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Boreal Force - Gavia Profile

Here's the 18th profile in my original characters encyclopedia project. This one features the fifth of the five protagonists in my Boreal Force team.

After Castor, Gavia may be my favourite of the Boreal Force. I wanted to introduce a character into my original universe who wasn't as thin as all the other women are, though admittedly I think I still drew Gavia smaller than I intended. She's very fashionable, but also highly intelligent. Her costume is similar in colour scheme and to both Rangifer and Castor. However, her costume has wings. She's the only member on the team who can fly.

The few of you that have been following this series know that these characters were based on a poll I had up on my profile that was Canadian animal themed. I shockingly had left the loon out, so I felt I needed to rectify that with Gavia's inclusion. That said, I still want to give a shout out to those of you that had voted on the poll. Specifically, I'd like to thank GDupons, Godzilla713, bjv016, Jose-Ramiro, kingziggy, Steelpoodle, Gold-Reaper, m4gichat, SargimusPrime, Jovan2013, DanFalcon, K-Jounin, Biruka, Thoth23 and ParisNJones.

For those who need clarifications as to what the power rankings consist of, you can view the outline here:…

As always, I love hearing from you all so please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you all would like to see more of these profiles, please let me know.

Enjoy! :) 
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Ummm... board's a bit split on this one.

On the one hand, her character's bio does acknowledge the fact that trying to do beauty and vanity over intelligence is a bad thing. Props to showing her starving herself leading to an eating disorder and later leading to her using her intelligence.

On the other, however, there's the point where you point out how she's not stereotypically nerdy and that she's "very fashionable". I'm not against pushing away stereotypes, oh how I loathe the Big Bang Theory and how it hasn't gone away, but you seemed a bit odd in phrasing here. Maybe I'm missing the point here since my thought process on "character having X trait" is to treat it as something mundane or indifferent instead of drawing attention to it.

In any event, that's five for five of Canda's G-Voltron Rangers team.
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I'm not sure what you're trying to say. I apologize. Do you think you could word it differently? Or elaborate? ^^;
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I'll try.

Okay, so, I'm divided in regard's Gavia's bio. I do commend that you did show how focusing on being “beautiful” instead of “smart” can be a bad thing. Also, having her suffering from an eating disorder due to starving herself is a good bout of “realism”. This all going to her deciding to use her intelligence again makes for a nice turn about.

However, what troubles me is from my own perspective: it is best to never draw focus to whenever you’re bucking stereotypes and instead treat it as a mundane element. A character should never be defined by one single trait for their entire identity like how Kamala Khan is many things among which is being Pakistani-American.

Because of this, I’m left finding your insistence of her not being stereotypically nerdy and that she’s “very fashionable” may be overcompensating. As I’ve said before in previous conversations, however, I’m far from an idea critic due to having been exposed to various forms of material. So, this observation and my perspective could ring false to Gavia’s bio and I could be wrong.

I hope this clears things up.
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Overcompensating for what?

I guess the point I was getting at is that she's highly intelligent and is a techno whiz, but her interests aren't related to what most people associate with that. She doesn't read comics or play video games nor does she spend a lot of time reading books. Instead, she would rather be shopping at Sephora.
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Alright, that's better.
Femmes-Fatales's avatar
Yeah, it didn't have much to do with her physical appearance (which might have been what your issue was?).
ArtIdiotGuy222's avatar
(Could be.)

So, that's five for five. Just short of adding a sixth member, I think that's about it.
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Her legal name as well as her code name sounds very pretty and elegant. 

Oh you decided to give these characters super powers , nice. I like that her powers are enhanced versions of natural abilities such as strength and stamina with the bonus of a cool power that a lot of kids always wanted to have which was flight ( at least that's always a power I've wanted, that and to be able to turn invisible ). 

Elisa making herself seem less smart and starving herself was a way to fit in and pretend to be someone she's not which I can relate to, I would always tone down my hyper loud personality and usually try to avoid talking all together out of fear that everything coming out of my mouth made people dislike me even more and I was only giving people a reason to pick on me. I like that after she recovered she used her powers in a positive way rather than trying to ignore them. This may sound like a obvious question which I apologize for however what is the Loon totem ? Ah I like that you broke out of the stereotype of her being nerdy just because she is smart, I can relate to her love of fashion and makeup as well as still often feeling insecure. 

