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Justice League - Zatanna Redesign

After asking you all to select your top five or top ten favourite DC Comics characters that you'd like to see me redesign next in my DCU revamp, Zatanna surprisingly placed in the second tier of the results. She was far from being one of the most requested characters, but received enough votes to give her priority. TristanDavis, ChazH101 and TylerMusselman all included her in their lists, so this one is for them.

As the daughter of the legendary stage magician Giovanni Zatara and the sorceress Sindella, Zatanna has a lot to live up to as a fledgling witch. A showgirl at heart, Zatanna feels most at home when she is on stage, thrilling audiences with her unique brand of backwards magic the way her father once did. She's only just begun to put her mystical gifts to use as a superhero and is still finding her way within the community, but she's eager to impress.

Much like my recently posted redesign of Vixen (found here:, redesigning Zatanna proved to be a huge challenge for me. She's so well-known for her suit and tie, that it's near impossible to come up with something that could be just as cool and just as iconic. For the purposes of my design, I really wanted something more heroic and something that had much more flare. I see Zatanna as the ultimate diva and as a consummate showgirl, so I wanted her to look really fierce and really fabulous. My major inspiration for this piece was the Amalgam character White Witch, who was a mashup of Zatanna and Scarlet Witch. I liked the cape and the overall aesthetic, but added my own touches to it.

Now, every time I design Zatanna I get A LOT of flack for drawing her in high heels. These are probably way higher than anything I'd drawn her in too. So before lacing into me about the practicality of this outfit, let us remember that we're discussing a fictional character that speaks backwards spells. In other words, this is a woman who has the ability to enchant herself and her clothing so that she can fight in just about anything without having a wardrobe malfunction or breaking her ankles. As a few of you know, I design by character and consider their powers and personality. I would never draw Batgirl in heels, but with Zatanna the magic gives me room to provide a more diverse and extreme appearance. Yes, the shoes are stripperific, but she's also a burlesque-style showgirl in my head who can perform spells that make it impossible for her to injure herself wearing them. So there.

That said, I do love hearing from you all, so please feel free to drop me a comment below to let me know what you think of this design ("Hiss - those shoes!") and Zatanna herself.

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Is it me or she looks more like Scarlet Witch?

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Probably the red cape. Though Zee has gone lengthy stints caped, most people just picture her stage garb.

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She looks a little Asami from Korra.
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I'll take that as a compliment I guess.
definitely getting the showgirl vibe with this one, glad you kept the fishnets
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Thanks, glad you like it.
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I love all your work!

Keep up the good work.
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Love Your Artwork! Great Creation!
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Again, very cool design.
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Well, she's wearing thigh-high boots, so it's not hard to imagine they're enchanted to always remain upright and not flop over.  I've got to say, though, that it's hard to go against conditioning and see her as a magician rather than an assistant.  That cape is friggin' awesome, though.
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Actually, thigh-his don't flop over at all when constructed properly. Many are fitted to the leg, while others are laced or zippered.

But yes, the stage magician thing will always be there. My goal was to remind people that she's a badass sorceress, not some stage act that uses smoke and mirrors.
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Yeah, poor choice of words.  I meant they keep the wearer upright.

The outfit still looks very modern, again like a stage assistant (which I suppose is fitting given her stage act).  The only other look I can think of for a magic user is the classical wizard robes.  No offense, but the red cloak and the black-and-white one-piece (I guess that's what it's called?) kind of clash in my eyes.  One covers, the other reveals.  Separately, they're very good elements; it's their combination that doesn't quite do it for me.
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That's too bad. Everyone else seems to really like it.
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Eh, just my opinion.
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........Okay, I gotta be honest. This looks less like Zatanna's stage magician look and more like if Emma Frost wore black and red. lol I mean, it looks cool, but I dunno how faithful it is to the character.
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It's not supposed to be a stage look, but rather the one she wears as the League's Resident sorceress supreme. Obviously the great thing about doing your own version of pre-existing characters is that you can push them in different directions. Like making Zatanna more credible as a witch and making her more burlesque as a showgirl.
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