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Penitus Oculatus Dossier: Where All the Roads End

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Begun on the 1st of Morning Star, Year of 185, Fourth Era-4E185

This is a detailed intelligence Dossier on the life and activities of one of the last surviving members of the Blades named Delphine, to be classified TOP SECRET, with access to be granted only to the Emperor or Empress of Tamriel...and such members of the Elder Council as the Emperor/Empress sees fit. Forbidden on penalty of death for anyone else to remove this document from the White-Gold Tower in the Imperial City

Further information is to be added as needed by Moth Priests reading the Elder Scrolls. This reports also includes journal entries and observations made by agent during her investigations.


Name, Race, Occupation: Delphine is a Breton, born and raised in High Rock. Soldier and undercover agent, fiercely loyal to the Empire.

History: Both Delphine and Langwen were members of the Blades, with Delphine being assigned to work undercover with two other agents, both female Bretons posing as a mother and her two daughters group of merchants and traders. They were highly skilled at both obtaining information and when necessary disrupting the plans of the Thalmor, thus earning their eternal hatred and enmity. The Thalmor's memory is very long indeed and matched only by their utter ruthlessness and lack of mercy.

Residence: Delphine resided at Cloud Ruler Temple in Cyrodiil until it fell to the Thalmor during the so-called Great War between 4E171 and 4E175. Since 4E171, she has been more or less on the run, fearing for her life, the Thalmor hunting her relentlessly ever since. Current residence unknown.

Status: INACTIVE: Delphine is presumed to be DECEASED. She was rumored to have perished during the retaking of the Imperial City from the Thalmor in 4E 175, known to history as the Battle of the Red Ring Road. We do know the the Aldmeri Dominion's representatives were not convinced when the Empire's representatives delivered a badly burned female Breton corpse after the battle, during the peace negotiations which became known as the White-Gold Concordat. They have been actively hunting for Delphine since the war ended, along with all other Blades, sometimes subtly or even openly accusing the Imperial Government of protecting her. 

We truly KNOW NOTHING of Delphine's whereabouts or if she is even alive. The corpse delivered for viewing to the Thalmor had blonde hair, and the one remaining eye, dangling out of its socket was a deep sky blue with streaks of grass green. Delphine was known to have had such eyes. Afterwards the corpse was burned and the ashes scattered in Lake Rumare at sunset in front of the Ayleid ruin of Vilverin, as per Delphine's expressly stated wishes and testament. 

Although an ornately engraved Blades sword, a Katana with Delphine's name and the Blades' Oath engraved in the hilt and scabbard was shown to the Thalmor, they remained well they should, given how Delphine once killed an entire squad of Thalmor assassins sent after her, and survived a total of three assassination attempts. 

Recently one of our informers seems to have spotted a Breton in her late 30's, blonde with blue-green eyes. While this would not have been enough to arouse the attention of the Penitus Oculatus, our informer reports to us that she noticed scars on the Breton's body, consistent with Thalmor torture as well as...fortunately for her...unsuccessful assassination attempts. The facial scar was described vividly and could only have been inflicted by a Thalmor glove/gauntlet, the kind only worn by Thalmor Justiciars. Therefore, the Imperial Government and the Penitus Oculatus shall send agent Lena Popilia Glaber to investigate.

Instructions to Agent Lena Popilia Glaber (TOP SECRET): Remain at Roxey Inn, keep sharp eyes on "Alina" and "Parce". For cover story, use "Imperial Explorer sent to clear out and secure the nearby Ayleid ruin of Sercen. Will send team of mages and agents to Sercen to help you maintain cover. Large bed at the inn has already been purchased.

Second Entry, 16th of Morning Star, Year of Akatosh 185, Fourth Era-4E185, early evening:

At the Roxey Inn, northeast of the Imperial City while on assignment and chronicling in my journal, I could help but notice my two assigned targets, "Alina" the Breton and the Wood Elf "Parce" as they went into the attic of the Roxey behind a "wall" made by the chimney and the strategic arrangement of merchandise and supply crates. I observed them carefully from my spot at the desk, where I was writing in my journal and saw them undressing and getting on the bed, the Breton on top of the Wood Elf. They paid me no heed, to them I was just another Imperial battle-mage on assignment to protect and defend Ayleid ruins and keep them from becoming used by bandits and vagabonds. They did seem to have lit a lot of candles and torches and I could hear a prayer for the dead being uttered.

