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Penitus Oculatus Dossier: Delphine? and Langwen?

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Begun on the 1st of Morning Star, Year of 185, Fourth Era-4E185

This is a detailed intelligence Dossier on the life and activities of one of the last surviving members of the Blades named Delphine, to be classified TOP SECRET, with access to be granted only to the Emperor or Empress of Tamriel...and such members of the Elder Council as the Emperor/Empress sees fit. Forbidden on penalty of death for anyone else to remove this document from the White-Gold Tower in the Imperial City

Further information is to be added as needed by Moth Priests reading the Elder Scrolls. This reports also includes journal entries and observations made by agent during her investigations.


Name, Race, Occupation: Delphine is a Breton, born and raised in High Rock. Soldier and undercover agent, fiercely loyal to the Empire.

History: Both Delphine and Langwen were members of the Blades, with Delphine being assigned to work undercover with two other agents, both female Bretons posing as a mother and her two daughters group of merchants and traders. They were highly skilled at both obtaining information and when necessary disrupting the plans of the Thalmor, thus earning their eternal hatred and enmity. The Thalmor's memory is very long indeed and matched only by their utter ruthlessness and lack of mercy.

Residence: Delphine resided at Cloud Ruler Temple in Cyrodiil until it fell to the Thalmor during the so-called Great War between 4E171 and 4E175. Since 4E171, she has been more or less on the run, fearing for her life, the Thalmor hunting her relentlessly ever since. Current residence unknown.

Status: INACTIVE: Delphine is presumed to be DECEASED. She was rumored to have perished during the retaking of the Imperial City from the Thalmor in 4E 175, known to history as the Battle of the Red Ring Road. We do know the the Aldmeri Dominion's representatives were not convinced when the Empire's representatives delivered a badly burned female Breton corpse after the battle, during the peace negotiations which became known as the White-Gold Concordat. They have been actively hunting for Delphine since the war ended, along with all other Blades, sometimes subtly or even openly accusing the Imperial Government of protecting her.

We truly KNOW NOTHING of Delphine's whereabouts or if she is even alive. The corpse delivered for viewing to the Thalmor had blonde hair, and the one remaining eye, dangling out of its socket was a deep sky blue with streaks of grass green. Delphine was known to have had such eyes. Afterwards the corpse was burned and the ashes scattered in Lake Rumare at sunset in front of the Ayleid ruin of Vilverin, as per Delphine's expressly stated wishes and testament.

Although an ornately engraved Blades sword, a Katana with Delphine's name and the Blades' Oath engraved in the hilt and scabbard was shown to the Thalmor, they remained skeptical...as well they should, given how Delphine once killed an entire squad of Thalmor assassins sent after her, and survived a total of three assassination attempts. 

Recently one of our informers seems to have spotted a Breton in her late 30's, blonde with blue-green eyes. While this would not have been enough to arouse the attention of the Penitus Oculatus, our informer reports to us that she noticed scars on the Breton's body, consistent with Thalmor torture as well as...fortunately for her...unsuccessful assassination attempts. The facial scar was described vividly and could only have been inflicted by a Thalmor glove/gauntlet, the kind only worn by Thalmor Justiciars. Therefore, the Imperial Government and the Penitus Oculatus shall send agent Lena Popilia Glaber to investigate.

Instructions to Agent Lena Popilia Glaber (TOP SECRET): Report to the Roxey Inn immediately and keep a sharp close eye on the Breton and whoever she meets. Unveil her true identity and expect further orders in the field.

First Entry, 16th of Morning Star, Year of Akatosh 185, Fourth Era-4E185, morning:

At the Roxey Inn, northeast of the Imperial City while on assignment and waiting for my contact/courier, I could not help but notice Breton woman in her mid-30's, whose look in her eyes told me she was no stranger to the wearing of armor, uniforms and of killing on command. She gave me a curt nod of acknowledgement and went on her way, talking to the inn-keeper, who is of course loyal entirely to the Empire. I could not help but noticed the Nord innkeeper; called Frena Fair-Wind, which always maintained a fastidiously clean establishment, had made the inn immaculate as it was the day it opened...an Imperial dragon banner placed on the wall and pewter tableware set up. The Breton, despite wearing the blue cotton dress of a peasant, appeared to be quite well-off as she handed the innkeeper a large sack of gold, no doubt to purchase her silence and discretion. 

The Breton spoke mournfully to Frena about lost comrades in the war and how she hoped that the friend had survived the Great War. As the candles were lit, a beautiful Bosmer came in, causing me to almost spill my drink. My discipline held, realizing she couldn't possibly be who I thought she was, as she had died in her birthing bed, bleeding to death. The Breton and Bosmer saluted the Imperial dragon banner and then retreated to their table speaking in whispers as the Nord innkeeper served them portions of Imperial City Stew and Clam Chowder, topping it off with a full stuffed roast boar. The innkeeper then ordered her helpers to clear the table and start scrubbing the dishes before leading her two guests upstairs to a secluded bed in the attic.

When asked and prodded, Frena told me that the Breton guest's birthday was sometime this very week and she had purchased a bed for along stay, over a month and a half. This confirmed my suspicions about Delphine having survived and her being the Breton in question as her birthdate was on the 20th of Morning Star 4E147 and she...would've been 38 if she survived...would be 38 that day. True enough, neither signed in the inn's guestbook under their own names, the Breton using the name Alina and the Bosmer using the name Parce, which means "Thirsty" in the Elven Tongue, although it can also mean "Naked" as well, or both meanings depending of the context. I know from my military history training that Alina was Breton Blade who died during the last days of the Siege and Sack of Cloud Ruler Temple, and was Delphine's "sister" when they were undercover. The Elven name Parce, meaning thirsty is a clear allusion to my adopted Bosmer daughter Thuringwen; Langwen's biological daughter; born with highly developed magical powers, and always drinking plenty of milk. On a small scroll, I wrote down my findings and sent them with my contact/courier when he arrived.

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BOICHE is the Ayleid word for Bosmer/Wood Elf.
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