The Many Catalysts For Female Muscle Growth

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You've seen it in all sorts of media, ranging from TV to movies to pictures and stories. As it pertains to muscular women, aside from the traditional lifting weights method, there have been numerous ways a woman has become a big and buff she hulk (no pun intended). Some methods are clever while others are rather farfetched. To name a classic example: We've seen the well-established gamma radiation that causes Jennifer Walters to hulk out into the iconic and voluptuous She Hulk. Thanks to us, the admirers of muscular women, we've gone so far as to depict She Hulk in the way that many of us, not all mind you, believe she should be seen: as nearly massive as the Hulk himself. But to each his own, and there are no doubt many others who prefer her the way she's officially seen in established media.

But what about other catalysts? When it comes to the imagination, there are virtually no limits to how a pretty (or even ugly) gal becomes, either way, a hot and eye-stimulating sexy muscle babe. From different varieties of serums to technological means, bigger muscles (and likewise, strength) are a lot easier to attain in fantasy and even stretched reality. So to put all of our ducks in the proverbial pond, let's hear the many creative ways you think a woman can become (very) big and strong.

And while you're at it, if you'd like to fine-tune it even further, you could (but don't have to) include answers to any or all of these questions as well:
How big do her muscles (or even specific muscle groups) get?
How strong does she become?
How do you think she would react to it?
Would she be sexually aroused by her newfound muscles?
Or would those muscles, perhaps, affect her negatively?
Would the growth be consciously controllable?
Or would she grow out of control into a (potentially unstoppable) muscle beast of a woman?
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urza2's avatar
I know this is kind of an old journal now but I personally enjoy the muscle drain/transfer theme where a weak woman steal strength from men (or other women) and grows. As far as level of muscularity, I like them pretty well muscled but with height growth to match as well (or just plain gts).
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I've used a few. Snowball is the nuttiest being a combination of milk and radiation from a microwave. Viktoria is a combination of serums and a vat of nuclear waste. Christie is a hyper powerful steroid compound made from feline hormone. And Lucy is magic (though its far more complicated than I've ever explained)

So I guess I tend to mix it up a little bit.
IHCOYC's avatar
My characters, or at least most of them, have a shared background that got fleshed out as a result of my playing the City of Heroes game. And, in turn, that started out as a riff on Wonder Woman and Paradise Island. But my characters have Roman backgrounds instead of Greek, which is why they speak Latin.

They acquire their strength and stamina through a combination of alchemy and training; administration of the potion that confers it is a one time, initiatory thing, and they would not benefit from it twice. Most of them would function at the Monstrous strength level or above in the old Marvel RPG.

It definitely affects them sexually. It is generally understood there that not only is it sexy to be strong, but that the stronger you are the more intense your libido becomes, and that this intensity has its drawbacks. Hence the tradition of Foreplay: sex and courtship on New Colchis begin with a ritual combat or test of strength, to determine who will yield and who will dominate: and generally the party who yields gets the best of the bargain. Heraclea is one of the strongest and most skilled combatants on the island; hence her quiet desperation.
xKINNIKU-IRAx's avatar
One new muscle growth catalyst I am working on is through voltage. When you "heat" something up you are giving it energy instead, so what I'm trying to do is make a story where a woman gets zapped by a special machine and the volts super charge her cells and atoms so much, that they begin multiplying to fit all the charges in her body, thus making her a ripped, monstrous muscle beast.
GrandMasterLucilious's avatar
i've heard using nanobots, i'm currently working on a story of motoko (Ghost in teh shell) where she gets big using a cybernetic body that's essentially like a blow up doll, i think that's interesting. i try to balance their size and strength with restrictions on mobility and try not to make them break character
D3-Damage's avatar
There are SOOOO many wandering around in my brain, tho I tend to prefer the magical kind, since i think the idea of a girl drinking a bottle of serum and suddenly gaining tremendous muscle is far fetched. Not possesion things tho, as a rule. Too much of a God fearing young man

On the plus side, here is a favorite of mine that might show up in a drawing eventually:
The girl gets stronger based on how much water she is in (and how pure the water was). Even sweat can activate her , in a manner of speaking, tho it just makes her less tired. She would need at least a few gallons of water to notice any growth. Also, It is not an "absorption" per-se, rather a sort of mass mimicry, tho it is neither proportional nor static. As she dries she loses mass. That being said, being exposed to a bathtub full of water would shift her to roughly the size of a large female body builder, so the potential is tremendous, (being exposed to a lake would make her the rough size and shape of a two story house!) except that there is a point where her physical presence becomes consumed by the sheer power she has, and she turns into a sort of spirit that, tho vastly more powerful than her larger forms, is roughly the size of a normal woman. She would most certainly be terrified by it, as shed lose the ability to move past a certain point, and would likely lose her mind if she stepped into a ocean and drifted into the spirit form. However, since it is water based, it is difficult to avoid entirely, so she generally walks around slightly ripped.
xKINNIKU-IRAx's avatar
I've always been a fan of consumer muscle growth, where the "victim" eats or drinks something that makes them bigger. Of course, it doesn't have to make them ultra huge right off the bat, like say, one FMG candy makes them the size of a male bodybuilder. Then they get power hungry (quite literally) and begin eating more of whatever made them bigger, becoming huge.

