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|Baby no Basuke| Kuroko x Reader
There were very few moments in time that you caught Tetsuya in a fluster. The day you went into labor definitely constituted as such. After all, the baby you’d been waiting nine months for was finally ready to pop out, and you were both pretty tired of the seemingly endless droll of time.
“How are you feeling?” He asked that afternoon, the moment he returned home from practice. You smiled to yourself, knowing he was far more excited about the baby than he let on.
“Not even going to announce you’re home, huh?” You waved at him from your spot on the couch, lying carefully on your side and enjoying your lazy moment. “Welcome back, anyways.”
“Sorry.” Tetsu’s voice floated over the couch, breathless as he situated himself beside you. “I want to make sure you’re okay, is all.”
“So then, you’re either tired because practice was tough, or you ran all the way here to make sure nothing happened.
:iconyarikoi:yarikoi 458 80
Reader x A.R.M.P.I.T. Platoon Part 2
Reader x A.R.M.P.I.T. Platoon Part. 2
You sat down on the couch and watched as Natsumi Lectured the three ‘Aliens’
“Now go   do your chores!” She exclaimed while pointing at the kitchen. You laughed slightly.
“Sorry about that.” Said Natsumi while scratching her head. “It’s okay! By the way. Why is Fuyuki on the floor?” You asked her while tilting your head.
~explanation time~
“Y-you mean you’re my best friend?” said Keroro while staring at Fuyuki. “Of course you are Sarg!” He said while opening his arms like saying ‘give me a hug’
“Fuyuki!” “Sarg!” They sang as Keroro was about to hug him.
Just then Tamama pushed Fuyuki out of the way. “Sarg is mine!” He yelled as he hugged Sarg.  “Oww…” said Fuyuki while rubbing his head but still on the floor.
“What the hell are you doing?!” Exclaimed Natsumi as she came into the
:iconchibitaliav:ChibitaliaV 36 19
Nougami Neuro by RedStar-Sama Nougami Neuro :iconredstar-sama:RedStar-Sama 20 5 Nougami Neuro by kirino03 Nougami Neuro :iconkirino03:kirino03 4 0
Nothing Is Impossible Ch 1 - 2
Ann got home from the funeral to find a note on the door that read:
"Ann I'm sorry to have do this, but the new tenant needs to be able to move in by the first of next month, so I need you out before the end of the month. If there was any way I could let you stay, I would, but the lady who's moving in has three kids and already gave notice that she was moving and will have nowhere else to go. I'm Sorry about your family.
Mr. Jackson,"
Ann collapsed into a chair; she wondered how she would get through this. A week earlier her parents, brother and sister had been going to sign the final papers for the house they where going to buy. But, they where hit by a drunk driver while on an overpass. She was told that the car went over the edge and came down on top of a road sign. One of the signposts had punctured the gas tank and it exploded. The only comfort she had was knowing that her family would have died instantly, and not suffered.
They had asked her to come with them, but she had said sh
:icondragon-star-empress:Dragon-Star-Empress 6 5
Cat R Waul by PsykoBruttan Cat R Waul :iconpsykobruttan:PsykoBruttan 59 42
Mystic Messenger-Jumin Han: Day 5 (JuminXReader)
Writer notes: The story below contains spoilers. Please read it at your own risk ^^ The story is based on the Otome game 'Mystic Messenger' as the player's view and background's story. If you haven't play the game and want to play it, I suggest you to play it first before reading this. But if you want, go ahead~ You have been warned.
Once again, I do not own Mystic Messenger.
Day Five
[Y/N] woke up with terror. Cold sweats were dripping down her temples and she was terrified with the nightmare she had. The dream was her walking down the street and got tackled by paparazzi and hard-core fans of Jumin. It wasn't the worst part. The worst was the unknown hid in the crowd and pointed a gun at her. Before he could shoot, [Y/N] was able to wake up from the dream. It must be the events that had happened yesterday: Her high school classmates knew about her knowing Jumin and someone had hacked into the chat last night and typed in some weird words.
She ran her finge
:iconjarjar0527:jarjar0527 45 8
Alexia In Wonderland by Alexiawood Alexia In Wonderland :iconalexiawood:Alexiawood 3 2 Itachi 3 by Sylwoos Itachi 3 :iconsylwoos:Sylwoos 583 54
Pirate!Spain x Mermaid!Reader episode 8
Lovino had made a lot of food and it was really delicious. You all ate a lot and soon somebody began to play music. There was song, laughter and a lot of alochol.
When the party had really started some from the crew, leaded by Gilbert, threw a whole bucket of water over you. You where sitting on a chair, so you could manage to stay upright. You scolded them and they just ran away lauhing.
Soon you where dry and the music had know changed to something even faster. Many of the crewmembers where up dancing. You sat on the chair and where looking and cheering on almost everybody. Some had asked you to come and join them, but you declined their request every time.
You had been raised in a barn and the bartender had never taught you how to dance. Antonio cuts through the crowd and ends over before you. He pulls you off the chair.
"You need to dance, Chica"
"No, I can't dance"
"It doesn't matter. Neither can the crew"
You give up and let yourself be guided out on the floor. Antonio starts to
:iconeasy1vision:Easy1Vision 23 8
A Mabudachi Christmas by Hitomi-Sharingan A Mabudachi Christmas :iconhitomi-sharingan:Hitomi-Sharingan 22 26
Prussia x Reader- I Hate That You're All I Need
Hey guys you need to read the description first before you read so you understand what's going on. This is not a normal songfic. Once you read the description please enjoy this story.
*            *           *            *          *            *            *            *
Reader's POV
Midnight, gettin' uptight, where are you?
You said you'd meet me, now it's quarter to two
I know I'm hangin' but I'm still wantin' you

You were sitting at the bar swirling the olive in your martini and waiting for your boyfriend. He was late. Again. You let out a tired sigh and downed the rest of you
:iconbubblesvx1100531:bubblesvx1100531 278 59
Prussia's Resume by SayuriChou Prussia's Resume :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 20 63
Prussia x Mute!Reader : A Thousand Notes [2]
A Thousand Notes
Chapter Two
Class was about to start for History, and currently Francis Bonnefoy was stood in front of your desk. As far as the people around you could tell, he was trying his best to flirt.
“Did I mention that you’re hair is so beautifully soft and looks stunning…” he said, in a silky voice gently putting his hand on your (hair colour) hair and gently holding a few stands in his hands. Just having someone’s hands on your hair almost sent shivers down your spine if you weren’t starting to get uncomfortable.
“And those eyes…Why I could stare at them for years.” He then started to literally gaze into your eyes trying not to blink. And weirdly enough, you couldn’t look away.
Whatever this dude was trying to do, it was working and you’re not sure you liked it.
On the opposite side of the classroom, a certain albino was watching this interaction. For some reason, just watching made him want t
:iconserenafics:serenafics 105 26
Hetalia Fleece Blanket: Prussia by FantasticalFrames Hetalia Fleece Blanket: Prussia :iconfantasticalframes:FantasticalFrames 7 7



So I'm going to anime day this year. I will either wear a mikasa Ackerman cosplay, road kamelot, frisk from undertale, link or something. I still don't know yet. Any suggestions or ideas?


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