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Buen trabajo👌👍👏.
Hey, make sure you set your group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed". There has been two notorious group hijackers for over a month now who apply as a co-founders, delete all the artwork in the gallery and favorites, and replace it with gore, scat and porn.
As an example:
Please, don't misuse this comments for 'presenting' your work. It can be your last action here!
Thanks for the request, Rasmus. It took me a while to find the rules, but I did. I'll be sending more. One thing, some of my nudes are surrealistic photography. Do you accept those?

Mature Content

Ferns2 by FallisPhoto
One other question. I didn't see a limit on submissions. Is there one? I don't plan on flooding your gallery, but it would be useful information. Some other people are not as considerate as I am.

There is a limitation up to 3 actual, per folder. And the surrealistic goes - for me - to photo manipulation, but I'm not sure about, because it's a genre for its own I think...