And then all my doubts evaporated as the two lovers began singing a mournful, hauntingly beautiful military song which only veterans of the Great War in both Cyrodiil and Hammerfell knew.

Wo alle Straßen enden
Hört unser Weg nicht auf
Wohin wir uns auch wenden
Die Zeit nimmt ihren Lauf
Das Herz verbrannt
Im Schmerz verbannt
So ziehen wir verloren durch das graue Niemandsland
Vielleicht kehrt von uns keiner mehr zurück ins Heimatland
Zu Vater, Mutter, Schwester
Geht einzig unser Sinn
Beim Kanonenorchester
Hier gibt es kein' Gewinn
Hauptmann befiehl!
Auf. ran ans Ziel!
So geben wir in Treue für den Kaiser unser Blut,
Im blutigen Gewitter der verfluchten Franzmannbrut.
Die Feldpost ist verschollen
Der Schlamm ist knöcheltief
Man isst nur Wurzelknollen
Es riecht der Leichen mief
Wir sind verlor´n
Im Wind erfror´n
Herzliebste, uns schon trennt bereits ein ganzes langes Jahr,
Doch auch im Osten braucht es Schutz vor wilder Russenschar
Die Wolken zieh'n nach Osten,
Und Dörfer steh'n in Brand,
Wir durften jung schon kosten
Des Todes bitt're Hand
Verbrannt das Land
In Hand nur Sand
Die Augen flackern angsterfüllt vom grauenvollen Krieg
Ob ich bald wie die and'ren jung im kühlen Grabe lieg?
Wir sind verloren.
Wir sind verloren.
Wir sind verloren.
Wir sind verloren.
So geh ich auf und nieder
beschau die Leichenschar,
Die gestern um die Stunde
Gesund und munter war.
Wer weiß wohin?
So heiß, der Sinn!
Wer weiß wie lange noch für mich die helle Sonne scheint
Ich weiß nur, wenn ich sterb´ um mich die brave Mutter weint.
Wir sind verloren.
Wir sind verloren.
Wir sind verloren.
Wir sind verloren.

Where all the roads have ended
The path we walk does not
The Empire that we defended
Has all begun to rot
Our hearts have burned
So pained and spurned
That's how we're all forsaken now in the gray no-man's-land
Perhaps we will never return to our dearest homelands.

My Father, Mother, Sisters
My grim purpose and my great pain
The orchestra of clanging blades holds nothing left to gain
The Centurion orders and cries
Attack the target; bring their demise
Our blood is spilled in devotion to the Emperor
Within the bloody thunderstorm of the condemned Thalmor horde. 

The field-post is lost now
The mud is ankle deep
Some roots that smell like corpses
are all we have to eat
We've gone astray
So cold we stay
Our dearest loved ones we've been without for an entire year
But now we must protect Hammerfell from the vile Thalmor here.

The clouds are moving east now, the towns are burning down
We young ones feel around us
Death's bony, cold, merciless hand
The Thalmor burned the land
In hand, just dust and sand
The eyes that dare look on the land are met with ghastly war
Like them, will I soon lie in a cold grave forevermore?

I walk the line of corpses, where so many good friends lie.
Just yesterday they guessed not, this day would be goodbye.
Who knows? Not us. Our grand purpose.
Who knows how long the sun will shine before death sets me free.
I'll only know that I'm dead when Mother cries for me.

I struggled hard not to break into tears when I realized the horrors of war that these two must've endured and the Wood Elf's be imprisoned by the very Imperial Government and Empire she swore to protect for vowing to keep fighting against the Thalmor. I still remember her words, my best friend's words as she lay bleeding and dying on her birthing bed. She started off as an assignment, someone to watch, monitor, befriend and gain her trust...but it slowly turned into true friendship.

Langwen and Frena Fair-Wind belong to me.
Oblivion, Skyrim, Delphine belongs to Bethesda.
Earrings Mod belongs to humannature66…
Rustic Clothing Mod belongs to Gamwich…
Armor and weapons retexture mods belong to CaBaL120…?
Black Robes Mod belongs to Lind001…
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Retexture mod belongs to Shutt3r
Nude mod belongs to Caliente…
Clothing and Clutter Fixes belongs to kryptopyr
Song belongs to Karl Sternau

BOICHE is the Ayleid word for Bosmer/Wood Elf.
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