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DuMitcha Academy Fighters Ep. 3: Aubrey vs. Cori[Introduction]DuMitcha Jones: Schoolgirls, barefoot girls, and a pack of punching and kicking powers is a way of life. I’m DuMitcha Jones and welcome to Episode 3 of DuMitcha Academy Fighters. 2 white girls, err… if I can describe as… huh. Anywho, we are live from DuMitcha City California where Aubrey Mokozo; the auburn-haired blue and yellow dress girl, and Cori Ritzku; the black-haired blue and white dress girl will be leading themselves to a world class barefoot fighting challenge. It may be a surprising hit, so do not miss it! But for now, the bios are in below! Enjoy the fight everybody![Mitzokin: Magic Potion to Start a Fight Match]IngredientsHydrogen WaterMuscular BoosterEndurance BoosterWind/Lighting/Fire BoosterSun and Solar BoosterSpeed and Gravity BoosterReplicator BoosterInnerVision Booster[Character Bios]Aubrey Mokozo; White Female/Auburn Hair/Age 18 – 1st Year Student at DuMitcha AcademyBio: She is a fierce wild girl from DuMitcha High School. She is being a completely undocumented person when she is being classified. Also, she is a stone-cold hot-headed fever girl, leaving her cells to be empowered by her human nature. Plus, she likes to drive in 1980s shades look, plus her personal modeling amateur in her blog, and she had a boyfriend in her high school before the abusive of her boyfriend, leaving Aubrey to find a new chapter.Cori Ritzku; White Female/Black Hair/Age 19 – 2nd Year Student at DuMitcha AcademyBio: Lone wolf with a spaz attitude girl; Cori likes to be a humorist and funniest girl she could ever imagine. She likes to do soccer and volleyball in her own routine. She loves to go barefooting as funny all the time between indoors and outdoors. She loves doing kung-fu with her special abilities from the Chinese zodiac. Also, she hates being weak when it comes to supernatural abilities.[Match Sequence](Pre-Fight)DuMitcha Academy - DuMitcha City, California – June 10th 2005Aubrey Mokozo is training herself while going barefoot. Aubrey is a strong girl that her body is firm enough to have her strength without being a fat person. After her session in the afternoon, she walks into the gym and did some karate moves with her supernatural powers. Aubrey breathed a sigh of relief.Aubrey Mokozo (In Narration): As a young girl, I always did some hard working with my family while being torn away from hate.Aubrey sits down by herself, looking cool girl from the 1990s. She is wearing blue and yellow school gown dress.Aubrey Mokozo (In Narration): But whoever she can fight me, my life will not be disappointed, ever.Aurbey’s eyes were looking sharp. Just then, Cori Ritzku came walking in barefoot soles. Aubrey hasn’t talked to Cori since she was a strong girl with her lone wolf attitude. Cori is wearing blue and white school gown dress.Cori Ritzku: Hey, mind if we talk about that clean skool shirt? … Aubrey?Aubrey stands up like a woman, then her right arm lay on the wall while relaxing her body.Aubrey Mokozo: Do not even think I am aware of… Cori. You haven’t talked to me if I request to fight you. However, your pretty face is going to hell, sucker.Aubrey laughs a little, but she is getting some serious tone to Cori.Cori Ritzku: … Think you wanna test me as sisters?Cori demanded to Aubrey if she wants to fight Aubrey.Aubrey Mokozo: Go ahead, I won’t beg for it. But my soles were against you, like this.(Fight)Aubrey’s left feet massages Cori’s right feet and taps 4 times, then she kicks Cori’s right leg, making Cori fall to the ground.Cori Ritzku: Agh! Damn it!Cori gets up quickly, looking angry.Cori Ritzku: I will bitch slap you if you-With a quick flash, Aubrey began combo punch and kicks to Cori with her aggressive mode.Aubrey Mokozo: Huuuuuuu- HAI!! Aubrey punches Cori in the face, but Cori blocks Aubrey’s punch as Cori is standing tall, sharp, and looking strong. Cori smiled.Cori Ritzku: You think every boy could do that? Fuck no.Aubrey gasped.Cori Ritzku: You just hate the way I stood there and say I wanna kill you? Is that what every woman can do without the boys?Cori crunches Aubrey’s left hand.Aubrey Mokozo: Agh! What the-Cori Ritzku: Haaaaaaa-Cori punches Aubrey in the face before Aubrey falls down. But Aubrey quickly gets up and sprints Cori once more.Cori Ritzku: Alright…Cori fixes her hands before the next battle.Cori Ritzku: Bring it.Cori smirks before Aubrey and Cori fight each other aggressively in circles. The gym is now rumbling into pieces. Cori is doing her kung-fu technique while Aubrey is the fastest fighter while going barefoot very strong.Aubrey Mokozo (In Narration): I will ultimately surpass you, Cori. Just like