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Essential Muscle: Dr. Lore by Yixteck Essential Muscle: Doctor's (Re)visit Solo by Bacchus-Comics Essential Muscle: Doctor's (Re)visit by Bacchus-Comics Essential muscleMikki was perfectly happy being a heavyweight professional bodybuilder, the strongest woman in the country. But when the virus struck, she knew she had to return to her old profession.“Mikaela Mikkelsen,” the HR man read from her application form. “But of course, the whole country knows you as…”“Mikki Most Muscular,” the curvy muscle woman responded with a smile. “Please call me Mikki.”“I don’t think you need further introduction,” the HR woman said.Still, her male colleague seemed to be eager to summarize Mikki’s career. As if there was someone in the country who didn’t know. “Born 28 years ago in this very same hospital. Started bodybuilding already during her studies. Won several international contests in the past five years. Also known as ‘the biggest woman on earth’. Had her own talk show for a while, but is now mostly known because she has tens of millions of followers on her social media channels, and because she is a very popular guest in a range of television shows.”“Yes. Thank you for this introduction. It was very useful,” the woman said dryly. She turned to Mikki. “I will always remember that show in which you headlocked the two presenters and another guest. You were laughing the whole time, while those three men were squirming. It was hilarious!”“I remember that too! One with each arm, one between your thighs. I was really scared you would pop some skulls!”“It’s all show, of course,” Mikki replied, with a professional smile. “We all know the audience loves my feats of strength, and how I can easily dominate several men and women at a time. So that’s what we show them. And every now and then there may be a bit of acting. But…” she changed the subject, “I’m not here to discuss my feats of strength, or how good I am at overpowering other people with my enormous muscles.”The man, who had turned red a bit, coughed, and rummaged through the papers. “No. Of course not. Well, everything seems to be just fine. You graduated as a nurse seven years ago, and you have kept your knowledge up to date, so you are still qualified. Perfect.”“Needless to say, we are very happy with every qualified nurse who wants to join us nowadays. Still, we need to ask you some additional questions. As you may understand, this is a bit exceptional…”“I understand,” Mikki replied. “Not every nurse has 45 centimeter biceps, like these!” She slowly brought up her arms. She flexed her right arm first. “Boom!” she whispered. Then her left arm. “Boom!” She smiled to the people at the other side of the table as she showed off her trademark guns.“Oh my God!” the woman cried, and put her hands to her mouth. The man could just stare at Mikki’s thick, veiny balls of muscle.The female bodybuilder grinned as she watched her own upper arms. “They’re pretty big when you see my biceps from this close, right? Even if you have to keep some distance. I’ll tell you: I have never been bigger than this. This is my peak condition: ripped and ultra-shredded. Made to dominate. Nice, huh?” She twisted her wrists to make her huge balls of muscle move. “Usually I would invite you to feel how big and hard these babies are, but I suppose we better keep the 1.5 meters distance.” She relaxed her arms, which were still unbelievably thick, even when she didn’t flex.The man cleared his throat, a few times, while he shifted uneasily on his seat. “So… some questions.”“O. Yes,” the woman said, as she seemed to awake from her trance. “Some questions. Yes, indeed. In the past years, you have been very successful. Very popular too. So we were wondering: why would you leave your glamorous world, to work in the St Mary Hospital?”“Well. I suppose you have seen my shows, and I hope I have entertained you. I hope I have entertained a lot of people. But sometimes, entertainment is just not enough. In these times, people don’t want to be entertained. They just want to survive. They want that people who are in the hospital to get well; they want that lives are saved.And that’s what you are doing here. No entertainment. Just honest, hard work. Doing the things you are good at. Doing the things that this country needs more than anything right now.So, I want to be part of it. I have my certificates, and I want to use those. I can be an entertainer again later. But at this moment, I feel that I can make the difference here. With you.”It was silent for some moments. Than the woman said: “Thank you. This means a lot to me. To all of us here.” She swallowed.The man took over. “We usually don’t ask this, but just to make sure: this job will not be, in any way, part of any television show? And you understand that you can’t share images of your work on your social media channels because of privacy regulations?”Mikki waved her hand. “Of course. I’m just here to do my work as a nurse. Later today, I’ll announce my temporary leave on my social media channels. And of course, when this is all over, I will be happy to return to my old job. But until then, I’ll give you everything I’ve got!”