Ever Actually Felt A Muscular Woman's Muscles?

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Just as the topic states, have you ever actually gotten to feel a muscular woman's muscles while she flexed them, especially her biceps? How did you feel or react when your hands made contact with that rockhard flesh and felt how big, hard, and strong it was? ;)
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Um Yes; with well over a dozen..I dated several, Tina Lockwood for 3 months in 1995...etc. 
This scenario did happen in real life for me, but I will say no name.  I had a personal trainer who came in the top ten in Ms. Olympia more than once.... This was 13 years ago.  She lived with another woman, but right away told me she liked guys too.  We had one session each Saturday and after she would have a cigarette!!!  She obviously used steroids because of her voice and skin quality was a little harsh.  She appeared to like my company so I asked her to lunch and after we went to her house where we sat and talked.  She went to get us drinks, but came back in short shorts and what could only be a muscle shirt and man was she big and thick...but only about 5'3".  While we were on her couch she took off the wig I suspected she had and revealed a very spotty head of hair cropped short.  She had also wiped off all her basically caked on make up she had every Saturday I saw her...at that point she became very androgynous looking.  I cared none about this as I was drawn to her in a high degree of want and desire...I thought that if she touched me I would explode in her hand the same second. I remember not being able to take my eyes off of her very thick, veiny, muscular hands that did a lot of probing on me.  They were the sexiest hands I have ever seen...they didn't resemble a woman's petite hands at all.  If you have seen the movie MASH we literally relived a scene from it when she asked if I was hungry, the scene occurred to me and I said "only for you" and we went at it for the first time right on the couch  The next day I knew what it was like to be dominated by for over 24 hours in her bed...and her partner was in the house the whole time.  We went out about several more times and she was aggressive each time.  I couldn't see her leaving her bodybuilder woman partner so I moved on and met my second wife who as it turns out started cross fit training and became so good that she was asked to compete.  The cross fit made my wife as muscular as I am.  If she wanted to body build she would get very thick as she is 5'4" and weighs a seriously dense 185 pounds now, its her genetics...she resembles a very dark Kim Perez, way thicker, no noticeable feminine curves but not quite as massive in the arms.  Don't let them tell you women can't build mass without the juice...I have seen my wife get bigger than me in a little over two years...and their own happiness with their body makes them want you and want you a lot. I love the art on this sight as it feeds into muscle fantasy of a monster sized muscle beast...only I don't think anything over 6' tall does it for me.  Just huge enough in height to look down on my 5'9" form.
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I haven't felt an FBBs muscle but I have felt some of girls in pretty good shape. I once had a girl who was really athletic in school flex her leg and say 'feel that.' and I had another GF who never worked out but bragged about her arms. She flexed and said 'Pretty crazy.' And I felt them. Both times i got light headed fast from the excitement.

I never felt an FBBs but I am always interested in hearing stories about seeing extreme fem muscle in public. I have a few good sightings and a post about seeing Monica Brant out and about last summer. This weekend I was at the gym and a powerlifting competition was happening simultaneously. Saw Susan Salazar there (you can look up her IG and she has clips on youtube) She's not technically an FBB but my god she was impressive looking. Not to tall but massive huge back which popped out and rippled, giant lats. She was wearing a tiny pair of spandex shorts and her legs where huge 3d barrells of muscle which bounced and flexed as she moves around the place. Its amazing when you see pix of these girls then finally see them in real life how much more impressive they are.
I would love to meet one to get a feel
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Oh yeah! I met, photographed and worshipped some female bodybuilders and can only tell: It was worth every second!
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Yes, I have and it never gets old or boring. I am an old geezer who was raised thinking that women could not be strong and certainly not muscular but was certainly caught up in the idea. It is absolutely fascinating to me to feel something so hard and big that was once supposed to be unheard of if not impossible. Certainly, female muscle has now been with us for a long time, but I still have the little boy fascination I had many years ago. 
I've been lucky enough to do so. She was a heavyweight amateur and she let me touch her biceps while she flexed them. It was...interesting :)
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I don't think its fair for me to answer lol
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Unfortunately I've never had the pleasure.
It is the awesome-est things to feel!
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I sceond that! ;)
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As others have stated, I have never had the opportunity, but would love to...artistically speaking I feel it would make my drawings/sculptures better. It might even be a little enjoyable as well. ;)
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I have been fortunate, I guess, to have met a few muscular women. But, at least one woman I had a chance with was in the late 80's or early 90's at a place we both worked at. One time, just she and I went out to lunch together to a small deli/pizzeria. We sat indoors at a small table. She was wearing a blouse with sleeves covering her upper arms. At some point, she pushed the sleeves up to her shoulder and gave me a double bicep flex of nice sized peaks. She was smiling and I complemented her on her arms and working out, which she had told me about before. I should say we sort of had a mutual attraction, but we both were in other relationships. The next morning, at work, I walked into a break-room alcove and she happened to be there. I felt easy enough with her to ask if I could see her muscles again. She laughed and said, "You really did like them!". She did a quick check around the corner, making sure nobody was around, pushed up a sleeve and flexed. She offered her arm and I felt her fairly hard bicep. I complemented her on the firmness and size and she seemed to enjoy it. We eventually lost touch because things got crazy with the company and we both eventually left, at different times. That is a recurring memory and there are times I wish I could experience it again. ;) I have had other situations with women flexing there biceps, but usually our situation wasn't right for me to feel them. But you never know. :)
No, it's not really my thing. I find female bodybuilders and powerlifters attractive, but I've never had much of a desire for a muscle worship session.

Now, if I were ever lucky enough to DATE a FBB someday, then I guess I would touch her muscles if we ever had sex. :-)
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My gf is small, but very athletic, with beautiful defined biceps with a little peak (doesn't work out though). Her thighs on the other hand are just amazing. She's both leaner and a lot shorter than I am and their circumferance is almost the same as that of my legs. When she gets them around my waist, ribs or even legs, that's downright painful.
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I have a close friend who is a Thai masseuse. She specialises in deep tissue massage as well... she is very small, but very strong, her shoulders, triceps and biceps are really well formed, but she is also very feminine and curvy... Beautiful.
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Had a gf that was a athlete, had great muscle.......it was Awesome
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Nah, the most I have done is seen a couple of them.... and that was from a distance, I am way too shy to ask them.
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