Responses you get when say you love female muscle

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I would like to know what responses that the members get when they say that the love women with muscles.  For me I get a look like "OOOOKay".  But, hey to each his own.  So tell me people what are the responses that people give you or comments that you remember.
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I remember when I said I thought Rene Campbell was attractive after we checked out different magazines in school, the other boys made fun of me. I try to keep it private nowadays.

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It's sad really we have to hide our attraction

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Fat americans who are insecure about their weight call me gay, same as the out of shape guys who are afraid of losing their "street cred" (which they have none of) from being seen with a woman who's in better shape than them
I go to a college full of artists, so I have found much acceptance because most of us are kinky in our own ways. Most people I know don't mind that I like buff women, though some people think I'm looking for a female me, but I don't take it as an insult because I also happen to be a fitness nut. Though I could never tell my parents...they would think I'm insane. But they probably already think that.

I'm mostly at peace with liking muscle women, I just hate that I want really rough sex and BDSM as well with a buff woman. It's weird, I want to be a pacifist but I like a good fight...and pain...a lot. Oh well, I shouldn't start seeking therapy on DeviantArt lol
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Eh, only person I think I've told is my mother when I was 15. I'm a guy who's conscience is heavy, and I had been hiding my love for it for some time from my mother. I honestly felt bad for not commiting to her, so one day I went up to her and confessed it. Surprisingly, she took it extremely well, and she had said she even had seen some of the pictures of some of my beefed up girls before, but didn't say anything. She said that as an artist she thought it was interesting as I was experimenting with different bodytypes, and she said that "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", and that I was seeing beauty through muscles, and was okay with it.

Of course, then there are the dudes who are the stereotypical jerks who immediately see a picture of someone muscular, even just slightly, and get turned off. Back a few years ago, me and a bunch of other classmates were getting changed in the changeroom when a guy saw a picture of one of our teachers as a female fitness model, and of course, the expected happened.

"Ewwww, gross!"

"Eh, that's just weird. Looks so weird to see such a big upper body on a woman."

"Not. Right. At. All."

Weirdest part is, I've seen this teacher before, and when I saw her, she looked very slim and skinny to me. Not at all what I would think is big for a woman in real life. So I felt that they were being a little unfair on her.

But yeah, really, I've only told my parents, as they would be the only ones who I feel comfortable around with this info. Anybody else...... meh, too hesitant to say so.
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I´ve only told that to 3 persons

1°: my girlfriend... I was kind of jealous because she started working out and in 2 day she had harder and bigger biceps than me (to be fair I'm a skinny guy... wait, back then I was chubby... hmm... well I have bad genetics) then I was complaining about it while in the phone with her, she confronted me saying "Why are you so jealous of me?" then I got to tell her everything, she says that when I told her she was like ehh? but then she thought... hmm someone can love me for that (unlike me she has good genes) and recently she tease me everywhere flexing her arms (she isn't muscular... she could be though) and tells me to touch them and I'm like "not here" jajajaja

2°: one of my best friends... I was teaching her how I draw shades for my drawings using a robot sketch I made and then I told her that it was the same with humans, then one thing led to another and I told her why it was so hard for me to draw women (femenine women... mostly because I tend to draw warrior, knights and barbarians) so I droped the bomb... surprisingly she was tottaly ok with it

3°: a few days after I started posting things in my gallery I was ubber excited so I told one of my fellow artist about it and he was like "I have to see that" then one day later he told me... "I expected something rougher" XD
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I remember, as a teenager, telling my best friend when he stayed the night at my house. Then I showed him all my drawings (done as "Dr Destructo"). I discovered later that he had spent that night at my house drawing his own femuscle picture, while I slept, and left it in my hidden stash of WPW's, illustrations and video tapes. He wrote "a contribution to the cause" at the bottom of it.

He is still my best bud.
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Ive had mixed reactions. Girls generally took it better than boys, who were pretty black and white about whether they liked it or not.

