Uhma's Darkness (Event)

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By Ulfrheim


January 11th 2018 - February 1st 2018

It was any usual day, the pitter patter of small Felvarg feet danced around the village fires, the sing song of the markets held the tune of bartering voices and shouts near and far, the skies were as blue as they could possibly be and it seemed as though winter was finally coming to a general halt. The lands of Ulfrheim would still be held victim by its chilly mornings but spring was not but a few weeks away, soon the island would welcome the wet but inviting showers that would cause Ulfrheim to sprout back to life. Today was like any other day, or at least it began as such.

Off in the distance the once blue skies were consumed by violent clouds and above the once peaceful mountains of Fenrir, a storm approached like never before, its violent winds could be seen bending the barren trees in half and within what felt like seconds the storm raged towards the previously calm island. Panic ensued almost instantly and in the markets sing song place, silence fell. For the 6 hours to follow a troublesome blizzard took the island by surprise and what started as a light dusting soon became 3 feet, 5 and then if you could believe it, even more. From the skies one would surely overlook the island, covered in a blanket of snow so thick its land dwellers would spend days trying to surface from its grips.

Once the storm had slowed brave Felvarg emerged from their hiding places, most were in shock and those who weren't swore they saw the storm approaching in visions they claim to have had. From the opening of Fenrir's Incisor the great Father himself could be heard speaking, the villagers all headed towards his voice of safety but the words he spoke were not of a gentle tongue, "Uhma!" He shouted, his voice stern and demanding, when nothing happened he shouted the words again and again, only after the fourth time a figure submerged from the depths of the mountainside and before Fenrir stood a massive titan, even bigger than Fenrir himself yet still she cowered before him with equal parts of fear and respect, "My king," Uhmas voice was elegant and wise, she sounded apologetic as she explained the dark magic she had been tampering with had taken a turn for the worse, what was even worse than that, is she had no idea how to counter the blizzard or how long it would last.

With no end in sight it would be up to the Felvargs of Ulfrheim to survive the blizzard at foot, are you brave enough to explore the lands of Ulfrheim in these deadly conditions to locate the items Uhma needs, alongside the necessary rations to outlive the storm? Or will you perish in its icy grips.


  • All images must meet usual group requirements for general activities, alongside displaying snow. You can view the activity requirements here.
  • The quality of the submitted activities must meet the general standards of the user submitting the activity for rewards. If your image appears rushed or of lesser quality to that of your usual rolls we will send the image to corrections.

Tainted Rose by Ulfrheim Iced Lily by Ulfrheim

Each activity rolled after the events start date will have an 80% chance to return a single Iced Lily, with a 50% chance to return a Tainted Rose.

Please be mindful even if you have 3 Felvargs in the image receiving a roll, that all belong to you, you will still only return a single Iced Lily. If multiple owners are present each one will receive their own roll.

Each player may purchase two QTY locked items over all, in both Fenrir's Exchange and Uhma's Black Market. Unlimited items (Fertility Potion, Hearth Background Set, Custom Background Kit) do not count towards your two purchases.


Import Background Set: Village of Hearth by Ulfrheim
Import Background Set:
Village of Hearth

10x Iced Lily (Unique)

Use this item to apply the 'Village of Hearth' background set to a Felvarg.

You may switch to another background and switch back to any learned backgrounds with a Background Exchange Frame.

Chunk of Tiger's Eye

Price: 10x Iced Lily (Unique)

QTY: 0


Use this stone to swap out 1 rare marking on a genotype for another marking of the same rarity. (Can only effect a genotype a single time!)

Untitled Drawing by Ulfrheim

Fertility Potion

Price: 4x Iced Lily (Unique: 2)

Apply this Fertility Potion to a breeding to increase the odds your breeding will return a special coat other than standard.

Rune of Rebirth by Ulfrheim
Rune of Rebirth

Price: 10x Iced Lily (Unique)

QTY: 9

This rune will alter the biological gender of a Felvarg to that of is opposite.


Rune of Passion by Ulfrheim
Rune of Passion
Redeem to increase the amount of slots your Felvarg can obtain by 2. (Usable once per Felvarg.)

5x Tainted Rose (Unique)

QTY: 19

Cloak of Shadows
Redeem to apply a chosen physical mutation to an uploaded Felvarg or an unused genotype.

