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For our annual drive to keep :iconfemalemuscle: a super group, we're once again offering artists to advertise their commission details on our homepage. This helps you gain additional exposure, brings more potential customers your way, and also helps support the group.

For a one month minimum of 100 DeviantArt points ($1.25) you'll be placed on the Bulletin Board along with a summarized rundown of your commission details including what you'll draw, how much you'll charge, and how many slots you have available (if applicable). Add one month of advertising for every 100 points you donate (i.e. 400 points = 4 months). One year's worth of advertising for $15 (or 1200 pts) is quite a deal!

Here's an example of what it looks like:

Content: Photo Manipulation & Logo/Logotype Design
Female Muscle & Non-Female Muscle Related Work
Methods: Adobe Photoshop
Prices: Render ($20-$50)
Status: Accepting Commissions

To sign up and advertise you commissions:
• Go to and donate points right below the journal. You will receive one month's advertising for every 100 points you donate. 100 is the minimum.
• Please include a message with your donation specifying that you're signing up for commission advertising. If you donate 400 points, but only want to advertise for 2 months instead of 4, then be sure to specify that also when making the point donation.
• Include your Content, Methods, Pricing and Status (see above) or any other information you want included in your listing.

This service is only open to Members, Contributors, and Admins of FemaleMuscle. Your commission offers do not have to be for female muscle characters only, whatever you are willing to draw. While it's not required, it is recommended that you have a Commissions journal on your deviantART page. Point donations may also go towards prizes for future contests, giveaways, and more if there are more left over.

It is also appreciated if you want to donate points to the group but don't want to advertise.

Donate points to FemaleMuscle Today.…
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ymymy's avatar

Is advertising still working? can you make a reklamu of my magazine with a commission? who needs to pay for advertising, how to apply for advertising

AshuraArts's avatar
Yesterday I send 400 points, how long does it take for you to be advertised?
areaorion's avatar
Sorry, I never received the notification. What info do you want me to say?
AshuraArts's avatar
I have my commission info in my journal, but I can copy-paste here if necessary. I do female muscle but also any other thing (except explicit nsfw and gore)
areaorion's avatar
Great, thanks for helping the group out. Your ad is up on the homepage, please let me know if you need anything changed.
AshuraArts's avatar
Everything is ok.
Thanks you so much for advertising me!
AshuraArts's avatar
I am a begginner artist, i do muscle pices as well but i actually can draw whatever, can i still aply? And also, how do i send the points to you? (How do i gain them on the firstplace?)
areaorion's avatar
You can learn more about DA points here…
AshuraArts's avatar
Thanks you, i'll be looking at it.
Cici-Bee-Inc's avatar
I'm trying to get started doing muscle commissions, but I'm not exactly a professional. Can I still advertise?
areaorion's avatar
Sure, we don't have restrictions on that
Cici-Bee-Inc's avatar
Okay then, gave you 200 points.

I'm offering muscle girl commissions. Single girl, clothed or nude, done in traditional media. No anthro. 1000 points per commission.
areaorion's avatar
Just posted. Thanks
Cici-Bee-Inc's avatar
SavageSylva's avatar
I'll send other 400 points, add Render Photoedited Animation (sweat, rain, snow): $30 but send a note

Content: Comic series Sylva the Savage, take a look at 
SavageSylva for examples of my work
Methods: Render Photoedited (the first numbers are freehand drawings)
Render-photoedited (about $10 but send a note)
Render Photoedited Animation (sweat, rain, snow): $30 but send a note
Status: Accepting Commissions

areaorion's avatar
Thanks much, sent you a message
SavageSylva's avatar
I accept commissions but my goal is to get watchers and make the people know my comics, so if u wants u can put my for 1 month
if I could put a banner like the ones on my page on the right I think it would be better, otherwise put this, or something similar
Savage Sylva

Content: Comic Serie Sylva the Savage, take a look at the page and show my comics
Methods: Render Photoedited (the first numbers are freehand drawings)
Prices: Render-photoedited (about $10 but send a note)
Status: Accepting Commissions

you can write something different if u prefer, my english is not so improved. 

areaorion's avatar
Thanks and the ad is up on the FemaleMuscle homepage
SavageSylva's avatar
I send u 100 points 
probably I will make more months if I see that works

Tell me if I can put a banner like the one on my home page, the first one animated banner:
with html code or something similar 
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