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Draining my Brother - Chapter 2 by Arkaror, literature

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FBB roleplay

Hi, I'm looking to write about female muscle..... musclemom1234@gmail.com

All female muscle fans please vote! Voting ends June 14th!
FINAL ROUND VOTING!! CLICK HERE!!,Final Round voting has begun in the 5th Anniversary Muscle Morph Spectacular here at FemaleMuscleMorphs! Only 10 pictures remain to do battle for the coveted first place trophy and a spot in the Hall of Fame! Our celebrated panel of judges, the fans themselves, have made their voices heard by voting for their favorite pictures in the First Round. But it's not over yet! Now the top vote-getters from four different polls are facing off in the most intense competition we have ever hosted at our group! Who will win? Only YOU can decide that!Voting ends on June 14th. The link to the poll widget is provided below and also at the top (just click on the logo) and the links are safe to click on. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO VOTE! The only qualification for judging this contest is you must be a fan of female muscle! That's it! If you like sexy girls with big muscles, then just look at these 10 pictures and choose your favorite one. Sounds easy? Not with so many fantastic finalists to choose from!But enough talk! Let's start checking out these fabulous fake muscle photos and may the strongest and sexiest picture win!,FIVE-star Beauty by PAN-BH,Fbb casted for Chun-Li by tufenk69,fantasy bicep by sheflexforme15,Brooke Morph by hlol123,black dress by mattemuscle,Chastain Flex by gluon124,NatDorm Big by JimboOne,Katie Mcgrath flex by femusclelover92,First Date with Muscle Girl Sachina by Turbo99,Picture perfect by RICKTOR31Click below to vote for your favorite picture!,--------------------------------------------------Here are the screenshots from the First Round of voting:,,,,,,,After taking the top two highest vote-getters from each of the four polls, the two leftover "wild card" slots went to PAN-BH and Turbo99....

All female muscle fans please vote!
5th Anniversary Contest Voting Now in Progress!,First Round voting has begun in the 5th Anniversary Muscle Morph Spectacular! Morphing artists from all across DeviantArt and all across the world have entered the arena and are now prepared to do battle for the Grand Prize in our biggest morphing contest EVER (40, count 'em, 40 entries)! There will be winners and losers, yes, but most of all there will be spirited admirers of sexy female muscle coming together to share their passion! And there will be our celebrated panel of judges, the female muscle fan community, who will choose their favorite pictures and decide the winner!Due to the limitations of the DeviantArt poll widgets, which only contain ten spots, it is necessary to break the entries down into four different groups. In the First Round voting, Deviants are expected to vote in ALL FOUR POLLS at once. This is very important. Pick your favorite entry in ALL FOUR GROUPS. That means you will choose four pictures in the First Round and vote for them all. Yes, all! If this seems like an onerous chore, you might not love sexy female muscle as much as you thought you did!Do not worry if you feel like you are somehow not qualified to judge this contest. Everyone who likes muscular women is welcome to vote! Just pick your favorite pictures!The links to the poll widgets are provided after each group of images and are safe to click on. You can also get to the poll widgets by clicking on the big contest logo up top and wherever you see the Morphdogen icon. First Round voting will last for one week, and, at the end, the top vote-getters from each group will advance to the Final Round. DON'T FORGET TO COME BACK IN ONE WEEK FOR THE FINAL ROUND VOTING!Without further ado, let's get to looking at some hot muscle photos and let the strongest and sexiest morphs win!GROUP ONE,5th anniversary - Gal Gaining by gondeviantart,Granny Yvonne by GrannyMuscle,FIVE-star Beauty by PAN-BH,5th anniversary - Buffed Rene Campbelll by glabouni,Melissa Benoist is looking more like Supergirl ! (animation) by Bigusdikus(click on the image to see the animation),Hannah is thick by bliaha,Fbb casted for Chun-Li by tufenk69,fantasy bicep by sheflexforme15,Sophie the perfect Bodybuilder 16 by MorgothfromAngband,Sarah Villegas by Trivial-HistorianGROUP ONE VOTE HERE:,<<<<<<====================>>>>>>GROUP TWO,I want bigger biceps! - Reupload (animation) by DR3AMRUN(click on the image to see the animation),Morph 28 by Drawwild,Aim for the Horizon by acidrain101,Muscular Lily Collins 2 by creviceart,Jacked Blonde by samrw77,Madame Charmion Revitalizing Wonder Tonic by thetropican,Brooke Morph by hlol123,Romani Ite Domum by robhalford,Muscle 432 by johnnyjoestar,black dress by mattemuscleGROUP TWO VOTE HERE:,<<<<<<====================>>>>>>GROUP THREE,Chastain Flex by gluon124,Look... Lois Lane is now stronger than Superman! by 04Brutale,Female Muscle Hero by Morphdogen,Rachels Next Workout Class by Grimmtoof,She-Hulk Tatiana 4 by godfather72,Supergirl 1984 (Freedom) by MRCALIBAN,Muscle Girl Opportunities by femcepsfan,Muscle Army MSG Bouchard by seguro1975,Gotta Eat To Grow by tonyrocko,NatDorm Big by JimboOneGROUP THREE VOTE HERE:,<<<<<<====================>>>>>>GROUP FOUR,Lady Sif 39 by opus125001,Katie Mcgrath flex by femusclelover92,The Megatitan Muscle Girl by Chronojet,2105211 by elcsum37,Breaking Through Barriers by Soviet-Superwoman,Sweet heart by nik822,First Date with Muscle Girl Sachina by Turbo99,Picture perfect by RICKTOR31,Multiverse She Hulk by bri159,Yelena Isinbaeva by wildfist2017GROUP FOUR VOTE HERE:,...
hello.  Thank you for the add.  I would like to contribute (share) a video I created that is posted on my page but the error reads 'The target folder is over its size limit.'.  Just wondering why a size limit if I am sharing an existing file here on DA.