the strongest woman I have been telling about for the last years of my experience in my high school.Cori Ritzku (In Narration): Aubrey looking haywire like this, she is pooping a lot with the max factor she’s been drinking alcohol in high school. She wanna smoke my butt. *Laughs*Aubrey & Cori: Haaaaaaa-HUAH!!!Aubrey and Cori punch and kicks each other in the bodies before Aubrey smashes Cori down to the ground.Cori Ritzku: Agh! Ah! … You little…Cori gets up slowly, but Aubrey got down so quickly.Aubrey Mokozo: Think you can taste my feet? Not to mention you are my worst nightmare. Smoke pot, not in my watch.Aubrey points to Cori.Aubrey Mokozo: You are… alcoholic… that’s been dating with someone and having sex while 18 years old. *Laughs*Cori is looking upset right now, she disappeared majestically. Aubrey stops laughing.Aubrey Mokozo: Huh? … Cori?Just then, an air sound is heard.Aubrey Mokozo: What is going on?Cori does a whirlwind kick to Aubrey.Aubrey Mokozo (In Narration): C-Cori?Cori does a combo kick to Aubrey.Cori Ritzku: Waaaaaaaaaaa- YI-BAH!!Cori kicks Aubrey in the face, but Aubrey snatches Cori’s left leg.Cori gasped.Cori Ritzku (In Narration): She’s got my pretty leg.Aubrey spins Cori.Aubrey Mokozo: Huuaaaaaa-Aubrey throws Cori into the ceiling, but Cori defended herself while bringing her supernatural powers and does a ki blast to Aubrey. Aubrey dodges Cori’s powers.Aubrey Mokozo: You don’t scare me.Aubrey goes into super mode and attacks Cori with her shadow energy blast. Cori dodges Aubrey’s energy attack.Cori Ritzku: Not in my watch!Cori punches Aubrey in the face, but Aubrey stood still and she is about to split herself up in her chi formation.Aubrey Mokozo: Hmph. Make me.Aubrey splits into 2 Aubreys and hides quickly.Cori Ritzku: Huh? …Just then, 2 Aubreys punches Cori in the face, making Cori’s face even breakable.Cori Ritzku (In Narration): Jesus Christ, what in the manic is this?!?!Cori tried to dodges 2 Aubreys, but Aubrey punches Cori in the stomach.Cori Ritzku: Ah!Cori’s guts were spitted out.Aubrey Mokozo: Heh!Aubrey smiled. Then Aubrey 1 smashes Cori’s back.Cori Ritzku: Aaaaagh!!!Aubrey 1 does her finishing combo move to Cori.Aubrey 1: Ha!Aubrey 1 punches Cori in the stomach again before she twists Cori’s back real hard.Cori cried in agony, before Cori falls down to the ground. Cori faints.2 Aubreys were laughing and cheering after Cori’s defeat.Aubrey Mokozo: How about we celebrate?!Aubrey 1: Not bad! We’re first!Aubrey Mokozo: Yep!Before 2 Aubreys giving themselves a high five, suddenly, Cori Ritzku started to rise with her hatred and her rage.2 Aubreys were shocked to see Cori.Aubrey Mokozo: Um… Cori? Was I being about to-Cori blows 2 Aubreys into her explosive hyper mode as she screams.Cori Ritzku: WAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!Cori is so super angry that 2 Aubrey saw the explosion anger of Cori Ritzku.Aubrey Mokozo: I got this.Aubrey is about to bring her hyper form.Aubrey Mokozo: Viento agua fuego sol iluminación solar prisma. HA!!!(Meaning: Wind water fire sun lighting solar prism earth) Aubrey did bring in a favor with her hyper form.Aubrey Mokozo: You wanna piece of me? Come on, bitch.Cori jumps onto Aubrey and started hyper combo fighting with Aubrey Mokozo. Aubrey 1 escapes the fight and watches them aggressively.Aubrey Mokozo: Burrrrrragh!Cori Ritzku: Wuaaaaaaa- tatatatatatatatatata- TYAH!!!Aubrey 1 is shocked to see girls fighting in super powers. Her mind went blown away.Aubrey 1: … Aubrey, make Cori go away.Aubrey 1 salutes to Aubrey Mokozo as Aubrey kept fighting Cori back and forth as Cori tried to make herself go faster, defeating Aubrey in one piece. Then, Cori punches Aubrey in the chin and in the stomach multiple times.Aubrey Mokozo (In Narration): Agh! Cori is super strong… than I am! AGH!!!Cori Ritzku: Huuuuuu-Cori ultimately punches and kicks Aubrey rapidly.Cori Ritzku (In Narration): You want some, come get some at Cori’s.Cori brings a punch blast to Aubrey, making Aubrey fall to the ground.Aubrey 1: Destraaaaaaaaaaa-Aubrey 1 is about to bring her ultimate combo attack to Cori, but Cori quickly disappears and started doing combo shadow supernova attack to Aubrey 1. Cori’s attack was very strong like a jet bomber.Aubrey 1: Aaaaaaaagh!!! Damn you Cori!Cori is about to punch Aubrey 1 with a megaton punch.Cori Ritzku: Hiiiiii-yah!!!Aubrey 1: … Good bye, god-Cori punches Aubrey 1, making her fall to the ground.Cori Ritzku: Hah! Not bad for the-Then, Aubrey Mokozo kicks Cori’s back with her serious attitude. Cori gasped as she’s about to fall.Aubrey Mokozo (In Narration): Think I am strong?Aubrey tackles Cori, down to the ground. Aubrey does her combo attack to Cori as Cori