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HEY GUYS!! FGA here! I konw? Me at my own group discussing stuff?? IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!1111!!1!11!1

...anyway, enough with the caps lock. I'm here to talk to you guys about a couple new...."policies" that I want to implement into the group. I discussed it with the admins a bit and I had some time to think it over.

The first of them being is folder organization. Mostly pertaining to the artwork we get. Now I'm not saying get rid of the art, because I allowed it for a reason and people seem to like it. But there was always an issue with making sure it was in the right folder because the featured section is for stories only. NOW! Effective the 8th of November, artwork will be showcased in the featured section for a maximum of 2 weeks. Every other Sunday, all artwork will be moved to the Art folder and out of the gallery. However, if an art piece is submitted on the sunday, it gets into the next rotation of artwork that'll be moved to the art folder. This is so that the main purpose of the group stays within its literature roots and some artwork can get the chance to shine. So all artwork in the folder will be moved out of the featured folder this sunday so make note of that.

Also, and this is just an aside, I hope the other admins can cover for these deadlines if I'm not able to move them in time.

Second thing I'd like to do is increase submission feedback. This is in response to the times where we get multiple submissions of the same pieces we either reject or leave unvoted for too long. What I plan on doing is for every submission that gets rejected, one of us will comment on that submission request, meaning only the submitter can see it, why it was rejected and, if it's their story, how to improve so that the future stories can get accepted. I feel like feedback is a big part of this community and I'd like to give you the feedback you need. And for those accepted, maybe let 'em know the submission went through I suppose. ^^; I mean I'm just assuming that once it's been accepted, everyone sees it in their message box or whatever. :P

SO YES!! These two things are going to start happening effective November 8th. :D I hope you guys like this idea. Please let me know what you think about these ideas. :)
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Using Appropriate Tone in Fetish Writing
I've never really written one of these "how-to" type posts before, but I wanted to address something that’s been bugging me a bunch recently about story-writing in the fart fetish community. This probably applies to other fetish writing as well, but since this is really the only fetish writing scene I’m active in, I wouldn’t know. 
So, let’s talk about adjusting the tone of your writing to fit the subject matter. 
I’ve noticed this weird trend among a lot of fart fetish writers; and the general line of thinking seems to be that the more verbose you are in your writing, the better the finished product. 
We’ve all read those 
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Respect Female Fetishists Please
Ok so this is just something that I kind of need to say. Before you read this, check out :iconGassyginger: ‘s post because I will be talking about different and sort of the same stuff, AND! He did say I could also make a post about the issue.
I honestly don’t know where to start; I have been seeing some pretty bad stuff! Most of my female friends on here are telling me that they are getting more messages about, well, the obvious! I mean I get it, they have a fetish that you might also have BUT! It doesn’t mean that they want to be bombarded with notes asking the same 3 questions! When gassyginger talked about that tumblr user that left, she is a close friend of mine! I then got a message from her (Not letting you know where from) and she said
“Ya so I deactived my account, telling people I was a female was probably the worst mistake I made online.”
 That sentence is just hard to take in.
Quick tip, if you start talking to a girl and you either ask,
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People you see in the Co-Founders and Contributors place are merely just a ranking system for this group. Anyway hello everybody I'm Kris, also known as girlfartlover and welcome to my group about stories written by the community about the evacuation of gas from a female's body. I hope you enjoy the content that comes here :3


:iconbigger-and-gassier: Bigger-and-Gassier For anyone who likes bigger :icongirl-fart-art: Girl-Fart-Art :iconsmelly-girl-love: smelly-girl-love :icongas-heaven: Gas-Heaven GIVE THEM THE GAS! :icongirlpoop: Girlpoop :iconsunset-city-wd: Sunset-City-WD :iconeightmarbles: eightmarbles Poot ~ :iconfetishbeginners: FetishBeginners :iconfetish-megaverse: Fetish-Megaverse Kinky world and lore development :iconthe-burp-kingdom: The-Burp-Kingdom UUUUUUUUUUUUURP :icongassygirls: GassyGirls


