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Would you be upset if the "Sport" of Female Bodybuilding ceased to exist?

Let's face it, female bodybuilders are this groups #1 source of inspiration. FBB has seen constant downsizing, lack of support and public ridicule from the general public for years. Many events are removing female bodybuilding from their competition roster... even The Arnold Sports Festival which is the 2nd largest FBB competition in the US.

What are your thoughts?
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WheresAJacket's avatar
mind some fbb's have passed away or moved on in there lives.
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If the current companies / sponsorships went away they'd come back in some form or another.  Less money involved is a good thing, and would lead to less juice.  Not that juice is inherently evil, but I think it's fading a little because the industry did it to itself with the juicing.  I mean, Kim Chizevsky was huge back in the late 90's - and they're even bigger now!  Now, think back to Cory Everson - she's more of a fitness model in today's market!
I think there will always be at least athletic toned women and women who have some muscle. As for full-on bodybuilding, there will always be some but I don't think it will be mainstream just because mainstream beauty ideals are very rigid and exclude almost all turn-ons. Though I have had some trouble meeting FBB's, I always see some muscular women at various gyms I work out at, though their muscles range from toned to built. I also have met some at competitions. Anything that isn't mainstream is always hard to do for people, but as long as there are people with determination, there will always be people doing things not mainstream like fbb'ing.
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Personally, I blame such downsizing on the constant portrayal of muscular women as sociopathic monsters and bullies who get off on humiliating, beating, and killing others.
DavidCMatthews's avatar
Part of the image I was hoping to counteract with my characters/
OrionPax09's avatar
Agreed. And you have no idea how thankful I am for your efforts. :D
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My "thought" is that Muscle Women, live-action or otherwise, would not vanish simply Bcuz tha competitions & such have ceased!
I would surely suffer if tha genre, live-action or otherwise, were 2 suddenly exist no longer!
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I love FBB since the early 90s, a time when i discovered Lenda Murray in a magazine...
Muscular women will never be mainstream, it's sad to say that but, if you want really want to interest a big part of the public, the competitions will just turn in a beauty pageant. Most people don't want to see muscles on women, figure is already too much for them!
So, the sport will not disappear but it will remains a niche... Because only a tiny part of women and men are interested by it.
TribalStrength's avatar
there would be a huge hole in my life if the sport were to end, it is the focus of my artwork, and I have an affinity and a passion for the women of the sport, and I think that it would have an impact on womens sports as a whole!!
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For me, the strangest thing isnt that they build bodies, but for some reason people ddont think of them as athletes. Before you cry fowl, consider that one would never tell an athelete to be "too fit" for there assigned role. Id argue that before bodybuilding with rlwomen can be reborn, they need first to be recognized as female athletes by the general public, not women with odd tastes.
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Half joking here.... But it would have been better if the sport had grown organically from the lesbian culture (Just as the men's sport grew from gay men's porno to a more mainstream sport). The problem even back in the 80s there was a "forced evolution" in trying to make the sport fill large venues (The Mr. Olympia's started in basements of gymnasiums.) Also by tying it directly to the men's sport it replicated the 'sins' of men's bodybuilding ... namely steroids (I happen to think 'Roids would have occurred sooner or later, but at the least women would have had time to create their own mainstream look and support system like the males.) The best period for women bodybuilders was probably the 90s (Sarah Connor in Terminator II, American Gladiators, Xena not to mention comic book women were starting to bulk up, even Wonder Woman.) I don't think the bodybuilding aspect will "die". There are women who will be willing to push the limits because that's human nature. But I think a lot of what Women's Bodybuilding will become is what it already is... a form of extreme porn. Depending on you POV this may not be a good thing.

