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Wonder Woman's pose is standout sexy. Good job showing the effect of the poison and how it has made her weak and unable to resist the b...

This is spectacular work! You've captured the wetness of her skin, the water splashing around her board, droplets spraying into the air...

This a a well thought-out image. Good work with the ropes, and her pose is most fetching! I like that her breasts hang down appropriate...

This will serve as a critique from 16cover-to 16-12. A lovely series of images of my OC detective, Jenn. It's mostly just a bunch of sh...

Femforce Animation by Myself and SVB




Tue Jan 16, 2018, 3:09 PM
Hi PM :star: xoLexxiiCutieShots :star:
Tue Aug 1, 2017, 6:49 AM
Very nice Work. ♡
Mon Jan 18, 2016, 4:10 PM
Tue Dec 28, 2010, 10:27 PM
Webcam image of AC's Tara the Jungle Girl by Pat Carlucci in memoriam
Wed Mar 24, 2010, 8:36 PM
It reminds me the fabulous 70´s steelers
Thu Mar 19, 2009, 9:58 AM
Woo-hoo! Steelers win! 6 has always been my favorite number!
Mon Feb 2, 2009, 5:56 AM
Fri Jan 25, 2008, 1:54 AM



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Femfan1's Profile Picture
United States
Current Residence: Multiple
Favourite genre of music: Country
Favourite style of art: Photomanipulation
Operating System: Microsoft
Favourite cartoon character: Underdog
Personal Quote: It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission
Confidence by Femfan1

1.- Hello, and welcome to 20 Questions! What is your real name and nickname?

Jennifer A. DeLora.  I shorten it to Jenn when I introduce myself.  I'm a redhead so a lot of folks just call me "Red," and I use it myself in certain situations.

2.- Very nice to meet you, what is your current age?

That's a more difficult question for me to answer than for most people.  I was born on March 2, 1936, but when I was 27, in 1963.  a lunatic of a magician put me in a machine that transported me through time.  Since I got to this time a few years ago I'm not sure if I'm 80 something, or in my 30's.  I'm also not sure if I'm aging naturally since I went in the time-travel device or am I stuck on 27?

3.- What is your alignment in the great never-ending battle of good and evil?

Definitely good.  I consider myself a good person.

4.- What skills do you have?

I take dictation, know longhand, and can type over 100 words a minute.  I'm also good at solving puzzles, and I can shoot a pistol. 

Working for Jerry by Femfan1

5.- Fascinating! Now, skills aside, what do you feel is your greatest strength as a character?

My first employer, Jerry Logan, always said I had spunk.  I didn't know the first thing about being a secretary when I answered his ad and he very honestly told me that I was great eye candy but he couldn't see hiring a deaf secretary with no secretarial skills just because she was pretty.  It had been about a year at that point since I dropped out of High School and moved to the city.  I thought I'd go to New York and make it big on my looks alone but, after a year of barely scraping by, I needed a job where I could earn steady money.  I wouldn't take no for an answer.  I bugged him about giving me a chance every day for weeks after he told me he wouldn't hire me.  I kept showing up and devising ways to show him that I could overcome being deaf and be a big help to him.  Finally, he told me I could be his secretary until he found someone with more skills.  I learned on the job and never gave him an excuse to fire me.

6.- Here's what may be a bizarre question: What kind of Universe do you exist in? Is it serious? Comical? Sexy? Noir? Horror? 

There's a lot of noir in my world, but it's not a noir universe.

7.- A lot of heroines have certain recurring elements of tragedy in their background. The readers would like to know if you do as well. For instance, are your parents still alive and/or did you come from a destroyed planet? Stuff like that.

My parents are dead.  My father died when I was a teenager and my mother passed away in the years that I skipped.  No siblings.  No family that I was close to before that are still alive.  I wouldn't call it a tragedy, but I lost almost all of my hearing as a young child.  It caused me a lot of hardship growing up in the 1940's and 1950's.  I was teased, taken advantage of, treated like I was stupid, discriminated against, etc.  I had to learn to cope and be strong-minded and fight for respect.

8.- Have things changed in that regard since you time-jumped?

Sure.  It's not has hard to be a deaf person and be accepted in society as it was back then, but it's still challenging.  Many things have changed, but people remain imperfect.

VaVaVaVoom Smoke and Mirrors by Femfan1
9.- Do you like modern times?

I do.  I feel like I have a lot more freedom to do what I want, but I confess I sometimes miss the more modest and less vulgar society of my childhood.

10.- What is your biggest fear/ worst nightmare?

Time-jumping again.  I lost the few friends and family I had when I time-jumped.  I've made new friends but sometimes I have nightmares that I'll jump back in time hundreds of years and be completely alone.

11.- Are you a solo act, or part of a team?

When I time-jumped, I was helping Jerry with a case for a client.  I found her when I reached this time and told her what happened to her sister.  She had married into money and widowed in the interim and she funded me in getting some overdue revenge for the both of us.  Afterwards, she set me up in business as a private investigator, helped me get necessary training and licensure.  She even bought the building I used to work in and lets me use Jerry's old office for free.  We're partners, but I'm the investigator.  She usually finds the cases.  She takes a small percentage of what the business brings in, but it probably only breaks her even on her related expenses.  She's doing it out of gratitude to me.

12.- Who is your worst enemy and why?

Somewhere, in some place, in some time, there may still be an evil magician out there who is really pissed at me for giving him a taste of his own trick.

Contents Unknown by Femfan1

13.- Huh, okay. interesting. Then, who is your best friend?

That would be my business partner, who I really love because she's a tie to the old days and has really done right by me. 

14.- Confession time; Who is your lover?

This question is an example of how times have changed.  Nobody would have asked that question of me in the late 1950's.  I've had some offers, a few a day actually, but no one I trust enough to bring home.

15.- Existential question: What would you do if you could ever meet your creator?

Say thank you?

16.- What is your lifelong dream? 

For the longest time it was to be in movies.  I guess I still think about that some times, but the only roles I've ever been offered were the kind of things I didn't want to do.

17.- Do you have any goals?

This is going to sound ridiculous, but every day I want to make Jerry proud.  He was a sexist, boorish, alcoholic, but he gave me a chance and he really cared about me and was loyal to me and got himself killed trying to rescue me.  Sometimes, I can hear him saying, "You done good, kid."

18.- As a character, do you have any personal demons or overarching regrets that haunt you?

Getting knocked out on that last case for Jerry, being too overconfident that I could handle the assignment.  Jerry ended up dead and I ended up, well, here.

Red Herring by Femfan1

19.- We've covered this, but what do you do for work?

Logan and DeLora Investigations.  My business partner didn't want to be on the letterhead, and I'm nostalgic.

Silent Stairwell by Femfan1

20.- Last question, and it's a DOOZY: What is the WEIRDEST thing that has happened to you?

I got trapped, stripped nude, and encased up to my hips in a cylinder of concrete across from this superheroine and we shared a banner between us that we were holding in our mouths for an underworld event called FearFest run by a guy with a head that looked like a pumpkin.  I kid you not. 

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