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So is stuff not getting approved anymore outside of the contributors peps and up? I’ve submitted most of my stories here for approval and none of it gets in nor does anyone else’s for that matter lately not apart of the aforementioned hierarchy. 
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new story
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Can we get a list of 1) fart torture stories  2) stories where the girl overpowers a stronger opponent either in a fight or in a situation that isn't a weird fart smeller gig
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You will absolutely love my stories
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Never really used this before.  Are any of you guys okay with giantess bondage fart content?
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I think this is perfect spot to share my tier list of fartists
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Left Twix, Right TwixJackson was younger than his two siblings, his fraternal twin sisters Katie and Payton, whom he dubbed the nicknames Left Twix and Right Twix, because though they were not identical twins, they were always together. His nickname for them was a little too nice, considering the way they loved to gang up on him. Being just 12 years old, he was significantly weaker and outmatched by the 17-year old teenagers in every encounter, even while growing up. He could not wait for the day they would move out of the house, because whenever they wanted something from him, they were sure to bully it off him. Jackson was skinny and feeble, just recently breaking 5’0 in height and 100-pounds in weight as his family started feeding him bigger portions in hopes of him growing big and strong like his sisters. They were not that big, but they were really fit. Both girls competed in track and field, maintaining a semi-consistent work ethic by going for a jog everyday after breakfast. They were not identical in genetics besides their brown hair and milk chocolate eyes, but they were identical in height and weight, both at 5’6 and weighing 125-pounds. Katie used to be chubby and fat until she joined the track team, slimming her body down to a curvy 125-pound frame, and her favorite part about the weight cut is that she was finally able to compete with Payton’s bubble butt, which naturally stood out. Payton’s ass was a mystery to the whole family. Their mother was beautiful, but her ass was not nearly as big as Payton’s, yet Payton seemed to have hit a genetic jackpot, while Katie had to work a bit harder on herself to look as beautiful. Jackson remembered when he was younger, about 8 years old, and asking Payton why her butt was so big already. Payton answered with a smile and a butt smack, knowing she was glowing up very well.Growing up with two older sisters was gross to Jackson. They did everything together: peed together, farted together, burped together, got their period together. He also did not connect with them well. He was constantly fighting them over resources in the house, and he would lose every single time because they were simply stronger than him, and to punish him, they would do gross things. For example, after doing his middle school homework and eating dinner, he decided to watch TV in the living room, since his parents were not home and occupying the space. As he flipped the channels, both sisters came from either side of the couch and approached him.“Hey, we need to watch something. Give me the remote, you’re not even watching anything yet”, Payton demanded. Jackson, reluctant to give up the living room, replied, “I’m still looking for my show. You can watch Netflix on your laptop or something.”Katie scoffed. “Uh, no. A new season of our favorite show literally started yesterday, and we missed it cause of the track meet. Now everybody in school’s talking about something we should be up to date on. Hello? We are social butterflies, we stay on top of the trends. Trust me, our show is more important than yours.”Payton didn’t even wait for Jackson to answer. Her greedy hands reached for Jackson’s arm and tried to swipe the remote from his hand, but Jackson fought back.“No! Go away! I was here first and I wanna watch TV before mom and dad come back!”, he exclaimed, but eventually Payton took control of his arm and used brute strength to snatch the remote from his hand, placed the remote on the coffee table, and grabbed both of his arms, while Katie pushed him back into the couch as he tried to stand up. “Fine, you wanna stay here and watch? You can,” Payton said with a nasty smirk. Despite Jackson struggling to fight back with all his might, Payton and Katie were able to assert more dominant positions and used him as their seat. The worst part about this was not their collective 200+ lbs of crushing weight, but the fact that they were both wearing the sweaty, damp, moist spandex they used in the track meet the day before. The first time Payton ever sat on his face was while they were fighting over who gets to use the bathroom first. She wanted to take a shower after her 5-mile run, but Jackson wanted to take a dump, and she did not want a smelly shower, so she demanded to go first, and Jackson retaliated. She was still wearing her damp spandex when she overpowered him and utterly