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Welcome to the groups monthly breeding post. This post will host the monthly breeding post actions, such as submitting breedings, writing slot permissions, and breeding to group alphas. Please keep the following comment threads free from idle chat.

Breeding Rules

The person submitting the breeding will need to have proper permissions in place.

No breeding is official until officially rolled.

Any items applied to the breeding must already be available in your personal cache.

A direct offspring of the Trinity can only submit one breeding per month paired with an unknown sire/dam.

When splitting litters, POTL must be specified as well as the split partner mentioned.

Each member can receive POTL from only a single split along side their usual 3 breeding allowances.

Each member can participate in a total of THREE splits along side their usual 3 breeding allowances each month.

Other members can apply items for you as well by responding to your breeding giving written permission for admins to remove the item from their Cache.

Breeding Resources

Locate all available and used breeding slots for each Felvargs on the Felvargs official import.


Sire: (Offical Import Link)

Slot Ownership: (Link or State Ownership)

Dam: (Offical Import Link)

Slot Ownership: (Link or State Ownership)

Offspring Ownership: (Ownership / Split / State POTL)

Breeding Consumable(s): (Stone of Unakite, Fertility Potion, Love Potion, Pristine Mass of Unakite ect.)

Applicable Pack/Specialty Traits: (Please only state Pack Bonuses, Loki's Curse or Ylva's Gift.)

Inbreeding: Yes/No

Felvarg's Owners: (Tag the owners of the paired Felvargs)

Breeding Requests

Comment here to pair and breed two seperate Felvargs.
Be mindful of the effects inbreeding can have on your litter, accept the risks when inbreeding.
Each Felvarg participating in breeding must have completed it's Passage of Courtship and be legally able to breed by group standards.

Alpha Breeding Requests

Alpha breedings can include a pair of alphas, or an alpha bred to an official Felvarg.
Be mindful alpha breedings do not count towards a users monthly breeding allowance.

Breeding Corrections

Breedings will be sent to corrections for various reasons, such as your Felvargs being related even though you chose for the breeding not to be inbred, or perhaps an item was missing from your cache that you applied.
All corrections must include the previous attempt when submitting.

Slot Permissions Thread

Please tag the player in which you're giving the slot permission to, as well as include relevant details to your arrangement. Be sure to include an official link to the Felvarg you are writing a slot for.
All slots must be written for Felvargs that have already completed their Passage of Courtship. Please note it is against group rules to sell, trade or write a slot to a Felvarg that is not legal to breed within the game.
Once a slot is written it cannot under any circumstances be revoked, hiding a slot permission once the slot has been finalized is a banishable offence.

Content Copyright/Creation Kissing
© 2016 - 2021 Felvargs
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(I'm hoping this is the right place)

But can I request a random Geno?

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Hi there!

On the lower half of the journal, there is a section labeled "Adoption Center". You are able to adopt your random geno in the link found there <3

If you have any questions, you are free to note the group, myself, or one of our lovely welcomers [TytoArts or ThePaintedKitsune]!

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(I have no idea where to comment here but)

I would like to adopt

ID#: 302

Genotype: ss/cr/br/Bk/Mm/Sa

(idk what to say im so confused sorry)

ThePaintedKitsune's avatar

Hi there!

Welcome to Felvargs and I am so glad you are looking at adopting one of our cute genos we have up for adoption!

However while you are in the right area, this is the wrong spot to comment. This link here: should take you to the correct comment where you can adopt a geno we have up for grabs in the dropped off geno list!

If you have any questions what so ever you are welcome to message me on discord (Kitsu#1734) and I will be happy to help you out!

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Proof of Permission/Genotype Details:

Gender: Female

Phenotype: Cream with Splash, Siamese

Coat Type: Standard

Eye Color: Any that looks best

Details/Preferences: Use the medium colors for the coat, but not for the patterns, you can go dark

Background [Lake, Forest, Mountain]: Lake

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Hi there!

If you want some help designing your bub, you should comment on the correct thread found here :heart:

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Thanks! You can delete this comment heh ^^'

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Please comment here to exchange ownership of your pack!

Present Owner:
New Owner:
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Closed for monthly clean up!
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Please comment here to create your pack!

Desired Pack Name: (Cannot already be in use and must be appropriate.)
Two members of your pack:
(Tag them.)
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The group is now closed for the monthly clean up crew. Please be patient with us while we catch up any old journals and prepare the month of March.
Thank you! - Team Felvargs
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Desired Pack Name: Fang Pack
: Terrwyn-16 
Two members of your pack

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Your pack has been created and is now official. 
February - Monthly Pack Point Tracker

Feel free to send an affiliation request to the group! :heart:
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Confirming that I want to join ^^
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Desired Pack Name: Blóðugr Tungl
Alpha/Owner: runandwine 
Two members of your pack: 

Location: Outskirts of HellHeim's Gate on the edge of Hongerige
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Your pack has been created and is now official. 
February - Monthly Pack Point Tracker

Feel free to send an affiliation request to the group! Heart

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ahh yissss :la: 
Thank you so much!! <333
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Moo "confirming" 
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Desired Pack Name:
the-varkolak (Varkolak)
Alpha/Owner: kailarae 
(Authorized Member) Completeperfection 

Two members of your pack
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Your pack has been created and is now official. 
January - Monthly Pack Point Tracker

Feel free to send an affiliation request to the group! Heart
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