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F2U Comforting Base

By Fenaceide
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This was ORIGINALLY meant to be a base Requested by Raphianna-Hamato but it didn't quite catch the feeling I was going for, for that particular request.
Buuuut I thought it was cute anyway, so here it is if any of you would like to use it :dummy:

Black Transparent Lines: [x]

I guarantee that all of my bases are my original works and are NOT traced or copied from anywhere!
If you have a request for a base, drop me a message!
Ask about base transfers! :>

Bullet; Blue You MAY change this base however you'd like ( change ears/tail/horns, add other things, etc )
Bullet; Blue You MAY use these to make adoptables on ( for points / cash / OTA / Trades / Auctions )
Bullet; White I'm not sure if this is the BEST base for adoptables with the pose. You CAN, but I recommend looking in my F2U Base folder(linked below!) for one more suited for showing off designs!
Bullet; Blue You may NOT use these to take commissions on
Bullet; Blue Please credit me for the base when you use it!
Bullet; Purple Enjoy!

Link me your finished edits! I love to see them! La la la la
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© 2017 - 2020 Fenaceide
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are we allowed to change the expressions and partial pose change?
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Sorry for the late response, i have been so inactive!
But absolutely! You can make whatever changes to the base that you like as long as you credit me as the original base maker! :>
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i'll use this! <3
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download button? ;3;
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I like this a lot. Blue and orange is just the best :la:
Thank you for using my base mate!!
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half of us are ruining the swap fandom


your welcome
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Do YCH count as commissions?
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Yes, that is exactly what I am referring to with these. :>
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thanks and your welcome
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Used, thanks for making such adorable bases :D
Venting {BASED} by JessiesMadCreations
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Here's something I've been wanting to make.
Just a cute, fluffy moment.
just kiss already by ParakeetsnTriangles
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Thank you so very much for sharing this base, doodling on it was such a good vent. I've been so depressed lately, and my boo has been cheering me up, so I used my OC and theirs to vent as much of the sads as I could to try and bust all that's left.
Skeli Been Sad by destructoPop
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aaAA I'M SORRY I'VE BEEN INACTIVE so I didn't respond to this earlier! But!! This is so cleanly done, I love it!! It means a lot to me that you used my base for somethign so personal adjkhifs 
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Thank you so much!
Plus it was nice to finally have some gay bois on this base, it seems like most of the couplings have been het so far! Happy Pride Month!
My partner and I broke up last month (the partner featured in this), but we're still friends. We're going to pride together!
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Oh man, I'm sorry to hear about that, but it's really refreshing to know that you are still hanging out tho tbh! Especially that you're going to pride together! 0:
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I love it! I'm working on an OC of mine with an OC of my partner's now. ;_;<3
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