Where Did Female Muscle Begin for You?

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I'm sure a great deal many of us have gotten our big start somewhere. It could have been through seeing the works of the first female muscle artist you've ever seen or perhaps it was a close encounter with a noticably beefy woman in the flesh. Some of you might have even been once repulsed by the very idea of a muscular woman once upon a time, but for some reason that just changed when you started seeing them in a new and highly positive light. Whatever the circumstances, that's what this journal is all about.

So tell us: How did you become hooked on women with bulging muscles? ;)
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For me, it started around when I was starting college about 15 years ago. I found a group on Yahoo.com dedicated to muscular women, which I joined out of curiosity. I immediately fell in love with all the pictures of naked, curvy, sexy muscle girls, and I couldn't stop thinking about them for a long time. My love of muscular women was only brief, though, it subsided after about a year. However, some time after joining DeviantArt, guys like Zetarok, elee0228, and this group have reignited my love. Nowadays, strong, athletic girls are arguably my favorite kind, and it's gotten to the point where I want to start drawing them myself. If only I can find the motivation to do so...
I had a dream when I was a kid about being with a black woman who had extremely muscular arms...and that happened once.  Next thing I knew I always found myself attracted to the bigger girls in junior high and they with me.  Usually they had thick muscled legs, protruding butts where each cheek bounced with each step usually they were of African ancestry.  Breasts never meant anything to me as a major turn on, but they were/are nice...especially very small ones.  Then the big hook moment came when I was in high school and SI came out with an issue on female bodybuilding.  I became so, well turned on, from the moment I saw that issue that I started looking in the musclemags of the day and bought ones with  big women in them.  I tried hard to deny it but the erotic feelings I got from Bev Francis at her most muscular was undeniable.  As women became bigger, more roided, harder looking in the face and bulging with rock solid muscle the more I admitted to myself that there would be no end in sight in my love of outrageous, freakish looking women who could have there way with me anytime they wanted.  See that's the thing, they look superhuman and that's what gets me going....a woman so god-like just using me anyway they want...me following willingly worshipping the mass and strength in every way.  In the world I would create, I would sexually worship my massive, thick, bald headed, thick jawed, thick necked wife as she ritually flexed to lure me to the bedroom...
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Well, there are multiple instances that got me interested in female muscle, bodybuilding and working out in general:
1.) An episode of Ripley's Believe It or Not, specifically of the segment involving Colleen Fisher and Kelly Nelson. I was amazed just how strong-looking they look despite their ages.
2.) An episode of "The Incredible Hulk" 1996 cartoon. I'm pretty interested in cartoons, and superhero cartoons really caught my interest. And then, I saw the episode "Doomed". For those who know that episode, then you know why I included it on the list. But if not, let me spell it out: It was this scene, where Jennifer Walters turned into the She-Hulk, in all of her green-bodied, muscular glory.
3.) While I was in a mall, specifically, in a now-closed juice/coffee stand, I was browsing through their magazines for reading. I was initially looking for magazines about video games, but I was curious when I found a MuscleMag International magazine. I briefly skimmed over it, until I saw a page showing female bodybuilders.
Needless to say, I looked everything about it, and eventually, it not only made me interested in achieving a muscular physique but also started my fascination and admiration of female muscle.
For me.it started with the legs.calves on a female got my attention from school days.the fuller,the better,even to this day.I'm always looking out for those killer legs on a woman..
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Reading she hulk comics back in 1993
I honestly can't remember I like muscular women as far as my memory extends. Though a great part of what reinforced my taste for them (though it was certaintly NOT the source, I don't remember the source neither if there was one) is a tragedy......

A friend of my sister that I liked often came to my home to play with me and my sister when we were kids, she was very rough and was actually very strong for her age and I remember a lot of times she showed off her arms and made us touch them and I drooled, I made her my girlfriend for 2 months...... then after that she dumped me for a friend of mine, at my birthday party.

