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Hello fellow deviants!! Thanks for taking a peak at my weirdness down over at my profile or my gallery! I have already had a go with another previous account (now deactivated), that one expressing my sensuality and “unique“ and unusual artistic expression, as well as the unusual aesthetics of my body. I was a former FTM, identifying solely as a male person. I lived as a young man socially for about 6 years and was taking testosterone (or what’s called “HRT”) for five and a half years, starting as a minor at 15 and a half. However, in January of 2020, I finally made the momentous leap of quitting male hormones and accepting my biological and material reality as female. I do not identify as a woman, I just accept the hard fact that I am inside of a body that happens to be that of a female. Hence, I am a woman. If ever there comes a point or incident that you may refer to me by a certain pronoun, he or she, they or them, those will pretty much work. In other words, I really don’t give a fuck what you call me. ALL GOES!

So, to go into a bit more detail, I am what is called a “detransitioner.” A detransition is when someone who is transgender or who transitions goes back to living as their sex or who reverses their transition, ie stops cross-sex hormones or reversing their trans- related surgeries. Many people who detransition regret their past decision to transition and they move on to try to reverse the physical effects of said process as best they can. I, however, am not one of those people. I still have a nice beard from testosterone and minoxidil, have body hair, broad shoulders, and masculine facial features. All of this, I am at ease to present through my work and my content. As you may have thought, I don’t regret my transition at all. I love both my masculine and feminine features all combined and mashed into one peculiar, hybrid unit!

I want to make it my purpose to represent other detransitioned women like me in the photography, artistic and nude photography scene. I would love to inspire other women to embrace their altered bodies and to show the rest of the world their pasts and to share their stories with others (especially other women who were once trans or trans-identifying). I find way too often that women who are like me, and who share this unusual and rather rare experience with me, to be ashamed and disgusted and discouraged as females of their new bodies. I hope I can make some sort of impact in whatever way that I can, however so small, for people who are suffering or are looking for somebody to relate to or who will inspire them to express themselves and who they are.

If you guys have any questions or would like me to share with you more about my trans history or other aspects of my life, feel free to note me! I also don't mind comments, but I will only be brief about my detransition if that's how you prefer to ask me about myself.

Thank you again for stopping by to check me out!! Enjoy my gallery and my other content! :) :) :)

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