dominated him by sitting on his face in effort to make him shut up, and he was so negatively affected by the smell of her slimy, unwashed ass that she vowed to never sit on his face without wearing something dirty, and she encouraged Katie to do the same. Since then, they have added another tool to their arsenal: face farts. This was Payton’s idea too. She was well aware that whenever she had sweaty spandex on, every fart she passed through them were lethal. Her big butt created a damp and moist atmosphere between the cheeks, so wearing tight pants made it feel warm and squishy, making it undesirable for her to pass gas. Katie’s farts were super gross too, but Payton was way nastier, and unfortunately for Jackson, he made them mad right after dinner, and the girls were loaded with meatball and parmesan gas.Katie sat on Jackson’s stomach, crushing the wind out of him, while Payton sat full weight on his face, punishing him with the ultimate stinkface. She waited for him to start thrashing around and frantically tap her legs for mercy before laughing, lifting herself up and blowing ripe ass into his face:SPPPLLLLLLOOOOORRRTTTTTTJackson immediately turned his head from the impact of her powerful, wet, disrespectful fart. Payton let her ass hover close to his face, so the only thing he could breathe in was this nasty girl’s fart cloud, reeking with a heavy odor of stale meat and cheesy eggs. Suddenly, silent warm air began rushing onto his face again, a little too warm for his comfort. He tried to hold his breath, but as soon as Katie felt his stomach stop moving, she bounced on him hard, forcing him to breath. He took an involuntary whiff and gagged so hard his dinner almost came out. His reaction sparked an evil laugh out of the twins.“You really need to quit fighting us, Jackson. We make you our bitch every single time. I really don’t know why you put yourself through all this. It’s almost like you want to be dominated. Is that it? Do you like the smell of my ass?”, Payton mocked Jackson as she sat on his face and flexed her asshole so hard that his head physically dug deeper into the couch.That question was rhetorical. Payton herself knew how nasty her ass was in the right conditions, and she made sure it was in those toxic conditions before encountering her younger brother. She loved the fact that her butt grossed Jackson out so much, but what she enjoyed most was thrusting out big nasty grown woman farts into his face to assert her dominance, because there was simply nothing he could do about it. The only thing he could do at that moment was smell her moist asshole’s disgusting releases, and he was forced into that position by the more dominant sibling. It felt like icing on the cake for Payton. BBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLAAAABBBBBBBPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTTTStill atop Jackson’s face, Payton released a huge bubbly, muffled bomb at full strength. Jackson felt his face vibrate. The explosion sounded like someone blowing bubbles into water, and she positioned her asshole right up his nose, briefly burning his nose and causing his eyes to tear up. The huge fart made Katie’s mouth hang wide open with surprise, and Payton lifted her ass to see her brother crying softly and laughed. She rarely showed him respect. He was so much weaker and inferior compared to her and her sister, and to make things more difficult, he was constantly not listening to her, regardless of how easily she could control him. His combative attitude made it no problem for her to humble him by suffocating him and ripping ass on his face without regard for his feelings. It was a fun activity for her. One second, he’s reluctant to do as she pleases, and the next second, she's doing as she pleases to him. “Hey, can I have a go? It’s gunna be a good one”, Katie said, jealous of how much playtime her twin was getting, but Payton held up one finger.“Wait a sec, I’m not done with this bitch yet”, she replied as she stood, giving Jackson his first deep breath of oxygen after 10 hellacious minutes of inhaling nasty ass gas. They may have been twins, but it was obvious which one of them had more influential power. Payton not only beats Jackson in fights, but Katie, too. She was just naturally competitive and dominant; breaking people came easily for her. The fact that Katie had to ask her to move aside speaks volumes. She gave Payton the power to decide when she’d be able to have Jackson to herself. Payton looked down at Jackson and slowly pulled down her spandex, revealing the underwear she wore the day before. It was one of those full bottom panties that cover her big ass completely with no fault except the butthole area where there was a deep wedgie from Jackson’s nose. She peeled the wedgie from her asscrack, revealing the ass juice that hung from her cheeks to the panties like a spiderweb. Jackson cringed at the gross sight, glad that she hadn’t farted on him bare assed, but that was about to change very soon. Payton slipped her panties off, turned her ass towards Jackson’s face, and spread her cheeks. Jackson gazed at the repulsive behind, riddled with gooey ass juice and moisture. The nasty residue glistened in the living room light. People say the asscrack is where the sun don’t shine for a reason. Katie put her hand over her mouth, giggling furiously