But still, all this having a girl actually making me touch her biceps reinforced it greatly.
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For me, it stared sometime during the summer in the mid 90's where I was flipping the channels and came across an exercise program hosted by Cory Everson on ESPN. Before then, I never knew that FBBs existed. I then went onto the internet to find out more (this was the pre-Google days), and the rest was history. 
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I remember watching the female body building competitions on TV back in the 90´s... when I was like 6 years old jeje, but I wasn't untill in one party for a special group (back then teacher thoght I was autistic) and they gave me this Marvel coloring book... when my parents were driving back home I was looking at the drawing and I stoped upon this -> ([link]) and it made me feel weird... then, when I was a teenager I felt curious about it and started googling stuff at random, I created an account here and thought "hey, what kind of stuff has DA to offer" and I got completely hooked... once I thought I could be gay (I was exploring my sexuality) and I decided to search for gay stuff and such but nothing so I found out that I'm definately a straight man who gets a boner with the sight of a ripped musclebound female... FUCK YEAH!!
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As for me, it all started back in the mid-1960s with a Hanna-Barbera cartoon by the name of The Adventures of Sinbad Jr. He was the son of the original Sinbad who saved a wizard and received a magic belt. When he pulled the belt tighter, he grew huge muscles and could fly. One episode, Rainmaker Faker (which I have a 16mm movie of but can't view it, wrong size viewer), actually had a female don the belt and use it on herself to become very muscular. That tilted me into the FMG camp even way back then.

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When I was younger there weren't many TV shows I watched, except for this one called Dave the Barbarian. Essentially it featured a timid shy dude named Dave who was a barbarian in medieval times, and I have to admit, it was cleverly written. Even now I still chuckle at the show.

There was this one episode called beef, where the princess daughter was trying to get this popular guys affection, but failed miserably. Instead, he was attracted to this amazonian.

I have to admit, when she came on screen, my feet were knocked out from under me. I had never seen a girl like this before and man, she made muscles on a girl look good. Basically the princess (Candy is her name) decided to outgrow her using a special magical food and began growing to monstrous sizes. I kinda wanted Bicepia to grow as big as Candy did, but sadly, she was gone from the show after that episode. Still, I loved the role she played, and she is now one of the biggest inspirations to my fetish.

Another big role was in a TV show called totally spies (that show covered almost all the fetish bases I think). In it a muscle growth energy bar was being produced and was turning bodybuilding competitors into angry nongreen hulks. One of the spies named alex took a bunch and turned into a bulky powerhouse to combat the enemy. In another episode another spy named clover went a muscle growth for athletic episode. Both of them made muscles look great on a woman!
Mine started with google. I just wondered what muscular women looked like and saw it. It didn't really seem interesting at the time, but then I found YouTube. It eventually led me to some FMG videos. One of the first was the clothes bursting videos. I have since just liked them all, and you can add giantess and age progression to there as well.
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I've always had a thing for superwomen and strong women. Elly May Clampett was my first media crush, with Wonder Woman not far behind. I became aware of female bodybuilding when I saw one --- it was either Georgia Miller Fudge or Charonne Carpentier --- on the Johnny Carson show in the late 1970s or early 1980s.
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Early 80's ... Impressionable young geek :-) ... I started with overtly busty women (as a lot of geeks do), and it was the extreme look that really turned me on. So, of course, when women bodybuilders appeared on the scene, that same extreme look ("uber-feminization", maybe) was definitely a part of it. But to me, they still looked feminine, and were just a hyper-exaggeration of that femininity.

Then of course, was the geek in me. If some busty hottie, or some pumped up woman, would see wimpy little pre-teen me as a sexual equal, then that just blew my tiny little ego into overdrive :-)

The final nail in the coffin was meeting a girl my age, who had all the right physical attributes, who beat me at arm-wrestling ... Not that it would be hard to do at that time, but it blew me away. It was in front of her brother and parents, and they let me off the hook with a "you let her win!!!", but I surely did not. And it's a good thing they didn't ask me to stand up immediately!! :-)

We had some fun that summer, but nothing serious, and I never saw her again :-( ... But she did a lot for me! hahaaahahah!!!
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i first came into the giantess fetish. I then layed it off as being immoral. Then i got back. I also stumbled upon bikini women and then to Jennifer nicole lee, who had a sweet body. It wasn't until 2 years ago did i start loving FM. Particularly it started with female abs, and then onto feminine muscle. Now, still keeping it a secret, i am attracted to my fantasy, muscle women with boobs who can grow into giantesses.
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wel it started around the age of 15 when picked up a magazine of mom that had some picttures of some fbb's I actually rubed my hand accrosthe page without realazing it, when I reallized what I was doing I blushed and put the magazine back. I thought I was just confused so talkked about it with my small groupof friends about it the reaction was pretty normal some thought I was just joking. One of my friends did understand however and said I could just be confused with my own sexuality.

I thought of it trying to watcch as many female bodybuilding competitions as possible, after a while I came to the conclusion I was a attracted to fbb's
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I was in high school, and it was the early '90s. I'd already found my first obsession: huge breasts, and that several (if not virtually all) of the daytime talk shows of the era--like Geraldo, Sally Jesse Raphael, Jenny Jones, etc--would periodically have on strippers/dancers/porn stars or other such women to "discuss" their physiques, implants, etc. Almost certainly done for ratings, but I'd learned that it happened often enough that it was worth skimming past pretty much any of these shows to see if anyone ogle-worthy was on.

