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Here's the 17th profile in my original characters encyclopedia project. This one features the fourth of the five protagonists in my Boreal Force team.

Castor's costume is very similar to Rangifer's, which was for a reason. The two senior members of the team (Canis and second-in-command Ursus) have more individualized colour schemes, so I wanted the more junior members to have almost identical looks. Once again, there's an element of sadness or tragedy in these guys' backstories with Castor. I can't help it it seems. However, I'm really glad with how this character turned out and he may very well be my personal favourite.

As with the other characters on this team, Castor's inclusion and rank were determined by a poll I had up on my profile themed after Canadian animals. Even though the North American Beaver ranked seventh overall, I felt it was an animal I had to include given its prominence on our nickel. Even still, I want to give a shout out to those of you that voted on the poll. Specifically, I'd like to thank GDupons, Godzilla713, bjv016, Jose-Ramiro, kingziggy, Steelpoodle, Gold-Reaper, m4gichat, SargimusPrime, Jovan2013, DanFalcon, K-Jounin, Biruka, Thoth23 and ParisNJones.

For those who need clarifications as to what the power rankings consist of, you can view the outline here:…

As always, I love hearing from you all so please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you all would like to see more of these profiles, please let me know.

Enjoy! :) 
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Okay, before I start, I'm going to need to ask what a "cosmetic maven" is seeing how I am a stereotypically dumb American who knows nothing about the Great White North.