“We can’t hope for more,” the woman said. “I think we’re all set then. And I think we have a little surprise for you.” She smiled, as she moved a piece of paper towards Mikki. “Now, if you sign this, you can start immediately.”Mikki bent forward, showing the man and the woman lots of cleavage. She pulled the paper towards her and quickly scanned it. “Chief Entertainment Nurse?” she said. “What is that?”“That’s you,” the man said, with a smile. “Of course, we need you as a nurse in the first place. So you will be doing what other nurses do, most of the times. But we hope you can also do something about the atmosphere in this building. It has changed. Staff is stressed, more than ever before. They are anxious. And so are our patients. Of course, that’s not good.”“So we hope you can help us with that,” the woman added. “Despite what you said before, that you don’t want to entertain in this situation, we think that a bit of entertainment can bring huge benefits to this whole organization. So this is the plan: every shift, we won’t have you scheduled for about two hours.During those hours, you can do whatever you like, and go to any unit – well, except the closed units...”“And maybe cardiology…”“Yes, we don’t want any heart attacks, of course. But anyway. You can go there, and do your thing. Entertain people.”“All within the boundaries of the present hygiene rules, of course.”“That sounds good. As you may know, I have visited hospitals more often, sometimes as a part of my show. It always was really special. So I’ll do it!” She took a pen, signed the paper, and moved it back to the middle of the table.“Great, thank you! Welcome to the St Mary Hospital! It may sound a bit strange, but we really hope you won’t be with us for long.”“Now, we would like you to have a quick start.” The man stood up, opened the door and said something to someone behind it. He came back in. “That’s why we have assigned you to a buddy, an experienced nurse. You and Kim will be on the same shifts, so you can always contact her if there’s something you need to know. You…”He stopped, as a small, dark-haired woman entered the room. The woman’s eyes widened and she brought her hands to her mouth to muffle a cry. “It’s really you! When they first told me, I thought they were joking, because they know I’m such a huge fan of yours. But here you are, larger than life! Gosh, you are really big! I’ve always known that of course, but I’ve never seen you from this close.” She stopped. “Sorry, I’m babbling. But I’m so excited! I’m so happy we will be working together in the coming weeks!”Mikki smiled at the woman, who was about her age. She had grown used to fans who went hyper when they were close to her. She kind of liked that, as long as her fans didn’t get violent. With her superior strength, she had most of the times been able to solve that herself. But times were different now.She could see that Kim realized the same thing, as she stopped two meters before Mikki. The female bodybuilder shrugged apologetically. “If we had met in another time, I would have hugged you. But for now I’ll just wave, okay? And I promise we will hug as soon that is allowed again.”Kim waved back, looking a bit disappointed.“Well, I expect the two of you will be a good couple,” the HR woman said. “So why don’t you start with a tour of the building, Kim? It will give you the chance to get to know each other better.”That’s what they did. Kim had been very nervous in the beginning, almost bumping into other people as she kept staring at the huge bodybuilder next to her. After a while, she realized she wasn’t doing things right, and concentrated on the tour.“It’s bigger than I remembered,” Mikki said, trying to make the smaller nurse feel at ease.“There have been several mergers in recent years,” Kim explained. “But what you are seeing now is not normal operation. We are providing just urgent care to people who don’t have the virus. For the rest, everything is directed towards the virus now. Space, doctors, nurses, equipment… Everything.”They passed doors with red and white ribbon in front of it. “I’ll show you this another time, when we have to work here. We can’t afford to do it now: we would have to use protective clothing, and there is a shortage of everything, so we can’t afford to waste things.”“Okay,” Mikki said. “I didn’t know things were so serious.”The small woman nodded. “You’ll see.”They ended up in the restaurant. “I would have liked to offer you a drink, but we have stopped serving food and beverages,” Kim said. “So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. We start at 9 in the morning. We’ll start with finding a uniform for you. Usually, people tell us their size and we’ll get them a uniform. I guess it could be a bit more difficult in your case.” Kim scanned Mikki’s body, from her broad shoulders, to her narrow waist, down to her incredibly thick legs.“Well, most of the times something extra large will do. Although I still ripped out of XL clothes on several occasions. It is hard to find clothes that can contain muscles as big as these!” Once more, she flexed her biceps. She smiled, as she knew what effect it had on the much smaller nurse.Kim took a step forward, then realized she couldn’t, and stepped back again. “Wow! Just wow! I can’t believe how big you are. You seem even bigger than on television!”Mikki grinned. “Enjoy it while you can! I’ll try to work out in my home gym every now and then, but I’m sure I can’t pay as much attention to developing my body than I usually do, now that I have a fulltime job in this hospital. So I guess I’ll soon become a bit smaller.”