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The Event Post

What is it?

The Events Post is the groups monthly event journal. It is a host of all the areas the group classifies as events compiled into one location for ease of access.

What Classifies as an Event?

- Varglotto
- Potluck
- Sacred Offerings
- Quest
- Scavenger Hunt
- Beast Hunting
- Hatchery
- Seasonal Events
- Competitions
- Expedition
- Felvarg of the Month
- Wilds

Above is a compiled list of what the groups considers an event.

Varglotto Total:13,500 FC | Potluck Prize: Elixir of Lust| Worshiped Alpha: Nanna 15

Participate in the group's games.

Monthly Games (wip)


Please refer to the group's front page for details on how to participate in the four monthly games.

Player vs. Player | Competitions

(1v1 Guide // Competitions/PvE Guide)

Sign up to participate in player vs. player events, heal your Felvarg from an injury obtained during battle, or purchase items from the comp shop/specialty comp shop.

Submit eggs located upon Ulfrheim for a chance to hatch them into rare companions.

Eastertide by Ulfrheim

Seasonal Events (WIP)

Expedition (WIP)

(Expedition Guide)

AdoptionCenter Title by Ulfrheim

Adoption Center Rules

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Each member may adopt a Felvarg a single time.

You may not sell any genotypes obtained in the adoption center, you may however gift or trade the Felvarg once it is uploaded and official.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Each member can only adopt a single Felvarg from the Adoption Center.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Felvargs will not give pups to any dodgy accounts or accounts that are less than 2 weeks old.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Creating accounts to dodge the once per account rule is against the group's rules.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim When dropping off puppies in the drop off center, you may only post 5 puppies per comment.

  • Players caught creating multiple accounts to abuse this feature, will be suspended/removed from our project.
  • Players caught selling these Felvargs in secret will be suspended/removed from our project.


New to our game?

Guide: Getting Started
Guide: What is a Genotype/Lineage?
Felvargs Official Design Guide

Have questions or need a helping hand?

Feel free to reach out to one of our Welcomers via Deviantart Art note or a Discord message.

Rowan-Hart (RowanHart#8574)


  Please be mindful that we use a special generator to create commonly rolled genotypes, which we then hand out to members that request them. These Felvargs are often referred to as starters, given they often aid in welcoming new players to our world.



 Players may comment in this field to claim any unwanted genotypes that have been left in the adoption center. These genotypes will be first come first serve. Please be mindful members can only claim a single genotype from the adoption center, and this features shares that very same cooldown as the above randomly rolled Felvarg claim.


 The Grove is a subdivision of the Adoption Center that features predesigned genos. Every month, a total of four genos (two batches of two) are removed from the drop off center and are reimagined into uploaded felvargs. Players may attempt to adopt these predesigned felvargs in lieu of claiming a geno from the drop off center.


  Members who are not familiar with digital artwork may or may have a hard time designing their first Felvargs can comment in the following thread, one of our admins or seasoned members will respond to you if they feel as though they can help you create your design. Please keep in mind that just because an admin may design your Felvarg it may very well still need corrections, even us approval admins make mistakes from time to time.

Please use the following Form to receive help on designing your geno:

Proof of Permission/Genotype Details: (Link to comment string.)
Coat Type:
Eye Color: (Optional)
Details/Preferences: (Swatch choices etc.) (Optional)
Background [Lake, Forest, Mountain]: (Optional)


 The adoption center's drop off is a place where members can drop off unwanted Felvarg genotypes, in return for a small reward. These Felvargs will be populated in a list and will be able to be claimed by Felvarg members. Please be mindful you may only adopt a Felvarg from the adoption center a single time. This includes the above commonly rolled category.

Players caught abusing this system will be banished from our project indefinitely.

Players that drop off their unwanted Felvargs will be awarded a felcredit currency:

Common Genotype - 300 Felcredits 
Seasonal Genotype - 500 Felcredits 
Uncommon Genotype - 600 Felcredits 
Rare Genotype - 850 Felcredits
Legendary Genotype - 1,000 Felcredits
Defiance marking - +200 Felcredits

How do we define a geno?

Common Genotype = Common markings with up to 1 uncommon marking
Seasonal Genotype = Any genotype with seasonal markings
Uncommon Genotype = Common/Uncommon markings with up to 1 rare marking
Rare Genotype = Common/Uncommon/Rare markings
Legendary Genotype = Any genotype containing a legendary marking

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