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RED - The Paladin by mvitacca
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Welcome to the Female Muscle Club! We are a group that admires all manners of muscular women, both human and anthro, ranging from mild bodybuilder levels to crazy extremes.

We don't only admire the form but the person as well. It takes great courage and drive to transform your body like this when much of the world shuns the idea. We are here to show our support. We are also dedicated to fostering and promoting artists interested in making art about strong muscular women, and bodybuilders.

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Jul 22, 2006


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3,395 Members
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What if the "Sport" of Female Bodybuilding died?
Ever Actually Felt A Muscular Woman's Muscles?
People Who Bully Those Who Like Muscular Women:
The Many Catalysts For Female Muscle Growth
Your Approach to a Muscular Woman in Public:
Reactions to Loving Female Muscle:
Where did Female Muscle begin for you?
We’ve got as big year ahead of us, so let’s LIMBER UP and get ready. Let’s show our muscle ladies, stretching, bending, contorting and just plain flexible AF. It can be simply warming up and working out or showing off in the bedroom or domination. It’s completely up to you.

Submit your entries to FemaleMuscle with the tagline "Limber Up" in the title or the first line of the description. Older artwork that applies to the theme is acceptable, please send a group admin a note with a link to the piece. All entries will be featured on the front page all month long and will get a permanent spot in the Monthly Themes folder afterwards.


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Happy 2020!!! by Grizzlydafurry
Limber by ninj4st4r

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Overdoing It by Odie1049

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In Harmony by Odie1049
[Gift] Hannah's Morning Stretch by Abdomental
Happy New Year to all of you female muscle lovers out there! It’s been a great year with tons of fantastic art. Let’s take a look back at FemaleMuscle last month.

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New Members: Let’s give a warm welcome to all the new members at FemaleMuscle. Please check out their pages, you may just find your next favorite artist!
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December Theme - Holidaze Muscle: Well Ho Ho Ho, look at all of these festive muscle women. Thanks so much to all of our members that entered.

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Happy Holidays from the Gymbelles! by Wobbleblot-Alt
HC 2019 - Present - Amateurunleaded by Sephzero Present COC by DHackTrix

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Xmas moms by AngsTheWicked
Merry Christmas!! by acidrain101 Toys for (Lots of) Tots by MuscleGoddessTales Strong Yuletide Helpers on the Sleigh by FireShock10

Mature Content

Verna has a Gift for Every Good Boy by loenror

Mature Content

Sexy Holidays by Pegius
Christmas morning surprise by Jeffroww Have a Mercy and Megan Christmas by Jeffroww Merry Christmas! by HardcoreLadys Happy Holidays! by MuscleVilleGames Lily Okuda - Under the mistletoe by KurtLogan Happy Holidays 2019 by ReddofNonnac Christmas Special Comic | Tammy and Bad Santa by MuscleVilleGames

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1912 Xmas 2019 by Jennysartwork

Mature Content

Have Yourself A Badazz Little Christmas 1-Naughty by Mr-Marcus-81
Have Yourself A Badazz Little Christmas 1 (Nice) by Mr-Marcus-81 Bah! Buttbug! by smartuju Merry Christmas 2019! from Lyra and Veronika by BroozerPunch A Very Mrs. Jones XMas Part 5Jinni put the small set of Mrs. Clause bikini bottoms back in the Victoria secret box and then put the thin, candy cane themed bra on top and stowed them for later that night. She adjusted the top of her sweater and headed out.
The airport was busy with last minute arrivals for the Christmas season. Mrs. Jones parked her car and made her was over to passenger arrival to meet Bill.
The 7:22 PM from Seattle arrived a few minutes late and Bill sat in his seat finishing up a last bit of work before the plane taxied to its gate where Bill rose and pulled out his bags from the overhead and de-boarded the plane.
It has been nearly 2 months since he had seen Jinni and he was eager to catch up with his wife and get back home and spend Christmas with his family. He had kept a bit abreast of Jinni’s developments over Skype calls while he worked in Seattle. Jinni briefed him on training, but Bill had been so busy with the company’s new server project that he wasn’t completely abl
Merry Christmas from the girls by Ritualist Happy Holidays! From Melody by Forsa-kun Santa's Little Helper by Bioshin26 Bowsette's Once Upon A Time (HD) | LaraHemille by TheUnlimitedFortress