“You’ll still be bigger than most of us,” Kim gushed. “Much bigger!”The next day, when Mikki arrived at the personnel entrance, Kim was already waiting for her. “There you are! Quick, we need you!”“What about the uniform?” Mikki asked, as she hurried after the small woman. She was wearing a tank top that left her impressive arms, shoulders and abs bare.Kim rushed down the stairs.“What’s the matter?” Mikki said. Are people misbehaving, and do you want me to toss them out? I’d love to do a bit of throat lifting!”But even though it was easy for the muscle woman to run and talk and the same time, Kim wasn’t nearly as fit. She could just pant: “No. Later!”They arrived at a loading platform. Mikki looked fresh as ever, but Kim had to put her hands on her knees.“So, what is this all about?”“Mouth masks,” Kim panted. She took a deep breath. “I told you before: there’s a shortage of everything, so we are very happy that 200,000 mouth masks arrived. But the delivery guy doesn’t want to unload it for us. He’s scared to enter the hospital, he says. So he stays in his van, and wants us to unload. Within fifteen minutes, because he has more deliveries to do.” Kim made a face and cursed. “So we have ten minutes left to unload 200 boxes.”Mikki rolled her shoulders. “Okay, buddy. Let’s do this!”Several nurses and other staff were already carrying boxes from the van to the storage room. It was a bit harder because they tried to stay at a safe distance from each other, which slowed things down a bit.Kim picked up one box and struggled a bit with the weight. Mikki made a pile of three boxes. The weight didn’t really seem to bother her, as she carried the boxes inside. Kim stared at her. “What?” They hurried back to the van.“Of course I know how strong you are, I have seen you lifting heavy weights numerous times on television. But it is staggering to see the strength difference between you and me: you are lifting three times as much as I do, and still, it seems easier for you than that single box is for me!”They picked up more boxes and walked back. “Well, in case you haven’t noticed: my muscles are a little bit bigger than yours. So it makes sense that I can lift more than you can. Also, it helps that I am lifting more often, because it is also a bit of a technique. So you could say that my body is trained for doing this!”They noticed that others were staring at her as well. So when they walked back to the van, Mikki said: “Yes people, it’s me! Mikki Boom Boom is in your hospital for the next weeks. Please get used to encountering huge female muscles!” She flexed her biceps briefly, before she picked up three more boxes.“Everyone received a mail you would be here, but I guess some were too busy with work to read it,” Kim explained.They worked in silence for a couple of minutes. Mikki was carrying more than anyone else, and briefly flexed her muscles every now and then, just to show off.When they had put all the boxes in the storage room, everybody was sweating or breathing heavily. Mikki was the only exception. “Well, that was a nice little workout at the start of the day!” she cheered. “It wasn’t really a challenge for my big muscles, but, you know…” She slowly brought up her right arm, and flexed her huge biceps. “Boom!” The other arm followed. Everyone was paying attention now, and repeated “Boom!” when she flexed her other upper arm. She held the pose for some time, until her arms started shaking.“Well. Time to get to work, I guess? It was fun, I hope we can do this more often. Even though I am a nurse now, I still love to use my strength.”“And to show off your muscles,” Kim added. Everybody laughed, and then went back to their regular work.They went up to the service point to pick up a uniform for Mikki. “You know, that was incredible. When the masks arrived, everybody was stressed and angry. But when they left, people were laughing, and relaxed. How do you do that?”Mikki shrugged. “It’s a gift, I guess. No, seriously. I didn’t do anything on purpose. This is just like I behave. I instinctively know what people like, how I can make them feel better. It’s simple, sometimes.”“Well, I hope you will do that more often!”“I’ll try. But I am mainly here to be a nurse, remember?”The uniform had short sleeves, so Mikki was perfectly able to show off her trademark guns. And even though it was XXL, her round shoulders and V-shaped back were clearly visible through the cloth. Kim looked at her outfit in admiration.“I always thought our uniforms were functional and boring… But it looks good on you!”“Thanks!”“But I guess everything looks good on you… Unless you rip out of it, of course. I really loved that show in which you ripped out of several outfits!”“Yes, that was fun. It’s harder than it seems, though. Sometimes we had to make small cuts in the clothes to help a bit.”“What? I thought it was real!”Mikki laughed. “Sorry. Did you really think that everything you see on television is real?”Kim blushed. “Well…”“I’m sorry. Most of the things you see me do are real, but sometimes we act a bit. Like that time I arm wrestled three women with one hand. I could beat two of them for sure, but we knew that three would look more impressive.” She looked at Kim. “Don’t look so disappointed! I’m still crazy strong, even if I may cheat every now and then! Come on, let’s go to work!”That’s what they did. Their working days were long, the work “more intense than my most intensive workout,” as Mikki put it.During one night shift, they were working together on the intensive care unit with the virus patients. The patients were in an artificial sleep, and had to be repositioned to prevent bedsores.