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Doppio no denwa

By Femikii
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Model  Vinegar DoppioLocation  Roma Italy
Heeeey here's my finished drawing, screenshot redraw of Doppio! I finished part 5 and I can'T WAIT for the rest, even though tbh I still miss part 3 and its beautiful images, crazy colours and intriguing soundtrack ..
BUT That Doppio part helped make me like part 5 too. Hope you like it ! I'll try to figure out a way to show the screenshot I drew that from as well
and the sketch is here ->  Doppio sketch DOOORURURURUn by Femikii
ALSO I have prints of it on sale here milikool.storenvy.com/products…
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Torururururu TORURURURURU! *click*
Moshi moshi?
Great colouring and shading. I´ve would´ve liked it more if the Part 5 anime designs were more like this.
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Omg that means more than you can imagine, thank you!! tbh I wish all the parts could look just like part 2 and 3 T-T

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InkSlasherHobbyist Digital Artist

I think the main problem with the Part 5 Anime designs is that they´re really skinny and have a really hard shading and figures (Part 3 Anime had also hard shading and shapes but because they´re more bulky).

I really loved the Part 4 designs with how organic and good looking are the shapes.

Tho part 1 and part 2 hay really neat designs too, i really liked how they made the eyes.