is about to give up once again.Aubrey Mokozo: Fukoooo- Wua- Ha!Cori could not get up as her body is being injured. Aubrey is super strong like southern belle country girl.Aubrey Mokozo: Cori… you’re finished.Aubrey snaps to summon 10 Aubreys to defeat Cori. Aubrey 1 gets up and gasped.Aubrey 1: Oh my god this is real!Aubrey Mokozo: Fire!10 Aubreys are about to attack Cori Ritzku. But then, Cori exploded to a white beam, making Aubrey and 10 Aubreys collided each other. Aubrey 1 got defeated by a white beam.Aubrey 1: Gaaaaagh!!!Aubrey 1 dies. Then, Cori’s new form begins as Cori Ritzku enters her god form. Aubrey gets up and she shocked about Cori’s god form.Aubrey Mokozo: Cori…. what have you done… to yourself… that I don’t trust you?Aubrey’s fist began to tremble. Then, she sprints to Cori with her biggest rage.Aubrey Mokozo: Haaaaaaaaaa-Aubrey is about to punch Cori with super punch, but Cori stops Aubrey’s right hand.Aubrey Mokozo: Huh?Aubrey could not realize how Cori’s god form it is. Then, Cori is about to bring her own magnificent technique. Aubrey is stepping back.Aubrey Mokozo: What are you?Aubrey is scared right now.Cori Ritzku: Aubrey… dead end…. for you.Cori’s eyes were open angry before she attacks Aubrey with her god megaton combo attack.Aubrey Mokozo: Gaaaaah!Aubrey got hit as Cori kept fighting Aubrey in her human god form.Cori Ritzku: Wuaaaaaaa- HA!!!Cori blast punches to Aubrey as Aubrey felled down to the ground. Aubrey could not get up as Cori walks slowly to Aubrey so majestically.Aubrey Mokozo: Cori…. do not kill me…. Please forgive me…. I am sorry!!!Aubrey cried about why she is about to give up, then Cori pats Aubrey’s head.Cori Ritzku: Maybe you will not see me anymore, but I forgive you, Aubrey.Aubrey did smile, then she gets up slowly and hugged Cori.Aubrey Mokozo: Cori, one thing I like to tell you… you will never see me cry.Cori Ritzku: Yeah?Aubrey brings her sinister look.Aubrey Mokozo: But on the other hand-Aubrey stabs Cori 3 times with her knife before she kissed Cori.Aubrey Mokozo: You will always lose my trust, and this fucking match. Good bye… Cori.Aubrey spits Cori before Cori faints and falls to the ground as she dies.(Post-Fight)Aubrey declared herself as the victory of barefoot schoolgirl fighters.Aubrey Mokozo: I guess I made no choice, but to sing my heart out.Aubrey stands on Cori with her left leg, and brings her Tarzan yell while beating her chest. Aubrey does her winning pose; she is mega strong.Aubrey Mokozo: Huh? If that’s the case… well, guess I’ll have to take on anything. To prove them wrong, ha-ha!!Aubrey is going somewhere without Cori Ritzku by going barefoot. She is willing for her next chapter in history.[Epilogue]Aubrey Mokozo: Hmmm…. DuMitcha Jones is not here? I am taking over this thing. Ahem. Hi, Aubrey Mokozo here. You know me about why I defeated Cori Ritzku. Let’s just say I called her the worst person in my life, so yeah, fuck Cori. Any who, the best thing about barefoot schoolgirl fighters. One, the last episode has revealed the breaking point. And two, I think DuMitcha Academy Fighters, will be having 3 episodes. Yep, 3 episodes in a series. Welp, if he wanted to move on to something else. Oh well, best to you, DuMitcha Jones. This is Aubrey Mokozo signing off. And oh, if you have been reading this book, now is the time to close this shit, and I am embracing my new book. Welp, see you on the other side, love, Aubrey.DuMitcha Jones: Huh? Well, that was frightful, okay. *Laughs* This is DuMitcha Jones, from DuMitcha City California, we will see you when Aubrey Mokozo faces Mirai Mozohino in her newest spin off to DuMitcha Academy Fighters. Fight on for DAF, see ya at Aubrey’s.End of DuMitcha Academy Fighters, Enter Aubrey Mokozo.
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Vampirella, 5. by AndreaSantojanni
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Wonder Woman - Nubia by Femmes-Fatales
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Lady Death Tribute (2020) by xavor85

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SAVAGE LAND ROGUE 2014 vers. by J-Estacado
Baroness San Diego 2010 by TerryDodson
Poison Ivy - Watercolor and PS by taguiar
Batgirl Supergirl SDCC2011 by TerryDodson
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Claymore Irene by gooloo0-o
Claymore Miria by gooloo0-o
Incantation by Eireen
Colour by feimo
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lovely girl on soffa by AdmiraWijaya

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Rock on by randis

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Romanes eunt domus by Scebiqu
2010 - 50's CAMMY by Vandrell
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