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Sorry to get political here but this is an issue that I believe NEEDS to be addressed... and addressed right now. You guys do not of course have any obligation to read this but I strongly recommend that you at least hear me out, especially if you are a citizen of any of the nations this applies to as your nation's very soul may hang in the balance.

The mass genocide and famine in Yemen brought on by the US backed Saudi/UAE military coalition is STILL going on. According to the United Nations, it is the single worst humanitarian crisis in the world right now (which is REALLY saying a lot) and is now getting dangerously close to becoming a full on holocaust with a death toll that could very likely reach the millions. For those who are not up to speed, actor Mark Ruffalo made a video early this year which does a pretty good job summing up the horrific conflict, the US and Western support for it and the few principled US politicians who have been trying to stop it from the beginning.…

Things have changed in recent months and the US is no longer providing aerial refueling for the Saudi Royal Air Force (whom I might add have now gotten much better at doing their own refueling) and is at least making a public show of acknowledgement (but not condemnation) of the Saudi's actions. They've even helped set up "peace talks" between the coalition and the Houthi rebels as well. Nonetheless the US Military continues to provide intelligence and tactical/logistic support to the Saudi/UAE coalition and also (along with the UK and several other continues) continues to sell them weapons, aircraft and bombs.

It is at this point more than clear that President Donald Trump and many other politicians in the US Congress have little to no interest in challenging the Saudi Royal Family on this due to their own personal, financial and/or geopolitical reasons. It is very likely these so called "peace talks" in Sweden are simply a distraction to get the world to stop paying attention or at least put more negative spotlight on the Houthis (who might not necessarily be the best of people but are still far better than the Saudis) and other Yemen rebel groups who still continue to fight back against the coalition forces. While the newly elected Democratic majority has made noise about this and will take control of the US House of Representatives in January, I am honestly not sure I trust them to go all the way. Many of them still take campaign donations from "Defense" contractors and fossil fuel corporations who have profited or stand to profit from this terrible civil war.

Please donate to the UNICEF relief fund if you can. Better yet, if you are a citizen of the US, UK or any other democratic country involved with this conflict, contact your elected Congressional or Parliamentary representatives and DEMAND that they call for ending ALL support, both military and financial, for the Saudi/UAE coalition that is as we speak still blockading and bombing one of the world's poorest counties. And be sure to thank and encourage your representatives if they are already doing so.…

One of the rare CNN videos that has shown the actual situation on the ground in Yemen (WARNING: GRAPHIC):…

A more current on the ground video from just the other day, courtesy of CBS (WARNING: GRAPHIC):…

Al Jazeera coverage of the ongoing talks in Sweden between delegates of the Houthis and the Saudi backed (i.e. Saudi puppet) government... it doesn't look optimistic:…

Now let's address the much broader issue that to this day far too few people ever talk about...

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most barbaric and despicable regimes on the planet with a human rights abuse record that gives even North Korea a run for its money. Their Salafist Wahhabi ideology is nearly identical to Jihadi terror groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, Boko Haram and Al Shabaab. In many cases they have actually supported and funded some of those groups. Despite what the US Establishment and mainstream Western media will tell you, it is Saudi Arabia, NOT Iran, that is the world's number 1 state sponsor of terrorism.

Yet because of the Saudi Royal Family's extensive wealth and connections, because of the many corrupt politicians in the governments of many powerful Western nations who are in the Saudi's pockets (or at least the pockets of multinational corporations who do business with them), and likely also because of the US/Saudi Petrodollar agreement made during the 1973 Oil Crisis, this theocratic monarchy is aloud to do pretty much whatever it wants. Whether torturing peaceful protesters, beheading people for apostasy, stoning women for adultery, kidnaping foreign leaders, dismembering journalists, committing an outright holocaust in another sovereign country or helping to spread Jihadism around the globe, our governments have nonetheless continued to give not only their blessing to these monsters but also billions of dollars of our tax money in the form of financial and military aid.

It is time that the people of the modern Western World (especially in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and yes, even in Israel) take a good long look at our history and current relationship with Saudi Arabia and the other Persian Gulf monarchies they ally with. We must rise up and DEMAND that our governments, whom we elected to represent us, hold both the Saudis AND themselves accountable for all they've done. Every government representative or military official of rank who had so much as a hand in supporting the mass genocide in Yemen must be prosecuted for war crimes. I'd also argue that anyone who knew damn well about the Saudi connections to terrorism and continued to back them regardless must be tried for treason. For if we fail to do either of those things, the cycle will simply go on and on.

Like I said I'm sorry to get political but if even a couple people who weren't aware of this before now become informed or at least decide to look into it themselves, then I have no regrets.

-Mike Bacci, administrator of the FemaleNavelFashion group on DA, common citizen of the United States of America and the world
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Group Info

This group is for those who believe the the belly button is a beautiful part of the female anatomy that should be seen in everyday female fashion. We collect photos and art of women and young girls sporting clothing that is suitable for wearing in public but exposes their navels.


Must be a public suitable outfit. No bikinis, underwear, or nudity.

Girls must be human or at least humanoid. No anthro.

No cosplay, cheerleader, or race queen outfits. No saris or belly dance costumes. Only the kind of modern fashion that any average girl could wear.

No navel rings as these obstruct the view of the navel.

The navel of at least one girl in the submitted photo or artwork must be completely exposed.
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