“It’s just great working with you on this,” Kim said. “Usually, it is difficult for me to move the patients. But you make it so much easier!”“I’m glad you appreciate my enormous strength,” Mikki said. She smiled, but that was hard to see for her colleague, because of the protective clothing they were both wearing.“It must be great to have such an exceptional body,” Kim said, as she moved the arm of a patient.Mikki shrugged. “Well, part of it you can simply buy. Like my E cup tits, for example. Or my full lips, or my eyelashes…”“It sounds very down to earth when you put it like that. But you can’t buy big muscles, can’t you? That’s just years of hard work, right?”“That’s right.” The massive muscle woman thought for a minute. They worked in silence in the dim light, while all around them the equipment was hissing, beeping and blinking. Then Mikki continued: “But it all seems so useless, sometimes. Having big muscles, I mean. It’s all about how you look, about appearances. It isn’t real. What we are doing, right here, right now: this is real. Helping people, saving lives. That’s the only thing that really matters, at the end of the day. And how you look isn’t important. The only thing that matters is what you do.”They worked in silence for several minutes more. They moved limbs, turned people around.“I can see what you mean,” Kim continued their conversation. “But I don’t fully agree with you. Because I have seen what happens when you visit patients; how the atmosphere in a room can change when you are there. This isn’t just about physical well-being, it’s also about a state of mind. People feel better when they have just seen you. Gosh, you don’t have to do anything. Faces lit up when they just see Mikki Most Muscular! That’s what you do, and sometimes it feels a bit like magic.”“Well, maybe you have a point there. I regret it that I have to keep a distance. I know how people enjoy it when they can feel my muscles. I know I love that myself!” She stopped and looked down at her huge body. “Well, I guess it’s safe when I wear all these clothes, but that’s different.”“I wouldn’t mind…” Kim whispered.“Really? I guess we have some time when we are finished here…” They quickly moved the last patients, and then Mikki approached the smaller woman, between the beds with the sedated patients. She flexed her enormous biceps, which was visible even through the layers of protective clothing.Kim’s hand was shaking as she reached up to the giant mound.“Come on,” Mikki said with a smile. “Don’t be scared!”With a quick movement, Kim’s gloved hand landed on top of Mikki’s biceps.“Gosh, you’re really huge!” she whispered. She moved her hand from left to right, and then tried to squeeze. She gasped.Mikki giggled. “Do you realize that most of what you are holding is probably cloth?”“But still! You’re so big, so firm… so strong!”Mikki basked in the admiration of her colleague. “Maybe you want to try my abs. Those are really thick and firm too!” She lifted her big breasts, to make room.Kim moved her hand down, and touched Mikki’s belly. She added her other hand, and pushed.“It’s like you stuffed a bag of stones in there! I can’t believe how hard your stomach feels. If I feel mine, it is soft, and I can move it a bit. Yours is totally different! Oh, now I remember that show in which you allowed a man to punch you in your stomach with boxing gloves. You were laughing all the time, while you showed off your rock-hard abs!”“I’m glad you like it,” Mikki remarked. “Now, would you also like to feel my thigh?”“Of course! I have always admired your legs. I think your upper legs are three times bigger than mine. At least! You are so incredible!”Mikki moved one leg forward, and Kim bent over to put her hands on the humongous thigh. “Wow, it is so big! And I can feel your muscles move, even through all that protective clothing!”“You can try to squeeze. Try as hard as you can, I will hardly feel it!” Mikki boasted.Kim did. “Your leg is hard as rock!” she exclaimed. Then she remembered where they were, and she spoke softer. “This is so great!”Mikki sighed. “Yes, but I wish we could do this with skin touching skin. Us both in these clothes is a bit surreal.”Kim hummed, while she kept squeezing Mikki’s thigh. “You are wrong, you know?”Mikki shook her head. “What? Didn’t you know that you should always agree with a woman who is five times stronger than you are?”Kim laughed. “No, but seriously. What you said about that appearance doesn’t matter. That’s not right, at least not always. When you have an exceptional body, like you have, you can make a difference. You can make people feel better. Gosh, I know how I feel right now! Much better than half an hour ago, for sure!” She gave a final squeeze and then let go of Mikki’s body. “I too wish that I could touch you directly. I’m sure it will feel even better than this. Even though that is hard to imagine.”“Oh, you can be sure about that. I don’t ever get complaints!”The two nurses, one very big and one small, left the intensive care unit. Despite the depressing environment, they both felt very good.

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