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Here's the 15th profile in my original characters encyclopedia project. This one features the second of the five protagonists in my Boreal Force team.

All the members of Boreal Force wear colour coded costumes that match one another. Ursus' suit is white and features additional straps on his arms. He also wears the Polar Bear totem on his belt. Looks-wise I wanted Garrett to look fairly rugged and was inspired by an anime aesthetic with his hairstyle. As with Canis, my goal was to create a backstory that felt real and had depth. This was something I felt insecure about with my Olympian Squadron characters, so I've put extra effort forth with this bunch.

Ursus' inclusion into Boreal Force was determined by a poll I had up in my journal. I had asked my watchers to rank several iconic Canadian animals. The polar bear and the grizzly bear were both selections on the list, but the polar bear proved to be the favoured of the two. Overall though it ranked second. I want to give a shout out to those of you who voted and contributed to the selection. Specifically, I'd like to thank GDupons, Godzilla713, bjv016, Jose-Ramiro, kingziggy, Steelpoodle, Gold-Reaper, m4gichat, SargimusPrime, Jovan2013, DanFalcon, K-Jounin, Biruka, Thoth23 and ParisNJones

For those who need clarifications as to what the power rankings consist of, you can view the outline here:…

As always, I love hearing from you all so please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you all would like to see more of these profiles, please let me know.

Enjoy! :)
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Huh, Benson. My Anthropology teacher is named Benson - maybe he's secretly a government-sponsored uniformed hero that pilots a unique vehicle/giant robot.

Joking aside, the character seems to possess a balanced position where he's a disciplined soldier that has few levels of tolerance to go on. A shame that his parents couldn't accept his identity, but I think he's got a strong back to bare.

In regards to design, his uniform is consistent with the likes of Canis though I'm starting to think the mask accessory might also serve as a helmet. Though this could be baseless speculation, and if it is, feel free to ignore this.

I'm afraid I can't say anything further, though given his age (and possibly personality) I half think he might possess the most experience and sometimes but heads with Canis. Then again this might be another case of baseless speculation.

Overall, the quality's consistent and there is few to really comment on. Tomorrow I'll look at Rangifer and see what the team's heart is.