Some of my favorites:
"Your inner woman must want out"
"That explains why you love me in heels."
"Well I guess i'm not your type. Thank God."
"Do you have any issue with hieght then? I got a cousin who needs a date..." (It didnt work out)
"She looks constipated" (In response to a drawing)
And my all time favorite
"I'd like you to meet my daughter! Honesty is best in a young man!"
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This might be a bit off topic, but you should see the looks I get if I flex my arms (or legs) ;_;. The response is usually "HOLY SHIT THAT'S FREAKY.", "Beefcake." or "She-Hulk!", so I used to go to GREAT LENGTHS not to build more and I'm don't even have that much muscle. Now I stopped caring and went back to the swimming and dance, but...

...It's nice to know that some people like it. The gallery is lovely too :iconloveloveplz: Keep up the good work!
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Um.. Not really many people know that I'm into muscle women.. I have only ever confessed to 2 people, and one of them also being a muscle woman fetishist was alright with it, though the other was very neutral about it and said, "Well I guess if you're into that stuff.."

Though now I keep it to myself that I like muscle women, and I don't post my muscle women drawings either since I'm afraid of being teased by others..
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The only people I tell about it are my girlfriends. And since they usually have a little bit of muscle on them, they don't really freak out, they just find it a little kinky.
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"thats a man dude"
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I had an unexpected experience a while back. A barmaid/waitress, in one of the local taverns I stop in, is also a figure competitor/personal trainer. I mentioned to a much younger male relative how this waitress was my favorite, (for obvious reasons). I told him he could look up a competition picture of her on his phone, which he did. His response, "she looks scary". He was serious. What? Scary? :confused: She isn't even one of the big ones. She's very slim muscular. That's all that was said and I just dropped it. I thought my younger relative was of more broader opinions and ideas , didn't expect a reaction like that.
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"Scary" is something that I often hear people saying about muscular women.
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Really. Huh. What do the people think? The fitness people build their bodies to beat up people or something else? I agree with you, I think muscle is beautiful. :love: Better and healthier than the obese. The obesity rate in the world makes me sick. :thumbsdown:
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They only say it about women, so either they think that women are inherently aggressive and only their normal weakness is what keeps everyone safe, or else they're just freaked out by anything that shocks their preconceived notion that women are supposed to be frail and weak. Either way, it's insulting to women. And yeah, the rising obesity rate is a real problem.
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First I would like to say thank you all for the comments and keep it up.
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I have only dared to tell one person, very much close to me. Mercifully, they were loving and supportive of me and, while not their cup of tea, admitted aspects could be kind of hot.

I think a lot of the reluctance comes from not wanting to be perceived as enjoying men getting the crap kicked out of them - which is pretty repulsive to me. I'd much rather see a girl overcoming some kind of obstacle or hurdle to her life than just wreck things and beat on men.
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I think pretty much the same that everyone here has mentioned. People can be pretty rude sometimes and not even slightly think about how insulting they can be. Plus with me it's kind of a surprise because I'm not just all about one body type, so most people will know me for a while and never know until my eyeballs glue themselves to a muscle GODDESS! Then they are like, "WFT, you like that?"

Mostly I kept it to myself but now I'm like F the world, I like what I like... deal with it! Which I suggest for all you guys N gals to do... just saying... =)
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To me, they puck up their faces and say 'Oooooh, you like girls with muscles! That's so gross! You strange!'
Then I say 'Thank you for the compliment.' Happened to me recently.
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It's just sad that it'll likely always be a taboo subject in real life.
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My experience would be a little different from most of yours, since I'm a girl. When I show my art gallery to friends who have not seen it before, their reactions are generally positive, but often surprised.

Some people over the internet have assumed that I am a bodybuilder myself (which perhaps I would be if I didn't have such an unlucky physical make-up.)

And then there was one person who said, "Well you like guys, so that makes sense." That pissed me off. I like muscular women because I think muscles are beautiful and I wish I was muscular... NOT because muscular women look like men to me!
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It appears prejudice crosses gender boundaries. IRONY!
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But either way, mainstream society does not like muscular women. I think it's because there's a built-in mechanism left over from old-school patriarchy that wants women to always be weak.
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