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Good point. Many female bodybuilders are doing extreme fetish & porn and will probably continue. Can't blame them if that's where the money is.
DavidCMatthews's avatar
My concern is, without a "legitimate" reason or outlet (such as competitions), even fewer women will want to devote themselves to the hard work it takes to build and maintain muscular physiques; and those that remain will be doing the fetish & porn because that's where what little money there is comes from.
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My feeling is that female bodybuilding as a concept was just too far ahead of the social curve to get any traction.  Bodybuilding among MEN is considered a little weird and extreme, but athletics is considered almost part and parcel with being a male in most global societies.
Unfortunately women as athletes has only gained a reasonable amount of acceptance in the past fifty years - thats pretty tiny in the scheme of things.
Female competitive athletes have had a long road to acceptance on many fronts - look at how many people respond to female basketball players (giving up their looks to play ball is something I hear a lot).  
On the up side we are getting athletic women with noticeable muscles on the cover of sports illustrated.  Williams sisters?  Gymnasts?
How about the Olympic Volleyball players who put out a calender because they wanted men to not think of them as a bunch of "man hating lesbians"? (that too shows some social issues, but I think you can see where I'm going with this).
I have the sneaky suspicion that as muscular women become more the norm in womens sports, and more boys and girls grow up seeing ladies built like olympic sprinters or professional tennis players, the more open society will become to women who want to push their physique to the limits.  Lets face it, looking at some of the very earliest female bodybuilders I can honestly say I have KNOWN women who got that big just swimming or playing a lot of sports in high school (although none of them kept or built up on that afterwards). 
Support for womens bodybuilding will probably have to grow from the ground up, but it will be accepted in time.  
Women's football didn't go anywhere because the only audience was men hoping to see tight buts in lingerie.  But if women get to the point where they are playing american football professionally, they are going to have to be pretty big.
If women are competing in "Fitness" contests, they are going to start to want to push themselves beyond football and baseball players.
And thus fitness would become bodybuilding.

Of course all it would take is one rich philanthropist who love the sport to pour money into it (Say build an interest bearing fund so loaded with cash that it could pay for the show and actual respectable prize money for the contestants every year- money at least on par with what the men win) to keep it going in the meantime.

Unfortunately I don't think there's anyone with pockets deep enough who really gives a bleep about the sport, so it will just have to develop organically.

MuscleGoddessHaven's avatar
I think bodybuilding as a whole should be about doing it naturally. When I mean naturally, I mean no chemicals. Also, its a really big turn off to most people, because the majority of female bodybuilders use chemicals to get the physiques they do, but were not designed to reach. Of course, you have all the negative side effects, including lower estrogen, increased testosterone, hair, enlarged private parts, etc. They of course don't have breasts because breasts are made of fatty tissue, and so they get nasty fake implants, that only make them look even worse. Many people when asked about female bodybuilding think that those women are turning themselves more into men. I think if a woman does want to lift weights and build a muscular physique, it should be to celebrate her femininity. I guess that is all ranting and raving, but I really can't say that I am surprised that female bodybuilding as a "sport" has been dying off.
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People might be upset by what I'm going to say, but that's my opinion, so I'll tell.

I like female muscle in art, because with art you can draw big muscle and in the same time have a very feminine character (face and boobs, mostly).
While in real life, female bodybuilders have to give up on their feminine face, as most of them take pills that turn their face into a man's. Also, they give up on their boobs for pecs (which isnt always bad actually) or implants (which really ruin their look).
Therefore, I can say I don't really love real female bodybuilders as much as I love female fitness/figure/athletic/sports/normal.

So yeah, sorry guys, I wouldn't be so upset.
However, I do understand that you guys would be upset. Being a minority trampled by the majority does suck.
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I think that the reason why the Arnold Sports Festival and other competitions are removing female bodybuilding is because more women are getting into Figure competitions and that stupid Bikini category instead of Bodybuilding.  Training to be a figure competitor is less work than being a bodybuilder, and there is less public scorn as well.  But I'm not saying that that's a good thing.  The women who want to get extremely buff should have more support.
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Honestly I'm not surprised because of the lack of support from the general public but I don't place 100% of the blame on the public. I do think there is a perception that female bodybuilders don't care what the general public thinks about them and this is one of the reasons why the sport has suffered a decline. I feel if the sport shown the public more respect in a sense of wanting to earn their respect instead of demanding it then the public would've given respect in return. 
slawyn's avatar
Well I wouldn't be really concerned unless it would strengthen the underapprecitiation of  females  having muscles and if "no Sport"->"no fbb" I'd be upset.
sqrlyjack's avatar
And once again, the normal people tried to ruin something neat.
JonKin's avatar
That really sucks sour donkey balls. The FBB community deserves to have a outlet. 
Nattevandrer's avatar
Well.. It sucks, doesn't it!? While I'm not a fan of the actual shows, where they get that stupid spray tan, I love FBB, so it's indeed a shame that the events are disregarding the female bit of the initialism.. 
ArchangelDreadnought's avatar
Personally, I'd rather see strong women contests than bodybuilding ones.
Knight3000's avatar

It is a shame but it shouldn`t discourage a woman to bodybuild because it gives them confidence and self asteem to work their body to be solid.

The sport of FBB should be appreciated solely because of the hard work and dedicatio of the competitors but sadly, because of people wishing to see women not do that just to keep a rediculous stereo type (homebody) of how a womans body should be, its now on a decline

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