bases, I’m sorry I had no idea that would happen :(

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Do I need to credit to use this?

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Yes! Please make sure you read the deacriptions of my bases! :>
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Credit is required if you use this base, in fact!
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how i download?
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If you are using Eclipse, it unfortunately does not have a download button for the smooth line art! You would have to use the old site or, if you are on an account that can't go back to the old site, then tragically there is no way to download.
I'll be working things out but I apologize for the inconvenience!!
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Would it be okay to use this base for adoptables?
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Of course! As long as you credit me! :>
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I used this for my OC's outfits, thank you for the f2u base! :D
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