Price: 10x Tainted Rose (Unique)

QTY: 0


Rune of Creation by Ulfrheim

Rune of Creation

Redeem for a completely randomly rolled Genotype. (Rare+ Quality)

Price: 10x Tainted Rose (Unique)

QTY: 0


Custom Background Kit - Level Requirement 0+ by Ulfrheim

Custom Background Kit

Use this item to apply an available custom background to your Felvarg.

Price: 5x Tainted Rose (Unique)


Uhma 2190 by Ulfrheim

"If you have any Tainted Roses that you have no use for, I'll gladly take them.. In exchange I will give something worthy, its rarity of course would be of equal value buddy ol' pal, friend of mine, so the more Tainted Roses you have for me, the better chances I will give you something equally as rare. What say you friend, have you got what I want?"

Comment here to relinquish the ownership of your tainted roses to Uhma, do this cautiously however as Uhma is unpredictable and there is no trade backs, she makes this clear just before snatching them from your paws.

© 2018 - 2021 Felvargs
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Bit of a silly question but where do we submit the art?
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Hey there!
You can submit Event art to the usual Activities folders. For example, if the piece you made was for Adventuring, it would go in the Adventure folder. Fishing would go into Fishing, etc. - so long as the art has snow present, you will get event rolls. :heart:
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Respond here to slip Tainted Roses into Uhmas stash. Please read the journal above before doing so.
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x1 Tainted Roses from cache <3
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Uhma was about to disappear to set the blizzard straight when yet another Felvarg showed up, this time with a single rose. She snarled, her ears pinning back to her head. "I have better things to do then take your last minute roses!" With a huff she kicked some stones back at them, hoping that it chased them off. About to vanish, she turned around, snatched up the rose, and then wandered off.

Well then... that wasn't at all what you were expecting.
Worthless Stones by Ulfrheim
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x3 Tainted Roses
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The titan blew out a long sigh, turning the three roses over in her paws. It was better than one, better than none, but she had assumed that this was all over with. She needed to get to work, and this was slowing her down. She needed to get rid of them, make this blizzard vanish and make it all right again. "Thank you." She muttered, not wanting to seem too overly rude since the last encounter that she had was... less than pleasurable. With a dip of her head, she took the roses and vanished.

You're left a little... lackluster after that encounter, but at least the prize was better than you expected.

5,000 Felcredits
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Spoop sets two (2) tainted roses by the great Uhma's paws, bowing. He glances up mischievously, an odd twinkle in his eye. "Fenrir gave us two eyes for a reason, m'lady. It is only fair that I bestow upon you two roses, one for each eye that I set upon your glorious face."

...I have no excuse for this. A slap would very much be accepted. Spoop is a tad cheeky ;D [also Valentine's ! ! ! ]
2x Tainted Roses from my Cache <3
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Her pale eyes narrowed into small daggers at the Felvarg, a low growl vibrating in her throat. Not only were they late, they even decided to throw in some cheap line too. "I've heard dead men whisper better tales than that." She spat back, glancing at the two roses that she had been offered. With a hollow smile, she reached into a pouch at her side and grabbed a rock, lobbing it towards the Felvarg's head. She hoped it hit them.

You were left to dodge the item, looking back up to see the titan vanish before you.
Geode by Ulfrheim
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Geode revealed!
- Grimmald
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21x Tainted Roses~
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She had thought that the line up was done and gone, that all the roses that had been found had already been brought to her. However, Uhma was proved wrong when another Felvarg appeared with a bundle of roses to give her. Greedily she snatched the bundle, glancing at the lovely black roses. "And just when I thought that it was all said and done." She purred happily, a grand smile on her face. The alpha peeked back at her den, bringing forth two bags to bestow upon the giver. "These unexpected gifts should be rewarded greatly." Dumping off the bags, she took her roses and hurried away, a giggle sounding as she added to her pile of tainted roses.

You are glad that your gift was received well, and you even got the prize that you were after!
Spiritmender's Satchel by Ulfrheim Spiritmender's Satchel by Ulfrheim
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Both revealed!
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Andromeda 1944 approaches carrying her stash of 10 tainted roses. Her yellow gaze is respectful as she looks towards the titan woman. She was wolf to be respected, this Uhma, and Andromeda bowed her sturdy head gently as she sets the stash at the woman's paws. She steps back and dips her head again before lifting her eyes to the great woman again. 

x10 Tainted Roses from Cache
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Uhma approaches the Felvarg that came to her with roses, a gentle smile on her face as she looked down at the other female. It wasn't much, and she had had more offers, but it was just enough to calm her after her last few interactions. "You've done well, but you still have a lot to learn." The wise alpha said calmly. Slowly she reached behind her, plucking a rock out of the depths of the snow bank. Shaking it off, she rest it gently in front of her paws, pulling back with a small laugh. "So take this, it will teach you a thing or two." With a gentle nod, Uhma set off into the depths of her mountain, tugging along the roses that she had acquired that day.