at Jackson’s reaction to seeing Payton’s dirty ass bare for the first time. For how good her ass looked with clothes on, it almost felt like he got catfished. What he saw was an absolutely disgusting and puke inducing asscrack emitting a revolting stench that made him scrunch up his nose. Since it was the weekend and they had no plans after their track meet, the twins decided to not shower or wipe after themselves, and this was the result. Payton’s asshole started flexing and Jackson’s eyes widened as he tried to move his head further away from her cannon. Payton fixed the gap by inching her ass closer and closer until it was right by his nose and flexed again:PPPPPPPPPPPPPBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTPOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHHShe let out two massive farts in rapid succession. The first fart sounded as gross as it smelled, causing ass juice to squirt all over Jackson’s face. He recoiled from the impact and scrunched his face as her powerful ass blew his hair back and ejected bodily fluid to his face. The second fart was airy but audible, and instead of catapulting fluid onto his face, this time her asshole slowly oozed nasty ass juice as the 4-second fart carried, giving her ass the impression of a disgusting swamp. To make things worse for Jackson, she kept her asscheeks spread and rubbed it on his face, committing aggravated assault with bodily fluids. Jackson screamed, but quickly realized that wasn’t the best idea because his mouth opened and now he could taste her residue. He started dry heaving and didn’t stop until she finally got up, satisfied by her performance. She looked down at Jackson, towering over him, and felt inclined to drop a loogie on his face.“Okay, Katie, let’s switch. I got a show to watch”, she said with a sadistic smile on her face.Katie obliged excitedly and switch spots with Payton, making sure her asshole was aligned with Jackson’s nose. Jackson was forever traumatized by Payton’s dirty butt, but he knew better than to underestimate Katie’s ability to make things worse. Both of their farts were disgusting, but the thing that set Payton aside from Katie was not only the power of her farts, but also the way she treated her opponents. She was downright malicious in behavior. Katie’s farts were just as powerful as Payton’s, coming out loud, violent, and abrupt. At 9 years old, Jackson had to brush his teeth and get ready for school while Katie was on the toilet, and she allowed him to enter. A minute or so into brushing, she ripped a 1-second fart so unexpectedly loud and so sharp that his whole body jumped, shaking with fright. He whipped his head around to look at his sister, who was observing his reaction with a knowing smile; she knew she would startle Jackson with her violent gas. The smell wasn’t too pleasant, either. She spread her legs and wafted the smelly morning gas out, making Jackson feel queasy very quickly, so he sped things up and got the hell out.Katie’s farts legitimately frightened Jackson. She seemed to thrust her farts out with so much force, comparable to the wind speed of hurricanes. It was physically impossible to not tremble in fear after the shock from one of her violently loud farts, and to take it at pointblank range was asking too much of him, but he had no choice. If he even attempted to fight back, they would make things even worse for him, and not only that, but he would fail epically anyways, and he was coming to this realization: he was just not strong enough to defend himself and thus had no power and was in no position to be assertive. Payton broke him with a loogie to his unwilling face. She was tired of him pretending that he could do whatever he wanted around her, when she could just control him physically and force him into submission, because he was their bitch until they go off to college, and she really showed him that tonight. It was a night Jackson would never forget, especially after Katie’s run.Suddenly, Katie quickly lifted her ass and a short but deafening fart roared out:BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBJackson’s body seized with shock from the sudden blast. He was mentally preparing himself for her fart, reminding himself repeatedly how violent her farts were, just to realize he was still completely unprepared for his sister’s ridiculously strong and noisy ass. The sudden expulsion jolted him wide awake from his breathless trance and his pupils dilated as if he ingested drugs. Katie looked down at him with the same knowing smile she gave him in the past, eventually turning into laughter as she watched his lips quiver, speechless at her butt’s power.“Look, Payton, he’s pale as a ghost now. We definitely scare him”, she giggled uncontrollably.“Yea, that’s the face of a little scrawny boy who finally knows his place”, Payton replied with her signature smug smile.At that point, their show ended, and it was only by choice that they got up and decided to do other things, leaving Jackson to wallow in his discomfort, but not before Payton made sure that he knew it wouldn’t be the last time his confidence gets destroyed.
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Sorry if i submitted like 5 requests for my story, the mobile site is weird AKCat-blush (Acchi kocchi)  
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