Your Approach to a Muscular Woman in Public

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In part to get something new going, I thought I'd ask this interesting question. And think real hard about your answer before you type it.

At any public place EXCEPT for the gym: If you happened to see a standout muscular woman, ripped so fine that even if she were fully clothed, her muscles are visibly bulging underneath them, and she was by herself doing her thing, would you be able to work up the courage to just walk up to her and say something? Would it be a passing compliment about her physique? Would you actually try to start a conversation? Or even better, would you ask her out? Or would you chicken out and keep walking?

In short: Just what would you do and/or how would you react if you saw a very muscular woman out in public and she was by herself?
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quasar1967's avatar
always been an admirer of muscular women, but if i ever saw one, i doubt i would have the courage to approach her, never mind talk to her or ask her out, not because i,m intimidated by muscular women, quite the opposite. i,m shy around women in general, plus, i doubt a big muscular woman would be interested in a wimpy slim guy like me anyway, a guy can dream though right?
BroozerPunch's avatar
I only met one from distance, she winked at me and a group of friends
Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
It would be like spotting a MewTwo and being extremely intimidated and scared almost to death (in a good way)
Joethemithra's avatar
I met 2 in my life time. Talked to them like a normal women and  told them they looked great .
FEmuscleLover88's avatar
I want to think I could but my mind play so many tricks on me... I've seen muscular women in real life though, when I went to a local gym (I think it was 3 years ago) I couldn´t help notice one of the instructors... she wasn't the prettiest person in the world but damn she had this muscular body... I would say she was lightweight and then going shopping with my family I saw her again (with her boyfriend a freaking hulk I swear to god) it was weird
updriver's avatar
Took a long time to think of the right answer. First, I am married, so if accompanied, I guess doing nothing would be in order except maybe a grab a very subtle look. :p But she does know I like the muscled female look from catching the women's bodybuilding on TV when it used to be shown. So I wouldn't really be hiding anything. If alone, I would compliment her if the situation was right. :D
hulkdaddyg's avatar
A woman musclebound or not is still a woman. There would be no difference in my approach. Since I'm happily and faithfully married it wouldn't be about hooking up. But I have no problem talking to anybody.
OrionPax09's avatar
Considering the fact that I am the original social klutz, I would be very careful.
Benin6man's avatar
Unfortunately I've never met a muscular woman in real life.
So I can't say for sure. :-(

Probably the same as any other women I guess. :shrug:

Come to think of it. Who here has ever met a muscular female in real life? And how did you go about meeting them? Accident? :-? :-)
Kyandi007's avatar
Well, I'm not single so I'm not in the liberty of flirting. =P
RinjiPantera's avatar
Oh I'm sure you can still look, if nothing else. ;)
Kyandi007's avatar
If she's attractive.
MightyKnightBR's avatar
I'd stay far, far away. Fear? No, I just stay far away from women in general. I have the social skills of a llama.
Paddy86's avatar
A few months ago I saw a beautiful muscular young woman in a local park playing with her dog.
I was walking my neighbor’s dog and
being well oiled ( beer ) at the time I started talking to her.
We talked about the dogs for awhile, and then she told me she was a personal trainer down at the local gym.
Anyway at the end of the conversation I paid her every compliment in my vocabulary and she just stood there with her mouth wide open.
Still see her down at the park now and again,
but lately there’s some dude hanging around her.
RocMegamanX's avatar
I'd be scared of getting yelled at or screwing up the conversation.
tokotiger's avatar
I'd have to talk to her. I'm kind of socially awkward so I don't know how I'd break the ice but I guess I'd just use the cheap method of starting conversation and ask her the time or whatever, then start chatting. My goal would be to get along with her and eventually ask her out. Since there'd be a distinct difference between her fit body and my huge round belly I could easily turn the conversation into one about physical health and ask her to tell me where she trains and if I could come see her sometimes.
Jetichor's avatar
it depends, i mean in fantasy women can be huge and ripped without any need for steroids, not to mention cute but in real life it would be so hard to find someone big and also good looking

what ever the case i wouldnt do anything im too shy and also to superficial to date someone who would turn so many heads a negative way i mean
annoyinglizardvoice's avatar
I'd probably say nothing unless she said something to me first. I see doing otherwise as very impolite.
Minamo21's avatar
What I would do? Huh, good question...

Here in Hawaii, we barely have anything like that as far as I know. Then again, I barely go out to town. So who knows.

But as far as meeting one goes... Would probably keep my distance. Doesn't really matter what size they are (especially if they were really big; shit my pants). My reason? Wouldn't know what to say without sounding stupid. And risk loosing mu drawing hand. Or...Idk. Depending on how my day is, I might be ballzie enough to strike a conversation. We'd have to see...
PhantomJAC's avatar
It's a good thing I began bodybuilding myself. Once I get huge, I think I'll have enough confidence to go for it.
Yobobo's avatar
I wouldn't, I don't want to spark a friendly conversation or friendship with someone I'd be wanting to bone every second I'm looking at them
bolorny's avatar
I wouldnt.
In fantasy, I like very muscular women, but in real life, I dont.
Fitness level of muscularity is the maximum I like in real.
mud666's avatar
not sure im pretty shy but i would hope to try and get a conversation started
im not to social anyway but i might try
TribalStrength's avatar
Its hard to say, being a bodybuilder and MMA fighter, I meet alot of muscular women, so its kind of the almost everyday for me, but I would definitely try an approach but probably wouldnt comment on her physique as Im sure she gets that alot, I have many friends and potential date material that i can talk openly and honestly about anything, and most of these ladies tell me if a Guy, man, dude, is confident, and a sense of humor actually is number one to these ladies if you can make them sincerely laugh, (which has always been my approach) then usually you have your way into a conversation, politeness, chivalry, treating her like a lady, and just being real usually will get you in for a date, but be yourself, dont play up the machismo, or the yeah I work out too, angle just be yourself and usually that will get you in, that has always been my approach and yeah the muscles and the body dont hurt!!
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