I think the muscles should get HUGE. I kinda go along the borderline of mobile and imobile, but I think I change the skeletal structure quite a bit when I draw, soooooooo. But yeah, bigger is almost always better, as long as you can clearly see each muscle group, and it isn't some huge bloated mass with no identifiable features whatsoever.

I think she should react to it with happiness, and the urge for more. I personally think that the reaction they would get is more along the lines of adrenaline pumping, not sexual arousal, as the blood is pumping to keep up with their muscles and such. They wouldn't affect her negatively at all, just make her feel powerful and strong. And of course, she should grow into an out of control and unstoppable muscle beast of a woman. :yay

And the consciously controllable part depends on how she got the powers. If it's by a special artifact and stuff then yes. Something like the consumables i mentioned? She'd have to take more of them to grow.
I'm a pretty big fan of extreme muscle growth (if my "Favorites" on this site are any indication, haha). Height growth, not so much - I like seeing women get packed with way, way more muscle than their bodies can handle, to the point of immobility. Keep their skeletal proportions the same, and then just overload them with muscle.

As for if the woman should enjoy it/get sexually aroused by it, I'd say "heck yeah". They should get addicted to their muscles getting bigger and bigger, and even something like immobility would just excite her further and drive her to see how far she could take her body.
darothsdrawings's avatar
How can a girl get huge muscles? - Well, there are many, many ways stories can go. She can become obsessed with lifting weights, through scientific experiments (tough I find the 'few drops of serum = hundreds of pounds of muscle' approach silly), with alien help, through magic (possession, curse, spells, you name it) or she's just simply a genetic freak. The possibilities are really endless, everything depends on the execution.

How big do her muscles get? - Personally, I just fekkin' love the stories where her musculature is pushing the boundaries of human anatomy. Hundreds and hundreds of pounds of muscle, even to the point of limiting her movement. But whenever I read about biceps measuring hundreds of inches while she has free movement I can't help but just roll my eyes. It completely ruins the story for me.

How strong does she become? - Well, the stronger the better. Tough when steel feels like play-doh in your hands lovemaking can become tricky:)

How do you think she would react to it? - She should love it. Seriously, who wouldn't love the strength to lift aircraft carriers? Some stories even go so far that she can get off just by thinking about her strength or muscles. Those are good stories:)

Would she be sexually aroused by her newfound muscles? - Short answer: Yes. Long answer: FUCK YES.

Would the growth be consciously controllable? - This really depends on the story, so I don't have a definitive answer. I love when she don't have control over her muscles (for example, she gets bigger whenever she's aroused) but the concious control can work just as well.
RinjiPantera's avatar

Seriously though. I can see where you're coming from on the movement part. I guess for some people, it's easy to overlook that detail when it comes to the really massive women. But at the same time, I could see myself adhering to that whole lack of movement due to excessively huge muscles and make it look sexy.

Thanks for your input on this! ^_^
ElementosKingu73's avatar
Unfortunately, I have no special knowledge of this, but look forward to hearing what others have to say..
redneckgaijin's avatar
I'm working on something similar to this (with muscle crossover) for Superboobs Online, "101 Ways to B. E." It's just a matter of finding money for artists...
RinjiPantera's avatar
You and me both. lol
SHrrrrrriiipfan's avatar
You know how, in video games when you pick up, or consume a power up? Enter She-Peach-Hulk! :D

The whole concept was derived on the idea that, in the Mario world, while the Bros. are fully integrated and familiar with the positive effects of power-ups, the princesses (Peach, Daisy, etc.), well, are not. So, consuming a mushroom or other item might have an adverse and unfamiliar effect that could negatively impact the kingdom, albeit temporarily. I am currently working on a sequel where Peach adapts to this effect and uses it to help save her kingdom, as a way of atoning for her earlier misjudgment.

That's just one way, there are many others that I can think of, but for now, ponder that.
RinjiPantera's avatar
A Super Mushroom could have that effect on Peach. lol

Oh wait, I think there's a comic strip by Reddy which shows that...or so I heard. :XD:
SHrrrrrriiipfan's avatar
You saw "She-Peach-Hulk," right?
RinjiPantera's avatar
Say what? Can't say that I have.
SHrrrrrriiipfan's avatar
OMG, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! :facepalm:

Here! [link]
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