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The Caching Post

Sat Feb 2, 2019, 10:42 AM by Ulfrheim:iconulfrheim:

Caching Post Rules

Redeem actions and caching actions may include up to 5 actions per comment.

You may not place incomplete requests to hold your place in line.

You may edit your comment for general corrections only.

You may not respond to your initial request to request additional actions or edits.

 When claiming achievements that require rolls (eg. event rolls), please link the admin roll comment, not the entry itself.

 You may hide your comment before the action is completed by an admin.

You may only make changes or complete actions provided you own the Felvarg in question.

Form Recap


Request: Purchase/Sell/Update/Create/Transfer

Non-Physical Item Applications

Request: Apply
Official Felvarg Import:


Link to admin comment/Cache:
Applicable bonuses (if any):
Total Felcredits/Action(s):

Import Update

Official Import Link:
Update(s): Ownership/Information/Import Database Update

Ownership Transfer

Link to Official Import Image:
New Owner:


Official Import Link:
Achievement Details:
Proof of completion:


Official Import Link:
Completion Proof/Location of title: (Cache/Admin comment)
Update Active Title: Yes/No

What is bind on account (BoA)?

Bind on account often referred to as BoA is a term the group uses to categorize items that are bound to the player specifically. These items cannot be sold or traded and are obtained through raffles.

Be mindful players may log in to their official Felvargs website account to update additional import information. Such as but not limited to relationships, interactions and things alike.


  • Name/Nickname
  • Personality
  • Age
  • Height/Weight
  • Co-Owner

Need to report an error?

Import Database Updates

Import Database

  • Name/Nickname
  • Personality
  • Age
  • Height/Weight
  • Reference Sheet Image
  • Tracker Link/Image
  • Header Image (Level 4+)

Ownership Transfers

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim This is strictly to transfer an already uploaded Felvarg, to transfer a genotype simply respond on your proof of ownership link.

Please fill out the following form:

Link to Official Import Image:
New Owner:

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