You're not quite sure what a rock can teach you, but you accept the gift with a smile.
Rune of Experience by Ulfrheim
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Talisa waited impatiently in the line of Felvargs who had come to present the mysteriously large Titan with the tainted roses she had requested. It struck the curly woman as a little ridiculous, Uhma causes all this trouble and then practically demands they all bring her flowers?! When Talisa made demands others tried to tell her she was "too demanding" or " unreasonable". She rolled her pale eyes  and shuffled forward as she drew near the front of the line. Don't get her wrong, Talisa loved flowers too and had they been any other kind of Flora the painted lady probably would have kept them for herself, but honestly there was something off about these roses that made Talisa eager to get rid of them, just like the blizzard which had brought them seemed unnatural. Talisa had wrapped them in a swath of silk pink cloth she had lying around, clenched between her teeth that even as she approached the titanic woman muttered something about the cold and this all being a ridiculous show. Still Uhma had promised something in return for these flowers and that was enough to earn Talisa's attention. Daintily she placed the satchel down between them, one delicate paw moving the coverings aside to reveal 30 Tainted Roses nestled inside. Stepping back she looked up at the silvery woman expectantly, "Well?"
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Uhma blinked down as the curly female sassed her, a deep barreled laugh leaving her maw. "Well what? You expect some grand prize for bringing me..." She broke off, leaning down to count the roses. Well damn, there was actually a good amount her. Grumbling under her breath, she looked back to the smaller female. "You expect the best for your efforts, don't you? I bet you didn't even lift a paw for those roses." The titan teased, looking at the other's spotless coat. Her roses grew in hard places, not the easiest to gather. This dainty little thing most likely got someone else to do the dirty work. Sneering, she turned around to peek around in her own bag. Finding the perfect thing, she let out a snort as she threw the object at the female's small paws. "Watch out, I've heard that there's a curse resting in that rock." With an exaggerated wink, Uhma shuffled off to the next Felvarg.

You're not sure what she meant by cursed, but you're careful to wrap up the shrine in the cloth before taking it back home with you.
Shrine by Ulfrheim
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Sombra was absolutely exhausted. The last visit with Uhma was still fresh in her memory and truth be told, she probably wont never forget it. She lifted her head up, searching for the large titan out once again, finally seeing her with other Felvargs she slowly but steadily started to approach her. 
This time she carried little smaller pouch, inside of it was 34 roses, its maybe not as much as last time but she had worked hard after the last visit, to get those precious roses for Uhma. 
Finally arriving the spot the savage coated female bowed her head down and placed the pouch at the feet of Uhma. 
She couldn’t think of anything to say, seeing the large titan right in front of her was ..something else. It felt like Uhma had somekind of aura around her, but was it good or bad? Well, that surely depends on who was asking..
Hoping it would be good, Sombra smiled little bit. 
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Uhma ran to greet the poor exhausted female, a wide grin on her lips as her tail wagged. "Sombra, my ol' buddy ol' pal! You brought me more roses?!" She shrieked, hardly looking at the pouch before placing a sweet kiss on the savage coated Felvarg's cheek. "My dearest Sombra you have done me so well. I give you the best gift I can think of and still you are back with more roses. There needs to be more Felvargs like you around these parts, that's for sure." Nodding her head several times, Uhma pointedly glared at some others who still lingered after getting pelted in the head with rocks. Turning her attention back to Sombra, she let out a low hum. She didn't know what else she had to thank her for this favor, but would do her best. Running into her store room, she hoisted as many chests as she could manage, waddling back over to Sombra and dumping the pile at her paws. "Please, do return any time my friend." 

Uhma rambles on about how you are her favorite Felvarg, leaving you to awkwardly stand there. Once free from her trap, you gather up your goodies and scoot home. 
Spiritmender's Satchel by Ulfrheim Strange Nordic Box by Ulfrheim
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