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My best 10 photos of 2017

:heart: 2017 is finishing and this year was really regarding for my photographic work, many new models, a wondeful project that I'm finishing and I'm looking forward to show you :D :heart: I had the chance to work with a new camera that I received for my previous birthday. I think but I can't really tell it that I also improved my photographic skills and I hope that you liked my work ! :heart: So thank you so much for your support, the kind messages, all your comments, the faves, the new watchers and the previous ones :D I will continue to publish more and more pics :) :heart: I also would like to give you a word about the groups I'm in a


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Animaux - Insectes

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Messenger Chronicles Bookcover 4

Architectures - Urbex - Cityscapes

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Messenger Chronicles Bookcover 4


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my paths XLIV

Nature - Paysages

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The inspiration aura

Recherches graphiques - Objets

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Lexith, Kaldorei Warden  - Warcraft Commission


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October Contest: Animals, Plants and Nature

Dear CRPhotography (https://www.deviantart.com/crphotography) members! I'm pleased to present you the theme of September's monthly contest: Animals, Plants and Nature Photography If you entered September's contest, be aware that the winners will be announced in the middle of October! So... What's the theme? Animals, Plants and Nature, here on DeviantArt is about photographing plants, animals, landscapes, and other features of the earth, as opposed to human creations. This means humans and human creations should not be included in APN photographs! The sub-galleries of APN include: Aquatic Life, Birds, Domesticated Animals, Flowers, Trees and plants, Fungi, Invertebrates,


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Watchers Feature II

So I think it's time for the second part of the watchers feature, as gratitude for your support in me. and remember YOU ARE AWESOME! Have fun with this lovely feature, show some love to each other :) Please note that some of my watchers doesn't have any deviations in their gallery so not all of them are featured here. And of course more features need to come, can't feature all my watchers in one journal. Have a good day folks!


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