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This is my next idea for a tattoo (along with a million other things).

Tell me what you think.


I finally got this tattoo a few years ago. It is extremely beautiful. Thanks to everyone who favors this!
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This is sooo beautiful! I love it! ^^
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this is amazing :D
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this is so beautiful!
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Very pretty :) I love sakura tattoos. My friend recently had something similar (minus the bird) on her lower back :)
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May I use the flowers as a reference for my tattoo?
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Wow beautiful tattoo!
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This is a lovely tattoo!
I really like the colours and the composition.
Very nice! :)
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i love it so much that even i want it as a tattoo!
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beautifuly drawn, great balance of composition, very clean crisp work with feeling, i love it!
I think it would be nice on the inside of a wrist - where abouts did you have it done?
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It's very similar to something i've been thinking of for a while - if I go to a tattoist, can I use this as a reference in describing what I want?
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This is very beautiful.
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what a beautifull design :O *faces*

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It's beautiful! Good choice!
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Great classic japanese design, nice placement to.
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