Hair- The swept over parted look covering her eye a little is very flattering as is her hair color and length. 

Face-  YES. She is slaying the makeup game, very strong and bold which compliments her skin tone very nicely.

Suit-  I see that your characters in Boreal Force all share the same uniform with their own color scheme and accessory so I'll give a more in depth comment on the suit here and then for the rest I will only comment on their accent color and accessory to stop myself from repeating the same thing. The trimming and the different layers give a structured look to the suit , it looks very protective especially with the knee pads. I think for Elisa the deep blue really compliments her skin tone , eye color, and hair color beautifully. 

Wings: Gorgeous! I love how it subtly fades into black at the tips. 

Arms and Legs- The multi tone gloves with different layers is a really nice touch, those boots are fierce looking. I love the structure to them with the seams and trimming.

Accessory- I really like the strap over her torso connecting to her belt, the " key chain" is cute but could you explain what it is and why every member has one but with a different look?

Overall- A little lost , maybe you could give me an overview of what the Boreal Force is about ? However I do really like Elisa, she went from a really bad place but got herself out of it which I admire and respect. We share common interests and traits which make her relatable for me, and something that I didn't mention when I was breaking her appearance down is that her body build makes her look more unique compared to your other female characters and she wears it really well.
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Many thanks for the comment! I'm glad you like the character's design and name. Her codename is the genus name for the loon.

With regards to stereotypes, I try to do my best to push against them and subvert them whenever I can. Popular culture is already saturated with them, so I think we need more complex characters to show that we as humans shouldn't be broken down into neat little boxes.

I explained a bit of the narrative context for the Boreal Force in the description for Canis' profile. In it, I said, "In my original universe, Boreal Force is a paramilitary strike team created as a joint operation between all of Canada's branches of military and intelligence. Each member is enhanced through a combination of science and magic, then given their own unique vehicle. Think: Beast King GoLion, Gundam or Super Sentai." As such, each member of this team has their own spirit animal. This is represented physically by a mask-like totem that they wear on their belts and is the catalyst for their power. 

It's also worth noting that these characters have powers, along with the Olympian Squadron, but are not part of the same universe as the Femmes Fatales. The Femmes are separate from the superhero shared universe I've been (slowly) building.
ScottAnthonyAdams's avatar
You're very welcome :).

That all makes a lot more sense, thank you for the explanation!

I saw the pictures for Olympian Squadron, I'll be getting to all of your characters to leave an in depth comments.
Femmes-Fatales's avatar
Glad I could clarify that. I apologize if I was vague across all of these pieces.
ScottAnthonyAdams's avatar
Not at all, just asking questions to get a better understanding :)
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And this is easily my favourite member of the team. Bar none. Absolutely my favourite. her backstory, it's heartfelt and it's easy to sympathize with and to relate to. It really helps to build her current character. Her outfit is absolutely gorgeous. The colours and the wings especially are fantastic, but her makeup just compliments her perfectly. That loon totem? Adorable. Altogether, she is perfect.
Femmes-Fatales's avatar
Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you're digging her enough to cite her as your favourite of the group. It certainly was my goal in creating all five to have backstories that were relatable and easy to sympathize with. Most actually link into the difficulties many face growing up - be it the disadvantages First Nations people face (Canis), the difficulty of being gay in a heteronormative world (Ursus and Castor), discrimination of women (Rangifer) or body image issues (Gavia).
DanFalcon's avatar
Well I definitely think you've succeeded there. I can;t wait to see what you do with the villains!
Gold-Reaper's avatar
Great job! Love the backstory, and the wings are a nice way to keep her costume distinct from the others.
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Hey, again, excellent job here. She looks great.
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
You're very welcome.
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Nice to see the final member of the team. I like her. Good design as always, and I like that she isn't lumped in with certain cliches. That makes her feel more natural. Good to read that she has friends on the team. I also almost missed the loon totem, but I like it now that I looked it over. They're going to look spectacular all together as a group.
Femmes-Fatales's avatar
Many thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like what I've been able to do with Gavia here. It's a relief to hear that her appearance feels more natural.

As a side note, you'll notice that most birds are depicted in profile seeing as facially they tend to look funny when viewed from the front. America's great icon - the Bald Eagle - looks hilarious and super derpy from the front.
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