Well, I can't remember which show it was, but I'm pretty sure it was one in syndication with some Z-list host, because one of the few details I *do* remember is that it was airing late at night (probably past midnight), but I happened to be awake and was sneakily flipping around. I think there were only two guests, but I'm fairly certain one of them was Debbie Muggli, who looked gorgeous, and at one point during the audience questions she flexed her bare arm to show off her muscle. My psyche gladly welcomed obsession #2! Heck, I've been looking for that clip off and on since being introduced to the internet, but no luck. Thankfully there are still several more gorgeous FBB's out there, with loads of pics and clips to enjoy as well! :D
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3 words,

Grey She-Hulk

A little backstory:

When I was a kid I grew up on watching He-man, it was during this time I think small seeds started getting planted into my head where in my mind I started visualizing a woman with a He-Man like physique. They had the classic barbarian type underwear and belt, but with massive muscles spreading outward from their upper body.

At the time, similar to DCM, I did not know female bodybuilders existed nor did I know that women could don muscles. I just assumed it to be some kind of cartoon fantasy of mine that for some reason aroused some sort of excitement.

Now, because I was a kid boobs were "gross" and girls still had cooties, so often they would have pecs rather than breasts during the shirt ripping phase. Then, while I was walking around the supermarket with my family, I stopped by the magazine rack which during its hey day used to have tons of female muscle mags. On this one particular day I saw a magazine that seemed to have an overview of new comics, and low and behold there was a small image of the most influential image of my life.

It was the picture of Grey She-Hulk saying "She-Hulk not food, She-Hulk ANGRY!" As the massive grey behemoth is throwing monsters of her hugely muscular body, hulked out feet splashing in some alien liquid, rippling abs bulging through a torn pink blouse, jeans split open from the crotch and torn at the calves, swollen biceps smashing into the other creatures.

I was too young and broke to buy the comic and I was old enough to know not to ask my father to get it for me, so I had to put it back down. But from that point on is when I found one of my dad's old artbooks and started creating my first comic on paper which was Grey She-Hulk, which I embarrassingly showed to my parents.

After I threw that away or it got thrown away, I started drawing more and more comics about FMG, and during the years there was a steady progression of adding voluptuous breasts and finally nudity to the comics.

Fast forward to today and you see my comic is littered with huge breasted muscular females, thus the origins of my fascination with FMG, more FMG over female muscle.
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I've always had an affinity for strong, powerful women. Even as a child, I was struck with awe and admiration for strong female figures such as Xena (Warrior Princess). I grew up studying historical warrior women and the myths of the archetypical Amazons of Greek Mythology. This led me into researching Amazon Feminism (which is mostly the glamorization, glorification and promotion of physically powerful women. As well as advocating the concept of women being integrated and involved in more physically demanding roles).

As I began to develop my own characters and story concepts, a pattern would show up where my female characters all carried with them certain "amazonian attitudes," or characteristics. My childish infatuation with powerful women grew into a commitment to promoting them and incorporating them in my stories. Once I came across Female Muscle, I found a form of art that represented a lot of what I valued and found aesthetically pleasing.
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It didnt start anywhere. Ive seen em on tv from time to time while I was young and to me they were just normal people like anyone else.
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Probably comics. Monstress, Titania (always drawn with big arms.) Mongal really made me appreciate the art form in comics during GLC.

I already had a feel for it from old paintings where the women were... robust.

Then I was more and more curious about just what a really muscular woman would look like and here I am.
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It would have be....when first saw Michelle Andrea and Lenda Murray in one bodybuilding magazine when I was young! From then, I was hooked!
Two Superfriends episodes:

1) One where a Dr. Amy Zonn is working on some kind of beauty formula and when she tests it on herself she grows into a 50 ft tall giantess (no extra muscles, though).

2) One where a radioactive satellite or meteor (I can't remember which) crashes to earth and when Wonder Woman goes to check it out she turns into this SheHulk-like creature.
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hmmm... I think that I allways was fascinated by big, well muscled ladies...
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I honestly don't know. I was totally born this way, and into muscle for as long as I can remember, definitely so before I was in puberty. Age just made me more pervy. I recall it being one of the first things I ever searched for on the internet. I can't even say "googled for" as it predated google. But there was no "suddenly I liked muscle", it was always there. I remember being younger than 10 and just drawn to it. I remember seeing cartoons as a 4-year old where the character would grow and just rewinding and playing it again and again. It was just innocent fascination until I became the pervy, hairy-handed monster I am today.
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