Update January 10, 2011 - Just wanted to remind members about this great contest opportunity. We've received some great artwork already and hope everyone is working on their Masterpiece. I know Lisa is excited to see what you come up with.

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To kick off 2011, FemaleMuscle has a special contest sponsored by British Female Bodybuilding Champion Lisa Cross.

Lisa should be the main focus of your art and she has provided several photos to use ©copyright-free. The photos can be part of your piece or just inspiration, but you are not limited to using them. Go wild and have fun. Links to photos fav.me/d365uvc fav.me/d365us8 fav.me/d365ulb fav.me/d365ug1 fav.me/d365ucy fav.me/d365tvx

"Hey all! I'd just like to say thank you for taking the time to create what I know will be some fantastic pieces of artwork.  It's a real pleasure for me to be centerpiece of this wonderful competition and to show my appreciation I'll be giving a one month free membership to my website.  I very much look forward to judging the entries and wish you all the best of luck." - Lisa Cross

We want to personally thank Lisa and her team for participating in this contest. Let's get creative and show one of the world's top female bodybuilders the artistic talent of female muscle fans.

Submissions: You must be a member of FemaleMuscle. All artwork must be submitted to FemaleMuscle by January 31, 2011. Any type of artistic medium is acceptable as long as it can be digitally submitted. To enter, upload your entry to DeviantArt and submit to FemaleMuscle (tutorial fav.me/d2z576b). Please include the words "LISA CROSS CONTEST" in the title or first line of your Artist's Comments.

Judging: Lisa will personally pick the winner and runner-up(s). We will post the winner and all entries after the judging process is complete.

Prizes: The winner will receive a one month free membership to LisaCross.com and an artwork showcase on her site for the winner and runner-ups.

Restrictions: We reserve the right to exclude any entries that are inappropriate to the theme. Club administrators excluded from entering.

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