Mature Content

Merry X-mas from Marina by AmazonBronze

Mature Content

All I want for Christmas by plinius
Merry Chismas 2 by Siegfried129 Christmas Surprise by Dracowhip

Mature Content

Samus xmas stretching by kajinman
Merry Chismas by Siegfried129 A Very Mrs. Jones XMas Part 4After playing matchmaker Jinni found her way to the steam room. Thick clouds of steam of the steam room circled and danced around Jinni’s form as she made her way to the back of the linoleum lined room and sat against one of the small benches. The Hawthorne sports club had made the room co-ed and now here before the holidays the room was empty., As it tended to do on a yearly basis, the town had begun to thin out with folks heading off to spend the season with family in warmer climates or visit relatives up north.
Jinni often found the room to herself on days like this and relaxed against the bench after her grueling work out. She wanted to sweat out a bit of water weight in preparation for her reveal to Bill when he finally arrived home  that night.
She found a seat in the empty rear, turned the heat up slightly and sat down removing the towel that clung to her upper body. The room was located between the men’s and women’s locker rooms which meant that occupants
Merry-Xmas! by Rokumaru

Mature Content

Brigitte Says Don't Deny Mistletoe by loenror
Santa Is Pulling Out All The Stops in 2019 by yatz Jultomten Irene by Tobbe-Totte Bowsette - Christmas Delivery (HD)| AlphaDeltaZeta by TheUnlimitedFortress Christmas inc gym 2 by kickazzjohnni A Very Mrs. Jones XMas Part 3Twas the night before Christmas….
The next day Joe found himself at the Hawthorne sports club.  He had arrived for a quick workout before starting a busy day and had found the club bustling with activity. It was Christmas Eve after all and he suspected that the denizens of the small town were eager to get one last workout in before the holidays.
On the far side of the gym Joe noticed the treadmills and one in particular. –  Sloped high and set on the highest possible setting, the woman on it walked impossibly fast. The dark black tread of the treadmill disappeared under the clean white of her sneakers – It was only then did he realize it was Jinni cranking away at what seemed an impossibly fast pace –
Next to her was another woman whom Joe recognized almost instantly. It was as Helen Yen, one of Jinni’s frequent training partners. Helen was perhaps the only other woman in town with muscle that rivaled Jinni’s. Helen was a physique competito
A Very Mrs. Jones XMas Part 2Over the river and through the woods…
But it wasn’t to grandmother’s house they were going, instead it was to Sebastian’s school for the annual Christmas pageant.
With Bill out of town, Jinni had decided to leave her smaller, sportier SUV back home and take his G-500. She loved the way the roomier, more masculine vehicle took the road. Handling the road and allowing her to sit up higher while Sebastian dozed in the back seat.
Jinni helped Sebastian into the back seat of their car and then climbed into the driver’s seat.
Her legs were still thick and pumped from the lower body workout she had subjected herself to earlier that day.
‘Mommy… you waddle now…’ She remembered Sebastian saying to her one day as they made their way through the supermarket. It was true, her legs could get flushed with blood, brutally so after a particularly grueling leg day. The residual pump of the full muscle along with the – uhm—increased sensi

Mature Content

Santa gave me what I wanted, Now I can give you... by 04Brutale
Vixen by Jay-Shell It's That Time of the Year Again! by Soviet-Superwoman Bowsette - Secret Santa (HD) | Zincau by TheUnlimitedFortress

Mature Content

I've a present for you. by Lord-Eustache
Twas 3 days until Christmas…
‘How many days?’ the voiced outside the changing stall asked. The voice belonged to Marge Howitzer, a pleasant, perky mom from the nearby suburbs of Hawthorne.
‘Bill comes back on Christmas eve...’ Jinni called back from inside the changing stall which was located in the back area of the Victoria Secret at Hawthornes local mall. The place was reminiscent of the department store in Elf, fully done up in anticipation of the holiday season.
The store buzzed with activity as the last minute shoppers rushed through the store picking up gift items for the people in their life. Husbands shopped for lingerie, which they hoped would look pleasing on their wives, but wouldn’t start any fights. Moms looked for PJs for their daughters and a small traipsing of other customers shopped for odds and ends.
Jinni and Marge had come to the mall to buy a surprise for Jinni’s husband Bill who had been
Holidays by the-Sleuth

Mature Content


Mature Content

Zana and Kiara - Getting into the Christmas Spirit by Zarnon11

We always welcome ideas or suggestions from members to keep FemaleMuscle the best female muscle artist collective anywhere!
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